Something about plastic and the grease will not make an Angel Food cake rise. vanilla pudding sugar free, angel food cake I have….just the pie filling is a problem for me! Angel food cake is layered with a luscious white chocolate and coconut Cool Whip layer and topped with fresh berries for a guilt-free low fat treat! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abbb922a8e84e91a01f5a1bbbeb6e584" );document.getElementById("f7a85cd83a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I’m a regular home cook, like most of you, doing my best to get a good meal on the table for my family. My name is Aimee and I’m the author here behind Shugary Sweets! Heaven on Earth Cake brings angel food cake together with sweet cherries and creamy vanilla pudding to create a summer dessert that’s out-of-this-world delicious! CRAVING MORE DESSERTS LIKE THIS? LOL! Pour prepared pudding, spreading evenly. ANGEL FOOD PINEAPPLE CAKE Mix these ingredients together and bake in an oblong cake pan at 325°F for about... flakes on top before baking. With all the cool whip, cream and thick cherry filling, this cake needs to be scooped into bowls or on plates with a large serving spoon. If you try it let me know! Instead of strawberries, you could substitute whatever fruit is bursting with summer ripeness, such as peaches or blueberries. ), cut into 12 slices. Walmart, it can be ordered from there, many different brands and fruits. I got the same recipe out of a magazine about 15 years and it called for fresh peaches. Cut small tunnel around center of bottom half of cake, being careful to not cut through to bottom or sides of cake. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Finally, I topped everything with cool whip and an extra dollop of cherry pie filling. Repeat those three layers so now you have six layers. Light Berry Angel Food Cake is an easy and delicious 15 minute dessert with only 5 ingredients. Layer with the other half of angel food … I get asked to bring this dessert to all those summer cookouts because it’s so light and refreshing after a hot day! Break angel food cake into 1 – 2 inch pieces. We all just wanted to dig right in! 2 Stack cake layers on plate, spreading pudding mixture between layers and on top of cake. This dessert combines layers of store-bought angel food cake, 2 kinds of fruit, fluffy pudding and Cool Whip. Combine strawberry jello with hot and cold water. container frozen strawberries with sugar. More →, © 2020 Shugary Sweets. So easy to make and perfect for potlucks and potlucks. The next layer will be angel food cake. It is a perfect make ahead dessert. Chill til soft set. She would mix the Cool Whip in with a mixer when it was about halfway set until not too smooth, just a little lumpy. I hope you’ll find lots of recipes here that you’ll love and hopefully will become family favorites. Spoon half the strawberry mixture over angel food cake pieces. Spoon half the strawberry mixture over angel food cake pieces. You all know I can’t get enough lemon desserts this time of year, so I naturally had to test a citrus version of this recipe too. Pour jello over angel food cake evenly. STRAWBERRY MESS cream of tartar 1/4 teaspoon. 4. My family loves this stuff. More information. Fold in pieces of broken angel food cake. Home Recipe List Desserts Heaven on Earth Cake. Your email address will not be published. I've made an easier version of this using a store bought angel food cake, 16 oz. ... not refrigerate. It’s the perfect cake … Luscious Cool Whip mixes with cream cheese and powdered sugar to create a creamy layer that separates sweet angel food cake … Other great pie fillings to try as a substitute for cherry: Homemade whipped cream also works well in this cake, if you don’t have cool whip or prefer not to use it. It tastes wonderful with the lemon pie filling, or you can make homemade lemon curd! P.S. No more box mixes! Make this for a family graduation party, your next BBQ or “just because.” It’s so easy and, if you buy the angel food cake from the store, you don’t even have to turn on your oven. Spread Cool Whip on top of the pudding ... beautiful and delicious dessert. In a large bowl add the sliced strawberries, sugar, strawberry jello and hot water. Fold in whipped topping. Sprinkle almonds on top when ready to serve. Chill til ready to serve. Filed Under: Dessert Tagged With: no bake. Prepare your berries, rinse and dry them. Tyvm. Looks so delicious and pretty. Toss "gently", you don't want to break up the angel food cake too much but still tastes great if you do. Assemble the trifle layers. This dessert … Jan 29, 2013 - Raspberry Whip~ super easy dessert with angel food cake, cool whip, sour cream and use any type of berries you desire. Add … boiling water We had a lot of fun making it . Home » Dessert » NO-BAKE STRAWBERRY ANGEL DESSERT, March 13, 2017 by Brandie @ The Country Cook 16 Comments. These tried and true recipes never go out of style! container frozen strawberries with sugar Then fold the cool whip into the pudding mixture. I like to say my recipes are for the busy cook (you know who you are!) My husband and I love this dessert. Dress up your angel food cake for dessert tonight for a taste of “heaven on earth!”. Chill til soft set. ANGEL FRUITED TRUFFLE. Step four: Place third layer on top of second layer and ice entire cake with Cool Whip… Make a tunnel in the cake. Now, you choose! angel food cake, chocolate pudding mix, light coconut milk, cool whip and 1 more Strawberry Angel Food Cake Maria Mind Body Health angel food cake, cream cheese, protein powder, unsweetened almond milk and 8 more Use all your self-control to resist diving into the cake right away and pop it in the fridge to chill for at least 4 hours. Top the cake pieces with about half of the pudding; Add a layer of berries, about 1/2 a cup of each kind of berry Spoon half into bowl over angel food cubes. We like this one! 2 cups assorted fresh berries (sliced strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) Add to cart. For this step, I wanted something a little thicker than your standard vanilla pudding that wouldn’t take a lot of effort. To make a lemon angel food cake dessert, simply swap the almond extract in the filling with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice! Once the cake was cooled, I cut the cake into chunks using a serrated knife and placed them on the bottom of a casserole dish. You definitely want that cake to rise! Stir until jello is … Welcome to my blog! Add the Cool Whip. I have been asked to make it for a Baby Shower yum yum also due to mom to be loves it after tasting it at the picnic. Tips for the best strawberry angel food cake lush . *Nutrition facts are an estimate and not guaranteed to be accurate. Stir and eat. By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation. Beat the cream cheese and sugar in a medium bowl until light and fluffy. Let it set and slice the angel food … Hi Mrs. C. – I have never tried that. Step two: On the bottom layer, spread Cool Whip and Cherry Pie Filling. Fold in cake broken in pieces. Its so addictive they call it Strawberry Crack! This divine dessert, starts with angel food and a can of cherry pie filling. After you cube your angel food cake, it’s all about the layering. . Makes 12 servings. store-bought angel food cake Spoon some cherry pie filling on top, then repeat with the rest of the angel food cake cubes and pie filling. It may feel a little weird and slightly scary to mix the cake cubes into the creamy coating. Slice the angel food cake into 3 layers. Pinned. I truly love the taste of cherry and pineapple together. You can still get a good meal on the table, with a few shortcuts to help you along the way. Diabetic pie fillings are available. Yes! Be the first to get notified of the newest recipes. This recipe has been handed down for four generations. Add cut up frozen strawberries, pinch of angel food cake. Place half of the angel food cake pieces into the bottom of the 9×13 baking dish. Pour into the prepared pan and bake 35 minutes or until a … Love your articles and recipes. It resembles a bread pudding but without any baking required! I absolutely love knowing that you have enjoyed this for so long! You can make it the night before and let it set in the refrigerator overnight. Freeze until ready to use. Stir in strawberries until combined. salt 1 teaspoon. STRAWBERRY TIRAMISU. Stir until no longer grainy. Needing an angel food cake pan? Light Berry Angel Food Cake {15 Minute Dessert} Angel Food cake … You can easily turn this easy summertime dessert into a lemon lover’s dream. We call it Pink Jello & she used Strawberry Banana Jello and Cool Whip. Pour into the prepared pan and bake 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. The hardest part about this cake is having patience while it’s in the refrigerator! FREE! Let chill for a couple hours. One box of angel food cake mix; 4 1/2 ounces of lemon jello powder (One 3 ounce box and 1/2 of another 3 ounce box (regular or sugar free) 24 ounces of light cool whip (One 16 ounce container of light cool whip, and one 8 ounce container of light cool whip) Mix the angel food cake according to package directions and bake in two 9 inch round pans. My mama made this dessert when I was a wee child (many moons ago), and I make it for my family. Cut your strawberries and drizzle both blueberries and strawberries … Layer with strawberries and blueberries. My mom made this when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing the recipes! Best strawberry dessert ever. With your fingers, tear the cream cheese into small pieces (into the same bowl). And don’t judge a dessert by its outward appearance. The top layer will be the remaining Cool Whip. Told ya it was a long time ago! Gently stir in COOL WHIP. For a lemon flavor, swap out the almond extract and use 1 tsp fresh lemon juice. I told you this Patriotic Angel Food Cake Dessert … See more ideas about angel food, desserts, angel food cake. I have caarried on this tradition & it is always a big dinner hit! … Top with remaining cool whip. Ingredients: 2 … –Fill the angel food cake: Mix the strawberries, Cool Whip, and Jello and put them in the refrigerator until it is thick but not solid. In a large bowl combine cake mix and undrained crushed pineapple. You can make your angel food cake from scratch or pick up one from the bakery at your grocery store. Fold in pieces of broken angel food cake. Place a bowl for stand mixer and wire whip mixer attachment in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Hmmm I believe I will do just that. Light, luscious and perfect for a hot summer evening. Mix Cool Whip with dry Jello. Layer with the other half of angel food cake pieces. Fresh Strawberry Angel Food Frozen Dessert - similar to a trifle, fresh strawberries, jello, cool whip and angel food cake chunks are frozen together in this fluffy concoction … Add To Shopping List. Angel Food Cake Dessert Trifle with Cherries is a perfectly light and refreshing dessert recipe that tastes great any time of the year. Everyone loves this stuff. Combine strawberry jello with hot and cold water. Assemble the trifle layers. Add heavy cream and sugar to mixing bowl and mix on medium high speed for several minutes until stiff peaks form. An angel food cake dessert worthy of its name. We don’t layer, though, we just put all the angel food pieces in and pour the mixture over all of it, gently stirring it in. I do it often and it works perfectly. Have you tried my Angel Food Cake recipe, yet? The sour cream adds the perfect tang to go along with all the sweetness in the cake! I just made it! It looks so pretty on the dessert table. Angel Food Cake Dessert Trifle with Cherries is a perfectly light and refreshing dessert recipe that tastes great any time of the year. Cover and place into the refrigerator at least two hours to cool. Spoon this into the tunnel of the angel food cake… Served cold, this was absolute perfection on a hot summer night! whipped topping (COOL WHIP). Spoon the creamy pudding on top of the entire cake. I like to say the recipes on here are recipes for the busy cook (you know who you are). Please see a registered dietitian for special diet advice. Change up the flavor by using a different pie filling. Original recipe yields 12 servings. Every mouthful of this angel food cake dessert contains light cake, creamy vanilla, sweet cherries and crunchy almonds. Mix the pineapple and dry pudding mix together and gently fold in the cool whip. In a large bowl, whisk together strawberry Jell-O with boiling water. I am not sure if homemade whipped cream is stable enough for long enough to put into this dessert. Dollop the remaining pie filling on top. STRAWBERRY JELLO - ANGEL FOOD CAKE DESSERT. Slice a thin piece off the top of the angel food cake and tear out a trench all the way around the cake. It resembles a bread pudding but without … So I used my trusty instant pudding mix, but added added sour cream along with the milk. And yes, “SHUGARY” is spelled correctly. Layer in 12 parfait glasses alternately with filling and berries. Whisk in COOL WHIP to strawberry mixture until combined well (it will be a little lumpy.). This cake is finished simply with spiced Cool Whip topping, but if you’d like, you can make stabilized whipped cream and spice it as the recipe suggests for a more homemade flavor to the cake. 1 prepared round angel food cake (10 oz. Privacy Policy. Add strawberry slices. This reminds me of my mom’s trifle she always makes. 1 prepared round angel food cake (10 oz. Cherry Desserts: Cherry Almond Hand Pies | Cherry Almond Braid. Make a tunnel in the cake. All Rights Reserved. Stir in strawberries until combined. Just watched the mean comments video…hilarious!!!!! 1. But it sure does taste good! Spoon this into the tunnel of the angel food cake. It’s a take on my last name. This No Bake Strawberry Dessert is one of those ugly desserts. 1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. Maybe crushed pineapple on the top layer of cake before the pudding? Add frozen strawberries and stir. 2. Spread the … Spread to cover evenly. After making that cake a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t resist taking it a step further for this angel food cake dessert. This cold dessert is part cherry pie, part cake, part pudding and completely irresistible. Place half of them in the bottom of a glass … Unless otherwise noted, all images and content here onThe Country Cook are original and copyright protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Serve with non-fat Cool Whip. Scatter the cake with chopped strawberries in a thin layer. pure … It’s the perfect way to turn a classic angel food cake into a pumpkin spice dream! It’s also not a really heavy dessert so it’s kinda perfect after a heavy meal. Thanks for posting this recipe. Preheat oven to 350°F. Scoop small servings into bowls and top with a fresh strawberry. I enjoyed it immensely.

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