The strategies should be adopted by all schools as a blueprint for behaviour. Engaging from the start, the book combines sound advice with practical strategies to implement them successfully. One reason is that normal changes in the body associated with aging, such as muscle and bone loss, can limit mobility. 21/06/2019 09:30. There is no avoiding change as it will find you, challenge you and force you to reconsider how to live your life. Please discuss the research used to underpin the ideas. As the head teacher quoted on the front cover states ‘Paul Dix gets it. Helping Children Learn Accidentally when discussing the importance of ‘botheredness’, alongside evidence from Who’s left: the main findings (Education DataLab, 31 Jan 2017). The content is applicable for primary and secondary and, while the premise of the book focuses on the need for all adults to be ‘on the same page’ there are pieces of advice that any teacher can pick up and use. 0 likes. With this in mind, Paul offers 9 great ways to sharpen your use of a recognition board which is worthy of note. The second important point is that a school culture is crucial when managing behaviour. What works in Key stage 1 won’t work in Key stage 3. Each chapter has useful themes that always finish with three checklists – ‘testing’, ‘watch out for’ and ‘nuggets’. I certainly can. Here chapter by chapter he asks hard hitting questions about school policies and behaviours and shows how these impact on students and often in a very counter- productive way. There is a noticeable calmness about all the staff and they can’t wait to come into the staffroom and tell everyone else how “the script” has worked! Now staff are reading it and we’ve based training and practice around what we truly believe to be the way forward. Here are some book club questions to help your  discussions. Each chapter of this book is themed and concludes with three helpful checklists – Testing, Watch out for and Nuggets – which the reader will return to again and again for reference. Please let me know how I can turn that back on. ... Our Virtual Agent can help answer your questions about fonts in PowerPoint. They then revise their self-image. He interweaves ‘real’ case studies alongside tried-and-tested strategies that have been used in a range of schools with a variety of backgrounds, from the most challenging comprehensives to international schools. The chapters are clear and linked and take you on a journey through how a school might change things for the better. The one constant in life is change. These group activities for adults all take between 30 and 60 minutes to run. I’ve been inspired to launch ‘legendary line-ups’ in the staff briefing this morning… and I may even get a goat! I particularly enjoyed the fact that the author clarifies that he is not suggesting that adults take the blame for difficult behaviour in schools, rather that they have the ability to respond in ways which are more effective at getting the results we want. Edinburgh. Now, Dix emphasises that this should be a whole-school change and, if you are in a position to do so, this book navigates how this might occur. . full day behaviour training to share the five pillars of the approach with staff, so that we are consistent in our attitudes to students and they are consistent with us. He continues, ‘It is scattergun, random and disproportionate. The behaviour approach has changed from ‘stick with no carrot’ to ‘lots of carrot’ and you don’t hear angry staff shouting at students any more. (72 Posts) Add message | Report. Please note that this draw is open only for UK residents and is free to enter, multiple entries from the same email address will only be counted once. Initial changes are temporary. This was interesting for me, as a teacher who used to give out house points and merits with no real thought. Suitable for all head teachers, school leaders, teachers, NQTs and classroom assistants – in any phase or context, including SEND and alternative provision settings – who are looking to upgrade their own classroom management or school behaviour plan. The messaging around consistency of messaging can be applied to the microcosm of the classroom. Please consider the tone, structure and ideas. Most importantly, it provides a clear message about the importance of children knowing who they can trust and who has given up on them. Simplifying to these 3 school rules has had a really positive impact for both children and adults in our school. You always learn something useful from engaging with Paul, and the fact that he writes with the old one-two of passion and compassion makes this learning easy and pleasurable. Our staff absence rate is very low and our students have talked about the fact we care about them more. What ideas/approaches/practice will you change or adopt as a result of reading this book? His appraisal of Behaviour Policies from various schools with whom he has worked, serves to open the reader’s eyes to some of the mistakes we can all make when trying to nurture a culture of positive behaviour. BUT that does not mean that there are no boundaries and that's all I was getting from that book. With this in mind, I read Paul Dix’s book over the summer holidays which completely transformed my thinking and enabled me to establish a clear action plan around a whole school approach to managing children’s behaviour. What will they learn? Dix argues again for consistency and suggests that no teacher can use rewards consistently and therefore their use becomes meaningless. Dix draws on his own experience as a teacher, leader and trainer who has spent 25 years working in some of the most challenging schools, referral units and colleges. education reformer and advisor. As a 14-year-old he vowed he would change the way adults deal with behaviour and I defy any reader not to rethink their own strategies as a result of reading this book. Naming pupils who do not behave in the way you expect does not help. As you start collaborating on your presentation, it helps to keep track of proposed and included PowerPoint changes. Licensed Clinical Psychologist More About Avrene… In this article we will be looking at the changes that senior adults and their families encounter as parents transition into being "older adults". I knew it was just what we needed, so I’ve become something of an evangelist. It is one of the main factors of my career choice and helped me solidify my thoughts on wanting to be a teacher. is author of the best selling book ‘When The Adults Change Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour’. As a teacher, leader and teacher trainer, Paul has been working to transform the most difficult behaviour in the most challenging urban schools, referral units and colleges for the last 27 years. He is also possessed of a burning desire: to alter teacher behaviour so that our young people are taught in environments that nurture their burgeoning humanity with consistency, respect and empathy. Having heard Paul speak several times, I had hugely high expectations of this book and I wasn’t disappointed. We are still very much at the beginning of our journey, but everything we have implemented thus far has come straight from what we have learned directly from reading Paul Dix’s book; consequently, there have been no costs involved but the results we have seen have been transformational and have demonstrated high impact. Does it suit the audience? Category. The impact that our Pivotal approach at Humber has has so far is already telling. Dix argues that although this may deter the vast majority of students, there still exists a small proportion for whom these punitive approaches don’t work which leads to a ramping up of punishments until the inevitable exclusion. In the summer, I took over as Principal at Humber UTC and my first job was to ask staff to read Paul’s book, which was intended as more than just a resource for them to use as a blueprint for a new positive discipline policy. The main message in the book is that by having a whole-team approach to behaviour management – where the behavior of the adults is consistent and sets an example – change really can happen for the best among students. Dix emphasises the importance of keeping calm and makes a number of suggestions to support this aim. 1. Paul stated that ‘small visible shifts in adult behaviour have an incredible effect on children’s behaviour’ and we have been able to witness this first hand. Paul pulls no punches – he will tell you why you are wasting your time with the punishment escalator and why you are becoming ever more frustrated by the child’s seeming unwillingness to bend to your will. The research is widespread, for example Dix cites Hywell Roberts’ Ooops! Children have responded extremely positively to the new rules we’ve introduced: ready, respectful, safe. Every Friday, the children who have gone over and above get to sit with the headteacher for 15 minutes and have a cup of hot chocolate. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Five stars. When the adults change everything changes is a core read for anyone who works with children. The book demonstrates how these approaches place the focus back on adults and reiterate the importance of simple human interaction. They constantly compare themselves with ideal standards or images, becoming embarrassed, fascinated or insecure. . We are all being relentlessly bothered in order to maintain a positive rapport with our pupils. Different personalities, socio-economic conditions and expectations are all unique to each individual setting so no one slant on how to manage behaviour will suit all schools. How often have we used the ‘stick’ of writing the names of those with bad behaviour, who see their name on the board (a reward)? Those who know you best will suggest compelling changes that are sure to help you succeed. Paul’s ideas won’t appeal to everyone. This book is a game changer. We will continue on our journey using Paul Dix’s highly commended book to ensure that we are continue to develop positive behaviour practice. As a practitioner from the sharp end, and a former naughty boy himself, he is alive to students’ hurt, to the pain they sometimes bring to the school gates and to how our students’ lives sometimes set them up with challenges that are too hard to bear; and he is acute at the ways in which an interested practitioner might manage the behaviours that result from such lives. This led to me wanting to read his book and luckily I finally got my hands on a copy. In addition to working directly with schools, Paul has advised the Department for Education on the teachers’ standards, given evidence to the Education Select Committee and done extensive work with the Ministry of Justice on behaviour and restraint in youth custody. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. That doesn't mean we ever get used to it or fully embrace it, though. The rapid changes of adolescent physical growth rival the rate of changes found in prenatal development and infancy. About this event. I will also return to his useful tips, for example the ’30 second script’ – a formal one-to-one intervention for poor behavior in class that lasts no longer than 30 seconds. After completing an exhausting academic year in July 2017, due to dealing with the extremely challenging behaviours pupils across our school were presenting with on a daily basis it was abundantly clear that our approach to managing behaviour wasn’t working and something needed to change. Some are even using it on their own children at home. The chapter regarding ‘counter intuitive classrooms’ is particularly useful for teachers who feel this is not the answer and would like an alternative. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Named one of Book Authority’s best education reform books of all time, Named one of Book Authority’s best education books of all time, Phone: +44 (0) 1267 211345 | Fax: +44 (0) 1267 211882.

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