Hanuman created havoc in the Ashoka vatika by killing all the security personnel, five Senapatis, seven sons of Ravana’s Ministers, and a son of Ravana. Bharat Kumar Pushkal made a deadly declaration that if he did not return with theYagashwa, then he should be deemed a fictitious devotee of Shri Rama. 149,446,380 stock photos online. Shiva Sthalams After the meeting with Kaala Deva in the form of the old Tapasvi, Rama realised that Lakshman also having gone, it was time for him also to terminate his ‘Avatar’; he established Kusha in Kushavati Kingdom and Lava in Dwaravati as their Kings. Spirituality From Neelachala, the Yagnashva halted at Chakranga Nagar ruled by King Subahu, where Prince Daman felt that the manner the Ashwamegha was publicised all over the World smacked of pride and ego and ordered his Senapati to keep his army ready to fight. Vedic Practices Arupadaiveedu - Murugan Temple Then Hanuman asked Bhagavan Shankara for granting boons to let all the persons who died in this battle be resuscitated. He is often[...], The Upanishads are the philosophical-religious texts of Hinduism (also known as Sanatan Dharma meaning “Eternal Order” or[...], --------------- Indrajit attacked Lakshmana and made the latter unconscious when Hanuman brought Sanjeevini Mountain with medicinal shrubs got Lakshmana revived; in the fierce battle that followed, Rama and Lakshmana destroyed Indrajit. Reacting to this sharply, Ugradamshtra threw a red-hot Trishul from the Demon’s viman on Pushkal’s heart and the latter fell unconscious inside his chariot. Download 81 Mandir Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! As Shri Rama was an ideal Institution of ‘Sishta Rakshaka’ (Protector of Virtue and Justice) and ‘Dushta Sikshaka’ (Punisher of the Evil), the normal Praja (General Public) proved to be a darling King owing to his suave and benevolent treatment and as a severe chastiser and Task Master of wrong doings. Hindu Gods Illustration: If Mr. A donates Rs. Shriram New Shri Life Plan is a traditional participating Endowment plan which aims to facilitate savings for future needs and also providing life insurance benefits. On behalf of Shatrughna, Raja Pratapagna shouted that the Yagnaashva disappeared and Prince Daman replied that he had kept the horse and if possible might get it back after a fight! Hanuman too took a similar vow. She agreed however to send Lava and Kusha after Sage Valmiki trained the boys to sing a ballad before Shri Rama and others. Lord Ganesha Temple Very reluctantly, Dasaratha allowed to let them go to protect the Yagna which apparently served many purposes as subtly planned by the Sage: one to let the World Realize that Rama a mere teen-ager was of Vishnu ‘Amsa’ and introduced Rama to the Rakshasas that they should better beware; Vishwamitra could teach the nuances of Shastra-Astra Vidya to the brothers; to afford an exposure to Rama at Sita Swayamvara among the great Kings of the day including a warning to Ravanasura that the Avatar of Vishnu had arrived; and also to consummate the Sacred Wedding of Rama and Sita. Devi Koushalya was born to the King of Koushalya and was wedded to King Dasaratha at Ayodhya on the banks of River Sarayu.Dasaratha also married Sumitra and Kaikeyi.He became a powerful yet righteous King with Sage Vasishtha as the Raja Guru and performed the Putra-Kameshthi Yagna. Sesha Nag narrated to Vatsyayana that Agastya Maha Muni visited Rama once and in the course of exchange of views, Rama desired to know from Agastya about Ravana’s background, who was the Villian-in-Chief of Ramayana forcing Rama to wage a battle with the Demon for kidnapping Devi Sita. Shatrughna wondered as to who was this imp of a Raja Kumar called Daman who did considerable damage to elephants, horses and chariots and felled on ground the capable Raja Pratappagna wounded with blood! Related Articles. Shri Clip Art Vector Graphics. There was a one-to-one battle between Pushkala and Veeramani and by using a mighty arrow in the name of Shri Rama made Veeramani unconscious. Bharat, Shatrughna, and all the citizens of Ayodhya along with their wives, Mantris, Servants, Vedikas, Brahmanas, the nearby animals, birds, and all other Beings who accompanied Shri Rama never looked back. Shatrughna asked Pushkal to take a big Army and proceed against the boy Lava. There after he apologised to Shatrughna for what all had happened, performed ‘Atmarpana’ (Surrender) and returned the Yagnashva with honour. $25.25. Nor Shiva, who was prayed to by the King; the latter said that since the the action was already taken, it would not be in tune with Kshatriya Dharma to take a retreat step. 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After a three day halt, the King made his son a ‘Samanta Raja’of Ayodhya and moved on along with Shatrughna and Pushkala. Ramayana Wallpaper Mobil android Wallpaper Mobil illustration Wallpaper Mobil red Wallpaper Mobil rocks Wallpaper Mobil style. Sita then declared in a huge Sabha that if she performed puja to any body else excepting Shri Ram in her mind, thought, tongue or action then my mother Bhu Devi might take her into her mother’s fold. Vidyunmali straightaway targetted Pushkala and threw a ‘Shakti’ on his chest, while Pushkala rained arrows on the Rakshasa and the latter’s chest was pierced through as lot  of blood flowed out from his heart and Vidyunmali fell on the ground unconscious. Muni Pulastya’s son was Muni Vishvava and the latter’s wife was Kaikashi; Ravana and Kumbhakarna were born to Vishvava and Kaikeshi. Lakhsmana brought the Yagnashwa at the appointed time, formal Pujas were performed by Brahmanas and ‘Suvasini’ Women; the Surya Vamsa flag of Victory was hoisted on the horse; a gold sheet was hung around the horse-neck with an Inscription saying that the horse belonged to Shri Rama and whosoever stopped it would be severely punished; Shatrughna was made over-all in charge of the huge armed Sena (Army), elephants, horses, chariots and carts leading the Yagnashwa; Pushkala the son of Bharata was made in charge of the rear side of the ‘Ashwa’; Bhakta Hanuman headed the entourage and at the most propitious Muhurta the Yagna Horse was released, along with the recitals of Veda Mantras and ‘Mangala Vadyas’amid big shouts of Victory to Shri Rama Chandra. In the course of the battle, Shatrughna was stunned and stumbled as he had to quickly change his bows that were broken and the chariots that were destroyed and was finally knock down with unconsciousness. GoGraph allows you to download affordable illustrations and EPS vector clip art. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase. The rest of them said that they would not like to stay back on Earth in the abscence of Rama even for a moment. Rama then appointed Vibhishana as the King of Lanka and blessed him and his progeny to rule till the next Pralaya! The highly charged Hanuman hurled huge trees and boulders and Lava cut them to pieces as a sport. Lakshmana drew the famed ‘Lakshmana Rekha’ a line around Panchavati with Mantras and asked Sita not to go beyond the line. Indrajit the elder son of Ravana who also was a reputed warrior having defeated Indra and specialized in wars on the clouds thus securing the epithet of ‘Meghanadha’ encountered Hanuman who feigned Indrajit’s control; Hanuman was face to face with Ravana in the latter’s court and allowed himself to let his tail burn which was extended endlessly and destroyed a large part of Ravana’s City as a warning to him that soon Rama and Lakshmana would arrive at Lanka to destroy Ravana and his entire tribe. This prompted Ravana brothers to peform Tapasya, although Vibhishana did the meditation for noble reasons. Indeed her wish was fullfilled and all was well. Download premium illustration of Shimmering teal watercolor mobile phone. ... and uses 'Jai Shri Ram' as its war cry rather than the traditional call to devotion, 'Jai Siya Ram'. Agastya Muni informed Shri Rama that Lord Brahma’s son was Pulastya and the latter’s son was Vishwavaka with two wives viz. The Historic Celebration of ‘Rama Rajabhisheka’ was a landmark in Treta Yuga attended by Lord Brahma, Devas, Maharshis and the highly satisfied ‘Praja, and heralded the highly famed Rama Rajya. As Rama and Lakshmana did not find Sita on their return, they frantically searched and the dying Jatayu conveyed that Sita was abducted by Ravana. Hindu Mantras By papererwin. From there, Shri Rama accompanied by Sita and Lakshmana visited Devi Sumitra and Shatrughna and postrated to her too; she expressed overflowing grief and relief and profusely thanked Rama for his highest consideration for her son Lakshmana. The Yagnashva reached the beautiful and properous Devapura at Vindhyas where even building walls were made of precious stones and the King Veeramani was an extraordinary devotee of Bhagavan Shiva. Illustration for Foreign Policy “ Jai Shri Ram! King Veeramani was alarmed with fury approaching Pushkala and as a chain reaction Hanuman sought to reach Pushkala for rescue but Pushkala became over confident and prevented Hanuman and asked the latter to help Shatrughna instead. He quoted a Brahmana visiting the Neelachala Mountain and found outside the Purushottama Temple there were a few Tirtha Yatris who possessed four hands armed with Gada, Chakra, Saranga and a lotus. The highly puzzled Shatrughna wondered as to who these two boys were who felled the Most Valiant Hanuman himself! He prostrated before her and requested her to visit Ayodhya.The Ashvamedha Yagna concluded with the display of the pride of Surya Vamsha, the unreserved gaiety of the Praja of Rama Rajya, the relentless recitals of Veda Mantras by the Maharshis, the blessings of Brahma and Maha Deva; the showers of flowers from the heavens by Indra, Loka Palakas, Pancha Bhutas and Devas; the joyous singing of Gandarvas and the celestial dances of Apsaras. Goddess Durga Temples See more ideas about shree ram images, ram image, lord rama images. The declaration also stated that Rama and Lakshmana would completely destroy Ravana and Kumbhakarna as well as their offsping and instal Vibhishana as the King of Lanka in a completely new set up following Dharma and Justice.The Akashavaani further said that several Devatas would be born as ‘Vaanaras’ or monkeys and bears.This was the retrospect of the demolition of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and others of the Clan. In the battle that continued, Pushkala killed Chitranga. Free for commercial use High Quality Images Navagraha Mantra Ravana occupied Lanka too and forcibly took away Kubera’s Viman. Find Shri Ram Digital Artwork Lord Ram stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. They reached Ratnaathata Nagar where King Vimal who became extremely excited and organised refreshments to the entire entourage. Shri Rama did Ashvamedha Yanga, after installing a Golden Pratima of Sita; in fact he performed several Yagnas in the same manner. Valmiki further stated that he visited Varuna Deva, Agni Deva and other Lokapalakas who had unanimously referred to Devi Sita’s purity and piety as a Maha Pativrata Sadhvi born into this world; a ready proof of her ‘Shuddhata’ and highest devotion to Shri Rama was the coming back alive of lakhs of dead persons at the various battles en route the travel of the Yagnashva, since she wished so! One day, an old Tapasvi came to see Shri Ram and told him that none should enter his Chamber while he was giving an important message from Lord Brahma in secrecy. Jyotirlinga Temples Meanwhile a recovered Vidyunmali was about to toss a Trishul on Shatrughna but a smart Shatrughna hacked the hand of Vidyunmali with an arrow and simultaneously flinged another arrow to pitch down the demon’s head. In reply, Shatrughna took a vow in the name of Shri Rama and rleased an arrow but the desperate Kusha took the vow on his Mother Devi Sita and retaliated. Durga Mantra “The emancipation of Ahalya by Bhagwan Ram, high esteem shown to Shabari Mata and camaraderie with Nishadraj are outstanding illustrations of social harmony,” he said. Live Wallpapers: Free HD Download #live #wallpaper. Panchabhoota Lingams As the Vimana touched the ground, there was a high moment of emotional meeting of Rama and Bharata. See more ideas about shri ram photo, ram photos, shri hanuman. illustration of Lord Rama, Sita, Laxmana, Hanuman and Ravana in Ram Navami with hindi text Jai Shree Ram meaning Hail Lord Ram illustration of hindu god Kanha on Janmashtami with hindi text Jai Shri Krishna meaning Praise to Lord KRISHNA Bagalmukhi Mantra From the ‘Agni Kunda’at the eventful Yagna, Maha Vishnu Himself gave ‘darshan’ to Dasaratha and assured that he would soon be born to him to save the  Devoted and kill the Evil. Hanuman Mantra As soon as she came out, Ravana appeared in his original form and abducted her by his Pushpak Viman. Already, Sage Valmiki arrived to attend the Ashvamedha Yagna as a respected Guest of Honour at Ayodhya. Further on both Rama and Sita entered the Chamber of Devi Kaushalya who swooned first for some time and after recovery embraced the son and daughter-in-law and declared that Sadhvi Sita was the finest example of womanhood for ever! The first halt was at the Avicchtra Nagari where there was a noted Temple of Devi Kamakshi who appeared before King Samuda performing Tapasya and gave the boon of invincibility; she also asked the King to offer his entire Kingdom and riches to Shatrughna as he would pass through the Nagari along with the horse of Ashvamedha Yagna to be conducted Shri Rama of Surya Vamsha and the killer of Ravanasura. Price Pushkala the son of Bharata was so angry that he swore to control or kill Daman. Even as the City of Ayodhya was going in euphoria with preparations of Shri Rama’s becoming the Yuva Raja (the Heir Apparent) of the Kingdom, Devi Kaikeyi declared her intention known that Lord Ram should proceed for a fourteen year long spell of ‘Vana Vasa’ (forest life) and Bharata to become the Heir Apparent; this was in the light of a boon that Dasaratha gave to Kaikeyi as she saved him on a war front and she reserved to deman it at this juncture.Bharat was out of station at his maternal uncle’s place and did not know about the demand; Devi Sita insisted accompanying Rama and so did Lakshmana; Dasaratha was in a swoon, followed by death; the entire population of the Kingdom was crest-fallen! In the meantime, Goddess Lakshmi was materialized as King Janaka found her while digging Earth in Yagna by a plough top called ‘sita’ and thus named Sita and most endearingy brought up as his own daughter. your own Pins on Pinterest (I shall no Doubt take human birth to revive Dharma and punish Evil from time to time). Ram Wallpaper Lord Shiva Hd Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper Jay Shree Ram Hanuman Pics Ram Image Rangoli Designs Images Krishna Radha Beautiful Indian Actress. Pilgrim Packages Spiritual Gurus The latter declared (by way of an Akaasha vaani or the Voice of Skies) that soon a high merited King of Ayodhya of Surya Vamsa of the clan of ‘Ikshvaaku’named Dasaratha would beget four sons from three wives viz. Agastya told Rama that he was the incarnation of Vishnu who was the Kartha (Originator), Palak (Preserver) and Samharak (Destroyer) and Devi Sita was Maha Vidya Herself and the extreme evil exercised by Ravana gave relief to the world and as such what Rama did was laudable but not regretful. Books. The wood puppets are made to act and dance to music and dialogues. Kali Mantra His character is the most[...], In Hindu scriptures, Lord Shiva is popularly also known as Natarajan which translates to the[...], Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva is a well-known form of Shiva in Hindu Dharma. Sage Valmiki exhorted Rama about Sita’s spotlessness and piousness time and again and Shri Rama finally opined that indeed he was fully aware of her chastity and purity but since the allegation came from the Praja (Public), Sita should prove her innocence before the people. Soon after in quick action, Shatrughan also hurled a ‘kripan’ (Small knife) on Ugradamshtra and killed that demon brother too. Siya is how Sita is addressed endearingly in North India. हम हिन्दू हैं, हिन्दुत्व की बात करेंगे, एक बार क्या, सौ बार जय श्री राम कहेंगे। ram skull, ram, skull, ram bone, animal skull, animal bone, ram illustration, ram design. This was the time when Rama intensified the strictness of his administration in the Kingdom. Daily Horoscope Tags. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Ram. August 2020. TemplePedia Subahu was in desperate and distressed condition as his son was bleeding with wounds on death bed; revenge was the watchword of Subahu’s entire army. Your satisfaction is important to us. The most powerful warriors of Subahu were kept at the tactical head position and sides of the ‘Krouncha Pakshi’s war design. Hindu Temple Guide Krishna Mantra, In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript, Shakti Peetha – The Holy Abodes of Shakti, Hindu Names – 108 Names of Gods and Godesses, Collection of Aartis – Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Lord Vishnu Mantras & Slokas – In Sanskrit, English with Meaning, Benefits, Jaya and Vijaya the Dwarapaalakas of Vaikuntha, Durga Puja 2021 – Date and Time, Puja Vidhi, Mantras. He also made a symbolic dedication of is Kingdom to Shri Rama and gave away valuable gifts to Shatrughna and others. Mandakini and Kaikasi. Shatrughan, Shri Rama, the King Veeramani and the typical ‘Kalaha Priya’ readied the armies of both Sharughna and the King. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Ram Navami. Interesting Hindu Mythology Stories Raja Lakshminidhi the son of King Janaka took a vow that he would face Suketu and destroy the Vyuha designed by the latter in no time. There was a one-to-one battle as both were equally worked up and it continued for long time with ups and downs. The Praja in Rama Rajya were instrtucted to observe the ‘Varnaashrama Vidhana’, perform useful tasks like construction of wells, Sarovars, Temples, Choultries, Udyanavanas or Public Gardens, Pashu Palana or raising cattle, farming and such useful engagements rather than indulge in unhealthy and anti- social activities such as thieving, pilfering, causing hurt to others, amassing money and squandering for foul tasks, prostitution, betting, racing, drinking and yielding to immoral activities. On releasing both Hanuman and Sugreeva, Devi Sita came to know that Shatrughna was lying unconscious. Wikipedia: Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. The boy’s sang the entire Ramayana since the birth of Shri Rama and brothers, including Sita’s abandon; Lakshmana leaving her to her fate; her rescue by Maharshi Valmiki her ‘Agnatavasa’ delivery of the twin brothers; the Sage’s excellent training of the boys in warfare and Kshatriya Dharmas, knowledge of Adminstration and of Kingship; Shri Rama’s popularity with Sages, citizens, and each and every being as Maryada Purusha; Sage Vishwamitra’ s insistence to safeguard his Yagna and the killing of Demoness Tataki and Subahu; Sita’s Swayamvara; Kaikeyee’s desire to Bharata’s becoming the Heir Apparent and Ram’s Vanavasi; killing of notorious Rakshasas, Sita’s ‘Apaharana’ (kidnap) by Ravana; Rama’s befriending with Sugreeva and Hanuman; Hanuman’s trip to Lanka to trace Sita; the crossing of the Ocean; the killing of Ravana and the entire clan, Vibheeshana becoming the Lanka King; the Rama Rajya; Rama abandoning Devi Sita on the basis of a Secret Report of a washerman’s allegation about Devi Sita’s character notwithstanding Sita’s pregnancy; and Rama performing Ashvamedha Yagna. Lord Shiva gave a boon to Ravana to let the smashed heads were revived again and again. Find illustrations of Shri Ram. Durvasa grew angry and threatened Lakshmana with a severe curse if he did not permit entry. Nov 26, 2019 - Explore Mu Rani Rani's board "Shree ram images" on Pinterest. Saved by Vinayak Sheshrao. In the meantime, Ravana desired to perform an ‘Abhicharatmika’ (Evil-oriented) Yagna out of desperation for Victory, but a few brave Vanaras got scent of it and destroyed the Yagna. To Devas too Shri Ram made requests not to impose any ‘Aadhi Daivika’ based problems such as natural disasters like Earth quakes, floods and droughts or excessive rains or ‘Akaala Maranas’ or premature deaths. Worldwide Hindu Temples Thus Veerabhadra killed Pushkala, Shiva Himself made Shatrughna unconscious; at the same time appreciated Hanuman’s valour. 1 hour ago. Kaikasi was jealous of Mandakini and so were Ravana and Kumbhakarna against Kubera. Surprisingly, Bhagavan Shiva himself entered the battle field at this juncture as King Veeramani the unique devotee of Shiva fell unconscious! Taking a hint from Shri Rama, Vibishana, Sugriva, Jambavan, Hanuman, Neela, Nala, Sushena and Nishada Raja Guha arrived. Witnessing these fast developments, Shatrughna took the name of Shri Rama and slashed the Cover of Maya that Ugradamshtra brought in by one arrow and with another quick arrow of Sammohanastra on the battle field. Pushkal said to Lava that he would be gifted a chariot so that both might fight on equal terms; as a reply, Lava destroyed Pushkal’s chariot instantly and asked Pushkal now grounded was heckled by Lava on ‘equal terms’! As a petty minded Washerman in the Rama Rajya scandalised Sadhvi Sita once that after all she stayed in Ravana’s Lanka for long enough and was not above suspicion concerning her character, Maryada Purusha Shri Rama abandoned her so as to set an example to his Praja. As the news of Lava’s state was informed, Devi Sita was informed and Kusha hurried to the warfront and instantly faced Shatrughna who by now got revived and nodoubt knew that Kusha and Lava were twins and the sons of Shri Rama, but the most furious Kush had was on attack with the ‘Narayana Astra’ hurled on Shatrughna but this powerful arrow was turned ineffective. Spirituality & Beliefs Having learnt of the family background of Ravana and others from Maharshi Agastya, Rama felt extremely remorseful that he had perpetrated ‘Brahma hatya’since Ravana was from Brahmana vamsa which was the like the unique tree bearing the various branches of Vedas and Shastras. On return an anxious Ayodhya awaited the ‘Maryada Purushottam’, the Epic Hero and the Most Significant Avatara of Treta Yuga, proving once again that Lord Vishnu would assume human birth again and again as and when Dharma was in jeopardy and Adharma tended to take an upper hand in the Universe. Sanskrit Texts She stooped her head down in shame and could not utter one word out of remorse and anguish. Sage Vasishtha named the eldest as ‘Shri Rama’ since that was the ‘Swataha Siddha’ or natural gifted  name as he was the husband of Sri Devi and the equivalent of Vishnu’s Sahasranaamaas, providing salvation to the devotees and since his birth was in Chaitra month dear to Vishnu. After the successful completion of Ashvamedha Yagna, Shri Rama continued his normal routine of observing celibacy and administration. Hindu Calendar Lord Murugan Temples, --------------- The warriors then took to ‘Gada-Yuddha’ (mace-war) and it prolonged for long time; finally, Lakshminidhi was able to overpower Suketu and there were shouts of relief resounded while both the parties appreciated with each other. A humane classroom is what universities must prioritise post Covid Perhaps even more important than transacting the prescribed syllabus is the holding and containing presence of peers and teachers who can listen, empathise and offer themselves as a reliable non-competitive circle of care. Kuber Mantra Lord Shiva Temples As the Yagnashwa moved on nearing the Ashram of Sage Chyavana and Devi Sukanya, Pradhan Mantri Sumati who was in the entourage of Shatrughna explained their episode: The son of Sage Bhrigu named Chyavan was engaged in very rigorous Tapasya when King Sharyati was performing ‘snaan’ in the River Narmada and Tarpana to Devas and Pitras; the Princess Sukanya along with her companions was moving about in a forest on the banks of Narmada. May 27, 2020 - Explore reshma's board "Shri ram photo" on Pinterest. Shatrughna performed the coronatation of his sons at Ayodhya. Raghunandan Rama showed to Sita some glimpses of Places like the Rama Setu by which Vanara Sena or the Monkey Brigade crossed the Ocean, Kishkindha where he met Sugriva and Hanuman, and the spots where he and Lakshmana searched for Sita. Sesha Nag assured Sage Vatsayana that whoever heard or read the proceedings of Shri Rama’s Ashvamedha Yagna would get rid off Maha Patakas, secure prosperity, excellent health, and contentment in life; even a chandala or athiest would attain ‘Parama Pada’! Raja Veeamamari called his Senatpati and got an excellent army ready and Sharughna advised Rama’s army to get readied too.The opening duel was of Rukmanga and Pushkal. An illustration of an open book. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Shatrughna fell unconscious again.Sugreeva took over the position of Commander in Chief and fought with Kusha as also with Lava who recovered again by then. Hanuman addressed Bhagavan Shiva saying that quite often, Shiva was confirming his devotion to Vishnu and his Avatar Shri Rama, but it was surprising that this time he was fighting against Shri Rama! Rama, Lakshmana and the mammoth Vanara Sena under Sugriva’s leadership arrived on the sea coast to reach Lanka on the other side of the Ocean. By the severity and swiftness with which poisonous arrows were flinged at Hanuman, the latter could not control himself even as the gigantic body that he assumed fell flat on the ground! He was keen on Devi Sita’s return to Ayodhya and despatched Lakshmana to bring her back, but she refused to return. Jai Shri Ram Attitude Status. The high tides of humanity who suppressed their emotions during his absence of for fourteen long years were surcharged with passions and inexplicable hilarity. Thus he ordered his Senapati Kaalajit to quickly alert the Army for a full-fledged battle.In the battle that ensued between the Senapati and Lava Kumara, the Senatapti was killed and there was allround ‘hahakar’(frieghtened shouts) from the Army. Then under the supervision of Vasishtha Muni, the Kingdom’s Chief Rishi, Shri  Rama tilled a four yojana wide and long bhumi on Sarayu River banks with a golden plough; selected a suitable Yagna Vedika (Platform) with the required number of Mandapas and Agni Kundas decorated with jewels; invited Maharshis and Tapasvis of high standing like Narada, Asita, Parvat, Kapila, Jaatukarnya, Angira, Aashtishena, Atri, Goutami, Haarita,Yagnavalkya, and Sarvat; constructed suitable Ashramas for the Invitee Rishis and disciples; Conferences were held to decide on the format, procedure and daily programing;  prescribed do’s and don’ts of physical, moral and spiritual content; ‘niyamas and nigrahas’ (norms and restrictions) etc. King Vimal narrated an unsual story about the incidents which happened in the past about the Neelachala Mountain. Kaikeshi also gave birth to Surpanakha and later on to the virtuous devotee of Narayana, Vibhishana. Lord Rama bestowed the Kingship of Lanka to Vibhishana, the younger brother of the slain Ravana and sat on Pushpaka Viman along with Devi Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Sugriva and various other stalvarts who fought in the Battle with Ravana. Then Suman introduced Shatrughna, Bharat Kumar, Hanuman and others and the Sage was thrilled to see them all and re-emphasised that there was no other Deity like Shri Rama and no there bhajan better than his. par convinced Sita as a devotee of Rama by showing Rama’s ring and assured her that very soon Rama and Lakshmana would reach Lanka with a huge Vanara Sena (Monkey brigade), kill Ravana and his entire followers and relieve her of bondage. Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work Shakti Peethas Sita was tempted to secure the deer and Rama alone chased the Maya Mriga and killed the demon while  the latter shouted loudly the name of Rama to mislead Sita and Lakshmana so that Lakshmana would leave Sita and Ravana could enter the scene. As Lakshmana reached the Ashram and requested Devi Sita, she asked him as to how could she return to Ayodhya having been humiliated and discarded with baseless allegations.Lakshman narrated most convincingly as to what all happened at Ayodhya, how the Twins sang Ramayana and the spontaneous reactions and glorious comments about Devi Sita from the Maharshis, Devas and Loka Palakas (as reported by Sage Valmiki).

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