Do not continue to breed females that cannot produce enough milk to support their litter as milk production is genetic. Chinchillas need a good-quality diet meant for chinchillas to stay healthy. Your Mama should do most of the work but keep a record of their weight and make sure you play with them to get them used to humans. 4. Help your chinchilla keep up its routine by filling a container (or bath house) about two-inches deep with chinchilla dust (available at pet stores), then place your pet chin into it. $65.59 $ 65. … Breeding pet store, rescue, or other chinchillas, whose linage is unknown is risky because you do not know if they could be related or have any history of health issues. Partially because chinchillas are generally skittish, they take quite a bit … Chinchillas are, without a doubt, one of the most adorable animal species ever. C-sections, miscarriages, still-borns View More Replies... View more comments #34 Baby Chinchilla. 0 0. Your baby chinchilla's feet can get stuck in a wire mesh floor, plus they can cause pain, injuries and even foot deformities or arthritis. Read information on chinchilla care and bring home a chinchilla from Adorable Chins. Changing your chinchillas’ food. The best part is mamma chinchilla can help you with a lot of the work. 21 Guides 35000 Monthly Readers 24280 Words of Content About Me Hi there! Click on the button below to see the chinchillas that are for sale. Their … There is nothing like getting a new pet and watching them become a part of your family. 5 years ago. If you intend on breeding chinchillas, look for a good breeder to purchase quality pedigreed chinchillas from. reply #35 Baby Chinchilla. Im adopting one from a reputable breeder and have the top half of my Ferret Nation cage blocked so if she falls it won't be that big of a fall, but should I only have ledges kept to a certain height? Chinchillas are adorable, gentle animals that need attentive care in order to thrive. Baby chinchilla care involves some basic tips which are given below. See more ideas about Chinchilla, Cute animals, Animals and pets. Usually they will stay warm under their mom, but if needed, a warm heating pad can be placed under part of the cage or as mentioned perhaps the kit can be fostered out to another female. Twitter. See more ideas about Chinchilla, Cute animals, Pets. However, if the litter is too large and the mother chinchilla cannot feed every kit, then you can hand feed the baby chinchilla using homemade milk to match the mother chinchilla’s milk. 1) The Average Litter Size Is Two Kits. My name is Alice Wang, editor of In Getting Started. Chinchilla delivering 2 kits (please note, ramps and multi-level cages are inappropriate for kits): Chinchilla delivering placenta – most of the time they eat it and there should be 1 placenta per kit, though sometimes not all is eaten: Fostering/Rotating Their eyes are also totally open following birth. 1 point. SUPER DEAL 37.2’’ Ferret Cage Chinchilla Guinea Pig Small Animal Cage - 4 Tiers - 3 Ladders - 2 Front Doors - Food Bowl - Water Bottle - Slide Out Trays - Swivel Casters. Jan 14, 2017 - Cutest Baby Baby Chinchilla Pictures. Home / Quality Chinchilla Care / Young Chinchilla Care. Baby chinchillas, or “kits”, that have been separated from their mother will require feedings every few hours to maintain … While most females will take care of their kits on their own, you should be prepared to hand feed if necessary. Jul 21, 2015 - Explore Kirsten Kellogg's board "Chinchilla Baby" on Pinterest. Cage Quality comes before quantity and way before profit. Kits are active at birth and will climb walls so you don’t want them to fall or get accidentally landed on my their mom jumping down from levels. Hand Feeding With baby chinchillas, are there any safety issues I need to consider? Chinchillas are, without a doubt, one the cutest animal species ever. 1) Where Do You Keep a Chinchilla? Chinchillas need a good-quality diet meant for chinchillas to stay healthy. By the time they are weaned off mama's milk they should be about 7-10 weeks old and weigh about 300 grams. Where Do You Keep a Chinchilla? The bars should not be too far away from each other otherwise your pet might try to escape or possibly get its head stuck between the bars. Although some baby animals are born naked, these kits possess considerable amounts of fur at birth. My Name Is Josh and I have a 4-Year-Old Female Chinchilla named "Chili". See more ideas about Chinchilla, Chinchilla cage, Small pets. In such a situation, when the mother chinchilla is not available, you can keep your baby chinchilla warm by placing a heating pad under its cage. Having back to back pregnancies is hard on the female’s body. Further, the kits have a great affection towards their mother. 267. With their bushy tails, tiny ears, long whiskers, and adorably fluffy fur, the little creatures can truly make you say awww. Your email address will not be published. Being a new pet owner is scary on its own, and when you bring a fragile newly born chinchilla, it can be even scarier. The Chinchilla Handbook Whether you’re a veteran chinchilla fan or just adopted a new furry little buddy, you can rely on for up-to-date, biologically accurate information on taking care of your friend. It is a good idea to purchase a gram scale (postal or kitchen scale) to weigh the kits daily and make sure they are gaining. My Services. While chinchillas can be prone to a few illnesses and chronic issues (as all pets are) some are more prevalent. How to Care for Baby Chinchillas. Females of course, can be housed with their mom indefinitely however males must be removed by 10 weeks to prevent inbreeding. Chinchilla baby’s health Some chinchilla babies are born with health issues and it takes an experience owner to identify them quickly to seek medical help. Anonymous. Baby chinchillas are extremely cute and adorable. Chinchillas Befriend Slowly. Weigh your baby chinchilla at least twice a week to make sure that they are gaining enough weight. Baby chinchillas are born with a full coat and their eyes and ears open. Chinchillas as Pets is the complete guide to caring for your pet chinchilla for a long, happy and healthy life. You will need a food dish, water bottle, wood shelves and your chinnie would love it if you got him/her a wood house. Some also live for up to twenty years. Sometimes, especially with larger litters, kits will fight over milk or a place to nurse so rotating will become necessary. The truth is, there is little to no profit in Chinchilla … Baby animals are highly sought after as new pets but usually come with a different set of challenges than adults do. To keep them happy and healthy, you also need to provide them with a proper diet, give them opportunities for exercise, and keep their cage clean. If you have another female that has recently given birth, you may be able to foster a kit out to her. When chinchillas are young, their mothers keep them warm. Baby chinchillas feed on their mother’s milk for at least eight weeks before you should separate the kits from their mothers. However, it can be hard for the mother to pay attention to every kit when the litter is large. Tracy Moorhead. They are born ready to take on the world.

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