A huge dog inspires fear and horror with one look. Like all other dog breeds, Bullmastiffs to face a common set of health problems that are definite to worsen when left unattended. Males weight a hefty 50 to 60 kg and females weigh 45 to 54 kg. As a companion dog, due to its size, it requires some experience. As they mature, they are less energetic, becoming calm and quiet as they age. He is a stronger and bigger dog, so the ethics he is practicing can be a bit of a surprise. Some will get in but few enjoy really swimming. He didn't care to get in the water. Temperament A calm, confident and gentle breed, who is very devoted to its family, patient in relation with children and accommodating to strangers. If training is conducted in a calm and fun atmosphere, the Bullmastiff will excel. We found Tucker, our very first full Bullmastiff, soon after. Male Bullmastiff’s stand between 63 to 69 cm tall and females stand 61 to 66 cm. He is loyal, loving, good natured and sweet, although they can be aggressive when they feel their family is threatened. The English Kennel club declared the Bullmastiff breed pure in 1924, establishing a genetic background of approximately 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. They are not prone to snappiness or turning on their families, but they can be wary of strangers, and anyone who wanders onto your property who shouldn’t be there is likely to be placing themselves in some peril! Bullmastiff temperament. Personality– The dog is confident to deal with any challenges thrown at it. Turbo is such a good calm boy very much the bullmastiff temperament. There are lots of reasons why you will love the Bullmastiff Dogs as they are known for their Alert, Calm, Courageous characteristics. In addition, the Bullmastiff has a calm and independent temperament. Thankfully, both breeds are calm in the home and loving towards their family. This article will be sharing thoughts on bullmastiff temperament The Bullmastiff Cross Staffy is a great mix breed depending on what you’re looking for in a new puppy. When a Bullmastiff has been properly socialized and trained, they are calm and dependable. The Bullmastiff is likely a centuries-old breed who probably arose from Mastiff and Bulldog crosses. Temperament: Reliable, Devoted, Reserved, Protective, Alert, Docile, Loyal, Calm, Powerful, Courageous, Loving. These attributes allowed the bullmastiff to both overtake and over-power intruders. By the time you start noticing symptoms, this disease might spread into the internal organs. The dog is highly prized for its ability to patrol and guard the territory. The Cane Corso drools quite a lot, so if you dislike being covered by slobber spots on your clothes, you may want to choose another dog breed. This is not a dog for novice dog owners who don't know how to deal with strong, stubborn dogs. The Bullmastiff Temperament. Character & Temperament. In comparison, the Bullmastiff is a sucker for anyone. Food enrichment. A bullmastiff is a dog that was created to guard and protect. Bullmastiffs become intensely attached to their families. See if it’s for you. These dogs are mild-mannered, quiet, calm, and demand affection. These dogs were trained to tackle the miscreant, without mauling. It is a devoted, alert guard dog, with a good-natured temperament. It needs to run and play and make lots of exercice to be calm and quiet. He’s huge, but he’s docile. The Bullmastiff temperament doesn’t quite match the dog, which is why he makes the ideal family companion. Docile, warm and affectionate with those they know, willing to be poked, prodded and pulled by children, yet fearsome and intimidating towards strangers should the need arise. Pic was taken end of December 2019 on rather warm day for Dec in Ark. All bullmastiff do NOT swim. Temperament Of A Bullmastiff. Here are a few major diseases and health conditions faced by a Bullmastiff. Tame unless provoked, it is … The intelligent Bullmastiff is a terrific family dog. The average lifespan of the Bullmastiff is 10 years. Because they are calm and protective of their pack, they are both naturally drawn towards children. And yet, he is always alert, reliable, observant and protective which makes him a fantastic watchdog. Such a dog will sit quietly for hours at the owner’s feet, guarding his peace and sleep. Bullmastiff have an even temperament and it will take a lot to provoke them. The calm Bullmastiff temperament makes him an ideal family dog. They need extra supervision and companionship at this age. Owning a Bullmastiff can mean having a slobber rag handy at all times. Temperament The bullmastiff is a sensitive, sweet-tempered, calm and faithful dog who craves human companionship and leadership. In this article, Dogs Barn will take a look at info on this mix, like size, weight and temperament. They are calm and easygoing when indoors and will be interested in whatever you are doing. These are big dogs that can be destructive if they are bored or are left alone too much. The modern Bullmastiff looks like a Boxer on steroids and weighs up to 130 pounds. Find out if a Staffy Cross Bullmastiff mix … Osteosarcoma – It is an aggressive form of bone cancer that most commonly affects large dog breeds. They have a very calm nature so it is unlikely for them to bark. This breed of dog is known for its serious and reserved nature. The Bullmastiff is a self-assured and independent dog, but quite calm and even gentle. Adults have a calm nature but if provoked they will become fierce and hard to settle. Bullmastiffs can be contradictory characters. The Bullmastiff, like all other dog breeds, have health problems associated with his breed. Character. Bullmastiff Temperament You can simply look at the Bullmastiff and tell its most cherished traits: brave, loyal and affectionate. But there are quite a few things that are different about being the pet parent to a giant breed like a Bullmastiff. With the proper training and love, Bullmastiffs can make wonderful family pets in homes with children. What follows are some tips to help you deal with the many Bullmastiff temperament traits. The Bullmastiff is an alert and devoted protector. The Bullmastiff is calm, friendly and loyal but tends to be overprotective. When a dog chews it releases endorphins to their brain making them feel calm and relaxed helping to lift their overall mood. Because of this, it responds well to obedience training and can live peaceably with children and other pets. This breed has no fear but can occasionally become willful, so train and socialize your dog from an early age so it knows appropriate behavior. They are affectionate, and especially so towards their loved humans. The Bullmastiff is innately good-natured, calm, easygoing and surprisingly gentle. One of the first things you should know about the Bullmastiff temperament is that he is polite, calm and distinctive. The dog was trained to not hurt people and follow the poachers until the master comes. Health. How Is The Bullmastiff’s Temperament Like? as they will easily adjust in apartment too. The Bullmastiff is prone to slobber, sometimes profusely, after exercise, or eating or drinking. However, they make great farm dogs which will happily keep his eye on livestock. The American Kennel Club followed suit in 1934. It's an alert, courageous and reliable watchdog if the situation demands it. Turn mealtimes into an opportunity for your Bullmastiff to get a mental challenge and enrichment. Bullmastiff Temperament For example, do you know that the Bullmastiff is a dog with lots of energy? We fostered several litters of puppies from our local rescue before deciding we wanted another Bullmastiff and we found Bindi in Australia. He probably would have if it would have been hot outside. Height: Male: 25–27 inches (64–68 cm), Female: 24–26 inches (61–66 cm) Weight: Male: 110–130 lbs (50–59 kg), Female: 99–120 lbs (45–54 kg) Colors: A Bullmastiff’s coat may appear in fawn, red, or brindle. It's stubborn and once it has its mind set on something, it's difficult to convince it otherwise. This breed doesn't hesitate to protect their territory so the Bullmastiff can be a good choice if you want an excellent guard dog. Bullmastiffs are extremely protective guard dogs. Quite the opposite, in fact. In fact, if there is no reason, the dog is quite calm, adequate and friendly. Keep calm and the Bullmastiff will take care of unwanted people or animals. Thinking to get a Bullmastiff Dog and wondering about Bullmastiff's temperament or characteristics? They may have been bred to be dangerous to poachers, but that doesn’t mean they are dangerous now. Bullmastiff Temperament. For more on the benefits of chewing and the best chew toys for your dog see here. Socialization and early training are mandatory in order to develop healthy and well-rounded dog. The Bullmastiff is usually loyal, calm, loving, and docile, and boasts an even-tempered nature. Temperament. A Bullmastiff is courageous, extremely loyal to its family, calm, and loving. ahaha like most bullmastiff. It is a well-mannered house pet, but it needs sufficient room to stretch out. If you’re looking for the apartment dog but Bullmastiff is your first choice, then don’t worry! They are loyal, loving, and good-natured, which leads to their nickname of gentle giants. He’s ready for anything for his family. The Bullmastiff is fearless and protective, but they are also calm, laid back and loyal dogs unless threatened. However, the bullmastiff's laid-back attitude with family members is likely to change when a stranger enters the picture. The Bullmastiff is a big drooler, so if you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, you should choose a dog from another breed. The young Bullmastiff can be very rambunctious; they can romp around in an uncoordinated manner all over your house. temperament The Bullmastiff is a dog of incredible strength, keen alertness, and surprising endurance. Their generally calm, easy-going natures make them good dogs for families with reasonably well-behaved children. Bullmastiff Temperament The Bullmastiff demands committed trainer because they can be stubborn when it comes to training, but because of size, you have to do it from the very beginning. The Bullmastiff was bred to be a guard dog, and many people may wonder: are bullmastiffs dangerous? Surprisingly, the Boerboel has the more obvious fondness of children and will gravitate towards them. Bullmastiff Temperament. Their common health problems include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy, arthritis and gastric dilatation volvulus. Bullmastiff Temperament . A Bullmastiff should be confident, yet docile. The Staffordshire Bullmastiff, or Staffy Bull Bullmastiff, is a large dog with a gentle and calm temperament – an ideal companion for families with children or the elderly.His size is proportionate to his affection, although he may also have a more independent side, given the Bullmastiff ancestry. It needs daily exercise in the form of walks or short romps. Bullmastiffs are gentle and affectionate with family members. A Bullmastiff is a devoted dog that also is an alert guard, with a very calm and composed temperament. The Bullmastiff craves for affection from humans, and is extremely loyal and intelligent. We loved everything about Tucker, from his squishy face to his calm and loving temperament.

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