In addition, we supply specialized habitats such as caging, aquariums, lighting, heating, bedding, accessories, as well as feeders, feeding supplies, and foods, both live and frozen. Geckos, monitor lizards, sugar gliders, chinchillas, chameleons and many hard to find breeds of snakes, insects… No minimum order!!! Exotic Nutrition offers products that include mealworms, dried mealworms, Sugar glider food, Hedgehog food, sugar glider cages along with squirrel cages. 129 North New Warrington Road. Never expect exotic pets to be consistent with litter box use, if they use it at all, but some individuals are better than others. You can encourage foxes to go in one area with positive reinforcement, or just place a litter box where they tend to go most often. Their store carries hundreds of quality made bird toys, playgyms, T-Stands, books and magazines. Like cats, they will have an independent and aloof personality, as well as skittishness. Skunks Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs. All great apes, gibbons and baboons are Class 1 wildlife which requires “substantial experience” to get a permit to own. Here you … Also some exotic animals are outlawed in certain cities, or states. We accept cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal or financing. Exotic World specializes in bringing quality with the vast array of variety in freshwater and saltwater aquatics, large birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and exotic mammals. Welcome to CC's Exotic Pets! Larger exotic animals are banned in Kansas, but some smaller exotics such as porcupines and monkeys are not. Unlike domesticated dogs, they’ve never caused any fatalities. This state is considered to have extremely lenient exotic pet laws; however some animals like foxes and other native animals are not legal. Sexing is done at our best effort, but is not guaranteed. Come to Exotic Pets and get puppies from local and foreign breeds. We are WNY's exotic pet HQ. Compared to other fox species, fennecs have very little odor that only decreases even more if they are neutered. Cute exotic cats for sale online. AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR PARTNERS. 10K likes. At our USDA licensed pet store, you'll take home a lot more than just your little buddy. The animals must be micro-chipped and the applicant must provide substantial information. Like all animals, monkeys can bite and cause injuries. Florida Primates should be legal in this state, as only certain native animals and rabies vectors are cited as being regulated. The bigger the enclosure, the easier it will be to keep your pet busy. Fennec foxes do not have a strong body odor, but they can briefly emit a musky odor from a scent gland on the tip of their tail when they get started. Most of the time fennec foxes are sleeping, similarly to cats. You will have to locate a private breeder through the web or exotic animal magazines. Exotic Pets has been in pet sales for about 25 years in Billings, Montana. 7. In reality, monkeys are prone to catching diseases from humans, which can be a significant threat to them and adds to the challenge of their care. Muntjacs, like wallabies, should have outdoor room to frolic in even if they are kept as house pets. All claims must be accompanied by a DIGITAL PHOTO showing the animals and our shipping label, invoice, or airway bill. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Drive-through, carryout, and delivery services are still permitted. Fortunately, many fox owners get this cuddly down time with their animals at some point, once they calm down. Assuming that this permit is obtainable and the requirements aren’t unfair or excessive, this would make all primates legal. of Premium reptile products! Connect With Us. We offer secure online order processing and Free Shipping nationwide. Shop our Store Reptile Dry Goods Pigs Small Animal Products Deli Feeders Best Sellers All sales are final. Exotic Animals. We offer a wide selection of Hedgehog colors at a very affordable cost, plus we offer complete packages to ensure the comfort of your new pet … In a smaller space, the poop can be smelly if stepped on by the animal. 10. Prices are subject to change without notice. Sometimes people feed live mice, but this is utterly unnecessary and not a humane option. First meal of the Day at Salman's Exotic Pet Store for our birdies is Sprouts. Another aspect that you need to find out before buying an exotic animal is if there is a veterinarian in your area that will treat the animal. We carry a large variety of pets and supplies. This means raw meat, feeder insects, fresh vegetables, and rodents. Your pet companion doesn't have to be a furry mammal. Click here to view on map. There is a requirement that all primates need to be registered, however, and their enclosures must meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the USDA, which is not unreasonable. This is one of the few states that still allow a vast number of exotic animals including some species of big cats, bears, and wild canines. This state has a permit system for “dangerous exotic animals” but the only primates considered to be such are gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans. 14. No live arrival guarantee on amphibians at anytime. A Non-Traditional Livestock permit is required to own ‘Category 3 Animals’ which includes primates, bears, wolves, venomous reptiles and big cats. We carry stock of all major brands including Arcadia, Exo Terra, Lucky Reptile, Microclimate, ProRep and Zoo Med. Some like a little, and some like a lot. Skunk season is here! These animals are “subject to additional housing and care requirements”, which vary according to the species. Hard to find and unique exotic birds. Alabama 5. A no cost permit is required in Florida. Fennec foxes are slightly more adaptable to domestic conditions than other uncommon exotic mammals, and you can ‘get away’ with somewhat small housing, such as a foldable, standard-sized cat cage. Purchase Now –  $38.00 fee, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Drive-through, carryout, and delivery services are still permitted. In captivity, our foods are primarily processed or bought a few days after harvest. A quick search of fennec fox videos on Youtube shows just how energetic and noisy they can be. … All primates are legal in the state. The catch to a small cage is that the fox must have ample time to come out to play and burn off energy. Exotic Pets is an Exotic Pet Store specializing in Reptiles, Amphibians, and Inverts in the Wichita, Kansas. Tags: Crime, Florida, Pet Store KISSIMMEE, Fla. – The owner of a Kissimmee exotic pet store said she is holding onto hope after someone broke into her business and stole dozens of birds … **NOTE : It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws and regulations on certain animals and wildlife in their state. Janda Exotics Animal Ranch is a state and federally licensed private zoo and professional zoological breeding facility proudly located in Kingsbury, Texas. You can find chinchillas, sugar gliders, degus and others. Nevada Before even considering a pet fennec fox, you’ll want to ensure the species is legal in your state. Copyright © 2020 Wholesale Exotic Pets - All Rights Reserved. Of course, continued research for the best diet should be conducted. Located in Parker, Colorado, Parker Exotic Pets specializes in exotic pet sales, including the specialized materials required for their care and feeding. BRANDON ACKERMAN 1 (804) 855-8091 CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! Photos should be emailed to. Regardless of which kind of animal you decide to keep as an exotic pet, do your research prior to acquiring one so that you can care for it properly. People feed their fennec foxes various diets. All claims must be be called in and unacceptable animals returned within 24 hours of arrival at destination/airport. You will likely need to use a breeder that won’t be located near you so shipping with an Airline will be a necessity, unless you are willing to drive out to pick up your kit (this is recommended if possible). Arkansas You are unlikely to secure any food sources that a fennec fox will find in the wild, so the logic of a ‘natural’ diet doesn’t make much sense. Like most small rodents, they poop frequently, but their droppings are small and dry, causing little odor unless allowed to accumulate with no maintenance. 13. This state has enacted legislation where people can apply for a permit for an exotic pet from the state Fish and Game director. Other monkeys should be legal. Okeechobee County's only pet store! Photos should be emailed to or sent by postal service within 24 hours of receiving your order. Widest Range SHOP NOW! Get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter! SHOP NOW! Jenns Exotic Pets, Williamsville, NY. Kansas The best place to explore feeding options is to find out what zoos feed their armadillos. Raw or cooked meat, eggs, and frozen feeder mice can be added to supplement the diet and provide enrichment. With the use of a high-quality bedding such as coconut fiber based shreds, even after their occasional defecation, there won’t be much of a smell. Contact us for purchasing information. Financing can be used for purchases made in store or shipped! When it comes to keeping a fox as a pet, fennecs are winners because their small size and lack of smells makes them suitable as house pets. The Wyoming Fish and Game Department issue permits for most species of exotic animals, also called “living wildlife”, and the only exceptions that don’t need one are common pet and farm animals. Again, the proper cage will be essential for the welfare of your armadillo because enrichment opportunities will be enhanced. Jabberwock Reptiles is dedicated to providing top quality healthy, captive bred reptiles and amphibians in Winchester, Boston and surroundings. WHOLESALE EXOTIC PETS WHOLESALE EXOTIC PETS WHOLESALE EXOTIC PETS. Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs. 140 talking about this. Bizarrely, the Ohio code lists specific primates that are illegal that include smaller monkeys like titi monkeys, tamarins, and a few other species that are rare or non-existent in the pet trade, leaving out many larger primates such as macaques, gibbons, and even great apes.

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