Zucchini stuffed with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil make a fresh summer side dish. thyrsiflora) and the related holy basil (O. tenuiflorum) and lemon basil (O. In a blender or food processor, whirl the basil, oil, vinegar and garlic until smooth. Garnish with fresh basil leaves. The sweetness of the basil works well when combined with the acidity of tomatoes. However, the stems and large veins contain compounds that will cause pesto to turn brown and dark, so it is best to remove them when making the herb sauce. For the most intense flavor, fresh basil should be added at the end of the cooking process. Keep in mind that the jar could have been on the grocery store shelf for quite some time, so it is best to use as quickly as possible. This herb is well known for its role in Italian cooking where its flavor is used for pasta sauces, pesto and a vast range of dishes from lamb to salads. Place the zucchini halves in a microwave-safe dish. The Musings of a Writer / Freelance Editor in Training, EDM 7 Music Blog : sharing DJ Mixes, Original Music, Documentaries, Music App and Remixes on youtube, mixcloud, spotify, soundcloud for electronic dance music lovers from all around the world (Techno, House music, Drum and Bass, Disco...), I blog about home cooking and fiction writing. Before using, basil should be rinsed under running water and patted dry. Cook for a minute or two. Dried basil is sold in jars and found in the spice aisle. While best known for its use in Italian cooking, it is also used in many ethnic culinary creations. Pinching back the flowers will encourage more leaf growth and produce large plants by the end of the season. Sweet basil is available in two colors, green and purple. Each time an ad is viewed on my blog, I am compensated for this through the Word Ad program. Its leaves are pale green and have a somewhat hairy appearance. Her recipes range from Grandma’s favorites to the latest food trends. Sometimes, flowers can be somewhat bitter, so test them first. From Greek pesto to Thai stir-fry, savory tomato sauce and even cheesecakes, basil is really quite the cosmopolitan spice! It's an easy herb to grow at home and a common addition to kitchen gardens. A print friendly icon is at the end of the share buttons. Italian Herbs for Pasta Dishes & More. Brush the steak on the side facing up with 2 tablespoons of the oil and season with salt and pepper. The leaves grow back quickly and stronger. Basil is a perfect candidate as a flavoring for infused oil. Thanks for some good new recipes to try. DOI: 10.3390/molecules21081069. The leaves are most often removed from the stem and either torn, cut into chiffonade, or finely chopped. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped basil to boiling water and steep for about 5 minutes then strain. It is rich in antioxidants and, some claim , it has anticancer and antiviral properties. Basil is also used to flavor soups, whether crushed or freshly torn, is also put over salads, starters and main course. But beyond those familiar dishes we most associate with basil (tomato sauce, pizza, meatballs, pesto), the herb can actually work wonderfully well in many more dishes, including cocktails and desserts. Remove the tomatoes from the grill, chop and place in a serving bowl. Read our, Love Basil? Genovese Basil. Pesto is traditionally made with basil, but you can also make a fresh and tasty version with oregano. Combine 1/3 cup melted butter and 2 tablespoons chopped basil; brush on chicken breasts. 2. Thai Basil (aka licorice basil) - A variety commonly used in Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisine known for its smaller, darker leaves and spicy, anise-heavy flavor. I bought an aerogarden recently, and currently have a massive production of both basil and Thai basil. Finely chop the pulp; set aside. It has a strong anise flavor. Push the basil into a single layer and freeze the mixture until set. Basil is delicious fresh in salads, or chopped and sprinkled over baked chicken, lamb or fish. ( Log Out /  Make the sauce by combining and mixing the ingredients together. Wow that is a lot of pesto! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Peggy Trowbridge Filippone is a writer who develops approachable recipes for home cooks. Basil is one of my favorite herbs. Tip: Take care not to overcook the fish; – it must stay moist to be at its best. For example, one tablespoon of fresh chopped basil equals 1 teaspoon dried. Although dried is more concentrated than fresh, dried basil does not have the same taste; the dehydrating process draws out more of the mint flavor and less of the anise. Basil is … Basil goes best with tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella cheese. Garnish with a lime slice or a basil leaf. When cooked, it adds a new dimension to vegetable dishes, but of course is most famous for it’s use in tomato sauces. Fresh, it imparts a sweet, minty aroma to foods. However, this herb has been a part of holistic medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, treating digestive issues and insect bites. Serve. (It will be too hard to scrape once fully frozen.). Basil is also a perfect herb to freeze for later use. 3 (8-inch) pieces butcher’s twine, soaked in cold water. If you’re growing basil in your garden or on a window sill,  cut the basil leaves, often, from the top of each stem. Just think of a homemade marinara sauce using fresh basil — would it be the same using dried? Basil is excellent in tomato-based dishes, with spinach and all types of squash. Sweet basil is the most popular and common variety, and there are several types of sweet basil available. Cover and microwave on High until tender-crisp, 3 to 4 minutes. Simmer uncovered for about 10 minutes. Toss corn and tomatoes with the dressing. The odour of basil has a fragrant aroma, strong and pliable taste like that of peppermint. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In addition to pesto, basil is used in a variety of dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Line a sieve with a dampened triple-layer of cheesecloth and set it over the bowl with the vitamin C. Puree apples with the water in a food processor (do not use a blender) until almost smooth, then pour into the cheesecloth lined sieve. For the nicest presentation, use long, relatively skinny zucchini. Basil and tomatoes seem to have been made for each other – as in the famous, insalata caprese – tomato mozzarella salad, as well as, tomato sauces. Meanwhile, place the remaining basil leaves and the remaining stock in a shallow container. Writing can be anything for anyone but for me it's to express the overwhelming feelings I feel that cannot be said . Place fish on a greased grill pan, skin side up, then slide the pan under a hot broiler until the skin is blistered. I do love Basil. Basil is an herb in the mint family that is essential in Italian cooking, although it is also used in a variety of other types of cuisines including Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Leave a plant in a sunny spot and water regularly to keep the soil moist. 13 but looking for ways to share my cooking and photography experiences with you! You might want to make extra, it'll go fast! It can be added to pasta sauces and is the main ingredient in pesto, along with olive oil, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. Sweet Basil (Ocimum bacilicum), and its close relativebasilico genovese, are the only varieties used in Italian cooking to avoid the mint flavor common in other types. A plant whose sweet-smelling leaves are often used as a herb in Italian cooking is basilico (masculine, plural basilici), which is the word for basil.In the Tuscan dialect, it is pronounced with a double s (bassilico).. IPA: /baˈzi.li.ko/ Alternatively, the basil leaves can be chopped, drizzled with olive oil, and spooned into an ice cube tray and frozen. Related Posts: What a good memory. Store the simple syrup in the refrigerator between uses. Grow it in a sunny spot and keep it well watered. The cubes are best added to soups and stews. Cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, garlic, fresh thyme — and of course, fresh basil — come together with bite-size pieces of Italian bread to make this light, yet filling summer salad. In a small bowl or measuring cup, mix oil, vinegar and salt. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for one minute. Sharing recipes and doing food and product reviews. The amount of basil consumed at a sitting isn't significant enough to have any substantial health benefits. Dried basil should be kept in the cool, dry place and used within six months. I remember those big pots of basil on your deck, along with the pots of tomatoes. From India, basil traveled not only to Europe and Africa, but spread to other parts of Asia as well, most notably to Thailand. This collection of basil recipes demonstrates how important the herb is … While basil leaves are most often used in cooking, you can also add flower buds as a garnish or in salads. It is known for being the main ingredient in traditional pesto and is also a favorite seasoning in tomato-based pasta sauces. Turn the fish over with a wide spatula and spoon on some of the sauce. Basil is commonly used fresh in cooking recipes and is … There are many varieties of basil, each with their own distinct flavour, that are used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. It has a fragrant, sweet smell and peppery taste. Basil – One of the best known herbs used in Italian cooking is basil. Basil is undoubtedly the most loved and popular herb in my kitchen, too! Basil is a delicate plant, to grow it, you will need to plant it in rich fertile soil. Sweeten with raw honey to taste and sip slowly to help with digestive issues. Molecules. The taste of basil will depend on the variety. Parsley: Prezzemolo: This herb is the unheralded star of Italian cooking. Basil is often paired with tomatoes as it helps to mellow out some of the acidity. Whisk oil, vinegar, shallot and the remaining 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper in a medium bowl. If the ad seems of interest to you, click on the activation button and view the ad. Just another girl who loves sugar, spice and everything nice! | jovinacooksitalian, Basil Health Benefits – Health and Beauty Pages, America’s Culinary Food Stories-Rainbow Cookies, First Homemade Dinner After Surviving Hurricane Sally. Add tomatoes, cheese, basil and the reserved zucchini pulp; toss to combine. The general rule is to use one-third the amount of dried basil when substituting it for fresh. Pour in 4 cups of the stock and bring to a boil. work here means everything written and not the images) unless mentioned otherwise. I said to myself – there must be somethign else to make beside pesto. Add the remaining 3 tablespoons of oil, onion, vinegar, basil and parsley and season with salt and pepper. So, I can answer, I think. Live, Love, Travel and Laugh (Proudly Pinoy), Quick and Easy Recipes | Cakes and Pastries | Pinoy and International Recipes. Thai basil is also called for in many recipes because of its anise-like flavor. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Let marinate for a few hours at room temperature. Please do not copy.]. Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. Its flavor has been described as spicy and peppery, with a hint of clove and mint – but of course this doesn’t come close to capturing its unique essence. Add onion to the dressing. (Alternatively, steam in a steamer basket over 1 inch of boiling water in a large skillet or pot.). Pastor, Husband, Father. ( Log Out /  Use only the freshest, sweetest corn for this recipe – corn that’s so tender and sweet you can eat it raw! In Italy, basil is believed to help along the after-lunch nap that millions of Italians still enjoy on hot summer afternoons. Serve several slices per person topped with some of the tomato sauce. The Spruce Eats uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Same here. Basil is a wonderfully fragrant herb that is especially popular in Italian cooking. It is among the most popular basil varieties to grow and is used widely in cooking its tender, aromatic foliage. Press coarsely ground black pepper onto meaty sides of chicken breasts. Not quite as good as the fresh leaves, but way better than dried. (Do not clean processor bowl.). When using frozen basil leaves, add more than the recipe calls for as some of the flavor will have diminished. Thank you so much for being a reader of this blog. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In the refrigerator, they will last up to a week; make sure to change the water daily. It is rich in antioxidants and, some claim , it has anticancer and antiviral properties. Farmers Market Week, Day 2: Sauteed Basil-Parmesan Brussel Sprouts, Corn, & Cherry Tomatoes, http://www.lindasitaliantable.com/strawberry-basil-granita/, https://jovinacooksitalian.com/2013/08/01/use-those-garden-herbs/, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Basil | goodthingsfromitaly, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Oregano | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Parsley | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Rosemary | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Sage | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Marjoram | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Thyme | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Bay Leaf | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Spices – Fennel Seeds | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Spices – Peperoncino | jovinacooksitalian, Cooking With Italian Herbs – Mint | jovinacooksitalian, What Kind of Basil Do You Have? Basil is undoubtedly the most loved and popular herb in Italy. Unlike other basil varieties, the entire fino verde plant can be used in cooking, twigs and all. 3. We have a courtyard filled with pots of basil – nothing else! Basil preserves well in oil and can also be frozen. Add lemon simple syrup, lime juice and vodka. Today, there are at least a dozen varieties grown for culinary use. Some types of basil have purple leaves. This soup embodies all the wonders of Italian cooking: Italian sausage, garlic, tomatoes and red wines. Allow to cool, then chill for four hours or overnight. Basil is sold fresh and dried but fresh basil is typically preferred for cooking. My balsamic basil fig sauce creation drizzled over the sliced lamb is the perfect finish touch and extremely flavorful thanks to the fresh basil. Starting with the long end, tightly roll the meat up like a jelly roll and tightly tie with the butcher’s twine on the ends and in the center. Delicious recipies that everyone will love! My favorite herb of all time Jovina! Combine the water and sugar in a large saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring regularly until the sugar dissolves. Lift fish onto plates (or shallow bowls) and pour over the rest of the sauce. Basil is one herb in particular that really shines when it’s fresh. Thanks for the terrific round-up of recipes. Although we tend to associate the herb with Italy and other Mediterranean countries, it actually originated in India and was brought to the Mediterranean via the spice routes in ancient times. (Vitamin C will keep the basil bright and green.). Many recipes call for an Italian seasoning or an Italian spice mix/blend and this blend is perfect for them! It has the same flavor as Opal and can be used similarly. Place on the grill, seam-side up and cook until golden brown on all sides, about 10 to 12 minutes. The pesto can be used as a spread, dip, pizza sauce, or even as a dressing for vegetables, salads, and potatoes. This basil cultivar is the best choice for Italian sauces and soups and for making pesto. Transfer the lemon simple syrup to a sterilized glass bottle. Heat the grill to high and oil the grill grates. Season to taste. In terms of fragrance and flavor, the flowers are similar, if milder, than the leaves. Cut a thin slice off the underside of each zucchini, so each half sits flat. “Italian basil” a general term for the types of basil that may be used in Italian cooking. Reblogged this on My Meals are on Wheels. Roughly chop the squash, onion and garlic. Set aside while the beef cooks. Remove from the grill and let rest 10 minutes before slicing into 1/2-inch thick slices. ( Log Out /  I was desperate because I had to literally throw away the Thai basil, as I didn't know what to do with it. Shake and strain into a Martini glass. To make the pesto, pulse in a food processor until smooth: 1 … A number of varieties are used in commerce, including the small-leaf common basil, the larger leaf Italian basil, and the large lettuce-leaf basil. Set aside. 9. Basil may get all the attention, but parsley is more widely used. Here Are 27 Ways to Cook With the Fresh Summer Herb, 27 Basil Recipes Featuring the Fresh Summer Herb, How to Convert Fresh to Dried Herb Measurements. Add the lemon juice and stir with a wooden spoon or disposable stirrer. much southern Italian cooking and is used commonly with tomatoes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. , Helpful Tips Show, Blog & Vlog Via Keywebco. Perhaps it’s more helpful to talk about what it pairs with best: olive oil, garlic, lemon, rosemary and thyme – and, of course, tomatoes. Turtle Quotes, the best place for your daily quote needs. Basil is an ideal companion plant for tomatoes. It follows the email icon and before the More icon. Puree basil with sugar until it is deep green, then add apple juice mixture and puree until combined. Tulsi, as the herb is known in Hindi, means “Sacred Basil,” and some of the many varieties of the plant were incorporated into Indian cooking centuries ago. Fresh basil is readily available in most supermarkets and can be found in the produce section packed in plastic clamshell containers or sold as full plants. Change ). Brush the entire outside of the steak with the remaining oil and season with salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon quarters. Thank you for the mention, Jovina! Grill the tomatoes on all sides until slightly charred and soft. Other varieties taste of citrus and spice. Basil leaves are large, somewhat delicate, and have a smooth texture marked with a series of veins; they are the prime part of the plant used in cooking. Uses of basil as a cooking herb in the kitchen: Basil is an essential herb in Italian cooking where it is the main ingredient of pesto. [Disclaimer : everything posted here will be my own work (p.s. Holy basil is related to the familiar sweet basil that's used in cooking. 2016;21(8). It is a 16- to 20-inch-tall plant with 2- to 3-inch-long leaves. It’s been a perfect year for it and the plants are taller than we’ve ever had. How to store fresh basil depends on what form you have purchased. There are over 60 varieties of basil, some of which are red or purple, and each has its own distinct flavor. There is a print icon button towards the bottom of the post under the ad. Basil preserves well in oil and can also be frozen. Thicker stems and stalks should be discarded because they tend to be bitter, but it is okay to include the small stems in dishes. Whole leaves can be washed or blanched and then flash-frozen and stored in a zip-top bag in the freezer. Flat-leaf varieties have a stronger flavor than curly-leaf varieties. It is a basil, cheese, pine nut, garlic and olive oil sauce used in Italian cooking for pastas, pizzas, dips etc. Squeeze as much clear juice as possible through the cloth and discard solids remaining in the cheesecloth. Used frequently as a garnish in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. Full details of uses of basil here. Guests will welcome this refreshing granita after a heavy meal. Flat-leaf parsley, rosemary, sage and basil are invariably used fresh, but oregano is always used dried. 2. Basil is my favorite herb and I grow quite a bit of it every year – at least 4 containers worth, Naturally, I cannot let it go to waste. It is added to the majority of tomato-based sauces for pasta, offering a sweet and pungent flavour, and is also one of the main ingredients of the olive oil and herb pasta sauce "pesto". Add salt and pepper to taste. Basil is native to tropical regions from central Africa to Southeast Asia. Sweet basil is typically used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Varieties include Genovese, Napoletano, Italian Large Leaf and Lettuce Leaf. How to store Basil. A RESOURCE FOR RARE FINDS IN MUSIC AND WHY YOU SHOULD HEAR IT, love each other like you are the lyric to their music, jakhala.com is a Blog on Healthy Life Style, Markets, News India, Sports, Wildlife-Nature, Entertainment, Photography, Food. Growing Tips: Use fertile soil that is rich in organic matter. Basil is used in many dishes, primarily in Italian cooking. Crush the vitamin C tablet in a large bowl with the back of a spoon. free food recipes for vegetarian and healthy food lover. Phytochemical Profile and Evaluation of the Biological Activities of Essential Oils Derived from the Greek Aromatic Plant Species Ocimum basilicum, Mentha spicata, Pimpinella anisum and Fortunella margarita. Basil (/ ˈ b æ z əl /, also US: / ˈ b eɪ z əl /; Ocimum basilicum), also called great basil, is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae (mints).. Let stand at room temperature about 10 minutes and re-scrape before serving in glass dishes. As a result I have become very creative in using this herb in any number of ways. You picked two good ones to try. Freeze mixture in an 8-inch square baking dish, scraping and stirring with a fork every 30 minutes, until frozen, at least 3 hours. Combine the cheese, basil and garlic in a small bowl. | jovinacooksitalian, Pingback: Basil Health Benefits – Health and Beauty Pages. Thai basil (O. basilicum var. It is a tender plant, and is used in cuisines worldwide. While we typically use just a few varieties -- the sweet Italian kind, known as Sweet Genovese; Thai basil, most often used in Asian cuisine; and Purple Opal basil, a fun addition to cocktails -- there are actually more than 60 types of basil to choose from. It is known for being the main ingredient in traditional pesto and is also a favorite seasoning in tomato-based pasta sauces. It is easy to grow your own basil, whether in the garden or a pot on the windowsill. This salad is wonderful as a side with any grilled meal or as part of any no-cook summer dinner. In Italy, basil is believed to help along the after-lunch nap that millions of Italians still enjoy on hot summer afternoons. I always fall back to making pesto–but I’m definitely going to try several of these recipes :>). Pingback: Cooking With Italian Herbs – Basil | goodthingsfromitaly. The soup may be a little thick, but the basil ice and lemon juice addition will thin it. The fragrant flavour of basil is at its best when eaten fresh and, generally, raw, and for this reason basil is commonly used as a garnish to salads and hot dishes or stirred through sauces just before serving. At the end of my posts, product ads are featured. Posted by Jovina Coughlin in apples, Beef, Cheese, Cocktails, corn, Fish, Healthy Italian Cooking, lemon, orange, Salad Dressing, Soup, squash, tomatoes, Vegetables, zucchini. Basil with the stems can be placed upright in a jar of water, with the leaves covered by a plastic bag (secured to the top of the jar). Basil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Basil has a warm, spicy, Basil is commonly used in cooking to add a fresh, herbal flavor to meats, pastas, and entrée dishes, • Add to … Basil is an herb in the mint family that is essential in Italian cooking, although it is also used in a variety of other types of cuisines including Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Prolonged heat will cause basil's volatile oils to dissipate. Its flavor has been described as spicy and peppery, with a hint of clove and mint – but of course this doesn’t come close to … When sprinkled over a salad, basil flowers impart a mild basil flavor and add a decorative touch. Make ahead: Granita can be made 2 days ahead (cover once frozen).

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