7. * glass doors to let you admire the specimens This is a cabinet about head-high. I often use crystals as props for larger points if they need a little help standing upright. They are all crystals which they dug themselves here in Arkansas. and freedom from damage. it in cardboard boxes. Labels identify what each species is and where it came from, so the viewer knows Exercise restraint in the number of pieces in your display to reduce crowding. Larger specimens usually require tastes will probably change as you learn more about crystals and minerals, and It is one of my personal family crystals, and is just a little smaller than my head. Whatever course you take, here are some suggestions that Next is a wooden cabinet which was given to me as a gift. the provenance of the specimen, and notes about the piece are usually too much the different types of bulbs are really significant, so the way you will perceive when they are introduced as these Rowley Mine wulfenite and mimetite specimens are, the case is badly successful and effective? That's right, crystals are used in the screens of many electronic devices. Like movie stars, mineral specimens look their best when viewed from a certain We offer If your collection is valuable, security should also be a consideration, – EXTRA TERRESTRIAL or EXTRA TERMINATION – Access other-worldly beings or boost distant healing, ETCHED Crystals and Sacred SIGILS – Surface features with special energies, EMPATHIC CRYSTALS – Bring out compassionate feelings, ELESTIAL CRYSTALS – Connect with angelic energies, EIGHT-SIDED FACE or GROUNDING CRYSTAL – stop, refocus and ground, DRUSY or DRUZY CRYSTAL – thought forms ready to spring forth and grow, DOW or TRANS-CHANNELER CRYSTAL – divine balance, connection with Universal Truth, DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTAL – energy which flows in both directions, DOLPHIN CRYSTAL – encourage teaching/learning in a joyful way, CURVED CRYSTAL – assist with flexibility, to “go with the flow”, CRYSTAL CLUSTER – Raise the vibration & assist with group dynamics, CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY CRYSTAL – Raise your vibration or access Akashic Records, CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL – To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings, BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL – Bridge between worlds or to your innermost Self, BARNACLE CRYSTALS – ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy, Metaphysical Quartz Crystal Descriptions – An Introduction, Illness as Messenger: Follow-up to Crystal Healing, A Discussion about Crystal Spheres or “Crystal Balls”, Crystals with Water in them or Enhydro Crystals, Other Triangle and Square Shapes on Crystals (Growth Interference and Record Keepers). Ask yourself, what parts of these exhibits look best to you and how could you So, as you can see, there are many different ways to display and enjoy your crystal friends. In the beaker, stir 1/2 cup of magnesium sulfate with 1/2 cup of very hot tap water for at least one minute. Consider color and 9. Label size is an issue, as large labels tend to The first things to do when you’re working with a crystal is … But the benefit is in the user’s mind: not the rock. Finally, we come to the top of my altar. a light at the top.) * internal cabinet lighting Crystals for the Office: Shungite and Pyrite Shungite is an important stone for the work desk or home office because of the natural antioxidants found in the stone’s fullerenes. your display should reflect this new level of understanding and appreciation. amount of light and shows off the back sides 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The stone of success, Citrine also aids in finding your true purpose in life. Your home will benefit from crystal display Your Favourite Crystals on Show. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body. If you’re a genuine crystal user, you should also store your crystals as preciously as the magic they do for you. #magick #crystals #gemstones #organizing. I'm collecting my favorite DIY ideas to store and display healing crystals, natural stones, crystal minerals and other beautiful things! Black Tourmaline. which may include locked cases, locked doors, and an alarm system. and taste is different, every collector must decide how best to display his contrast These crystals came to live in these spaces as they called to me, or were gifted to me by others and share the space with other special trinkets from trips taken or gifts received. CLICK HERE TO SUBCRIBE for blog updates, specials, sales & more via email newsletter, CLICK HERE TO VISIT ARKANSAS CRYSTAL WORKS store and more! Do you have them on tables, shelves, in divided containers (cosmetic)? choosing display cases that fit their budgets. The size and number of pieces you want to display will determine how you set 8. How Crystals Work Using Crystals How to Use Crystals Other Energy Modalities Work Chakra balancing and alignment Crystal practioner Crystal beginner Crystal Energy Light Work Crystal Healing Crystal Meditation Crystal Insight Crystal Intuition Crystals Arkansas Madagascar Brazil Mexico New Mexico Nevada California Mystic Merchant www.mysticmerchant.com mystic@mysticmerchant.com … Leaving a 2" space between cabinet-sized (3-4") specimens allows the viewer Not always an easy task, to be sure! The answer to what you want and need comes from within. specimen so it is showing its best display side and angle. Weed out your display MASCULINE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Masculine ? Don’t get caught up in searching for answers outside. Q: Is there any way to display heirloom crystal in a cool or modern way (my entire Irish family collects Waterford)?My attempts at display seem either channeling my doting grandmother or flashbacking to my mother’s seventies mirrored cabinet look. To the right of that is a Double Terminated Smoky Tibetan Tabby, good for grounding and communication, full of Rainbows for hope and optimism. display cases GENN’S NEW BOOK IS READY ! Click here to see all of our stands. I have shelves stacked on top of the roll top, most surfaces in my house are shelves stacked to maximize storage areas. At big mineral and gem shows, dealers often rent black cabinets with LED lighting Some of them have stones which my Granny picked up and they are still in the baggies in which she used to store them, with her handwriting still on the labels. Above is a picture of the shelf above the large Manifestation point. They form in places that are rich in minerals, usually molten rock. a different way. Learn from other There is also a small beanbag type pillow which you can nestle a larger crystal on if the base isn’t flat. Adding crystals to your at-home altar will give it a beautiful boost of earth … I’ll only share a few of the surfaces from there. dust “Crystals … In this display cabinet, is a light source that matches sunlight at noon, which is 5000 to 5400º Kelvin Diana Schlegel of Crystal to focus on and enjoy each specimen alone. to the extraordinary world of fine minerals. colors to fade. Your collecting rhodochrosite crystal gives all the pertinenet information. So, as you can see, there are many different ways to display and enjoy your crystal friends. Protect Your Home. include 3-peg stands, polished acrylic squares with mineral tack, and plate Or, if you have the time, skills and equipment, you could devote a portion of your display to some of these pieces. There are many ways to sort and arrange your specimens, and one goal is to make You guessed it: clear. can afford. Too much information, such as the chemical formula, antique china cabinets, gun cabinets, old curio cabinets, glass-topped shadow The perfect formation of crystals occurs when the […] The new LED strips, which come with adhesive backing, are an affordable These It is a Manifestation point, it has an amulet my dear friend Christa Reeves of UniversalGypsy made for me where I can always see and enjoy it. ), by mineral species, by mine, by geographic Your email address will not be published. 12. Do the same when visiting mineral shows and mineral museums. The boxes with all the small numbers on them are how the crystals which are posted to the webpage are stored until they are adopted. Crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite and one glass one I picked up in Mexico years and years ago. Well you're in luck, because here they come. will be a reflection of your collection's focus and of your specific interests. Required fields are marked *. Or, you may want to Just having them around helps you to connect with their Divine qualities through subtle energy… with bright, highly saturated, intense colors are naturally more pleasing than You can get into the more complex ways to work with them, but you don't have to! Citrine. One of my personal favourite ways of displaying crystals is on a large plate or tray where the crystals can be artfully arranged in an ornamental display, which also allows the … CRYSTAL MURAL WALLPAPER from MuralsWallpaper.com (Part 2), MY CRYSTAL MURAL WALLPAPER from MuralsWallpaper.com (Part 1), UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Sarasota, Florida October 29th, November 1st, CRYSTAL GRIDS: PERMANENT GRIDS VERSUS TEMPORARY. Jan 26, 2019 - How do you organize crystals and gemstones? Crystals form over many years, deep within the earth within the forces of solid matter. So most collectors have to compromise, Incorporate accurate hi! use these display tactics in your own collection? These include: They each vibrate with a consistent energy, and with harmonious Divine qualities, and a coherent crystalline frequency. A layer of liquid crystals (yellow) between two transparent plates (red) switches the display on and off when a voltage (blue) is applied. Going randomly around my office, there are crystals sitting, waiting to be photographed or included as an Ask Genn crystal, and the following pictures describe those. mine may no longer hold your interest, and you can decide to use the space in build your own cases. Some appreciate their scientific and geological significance, while others are drawn to their metaphysical qualities. Go through your collection and weed out the junk every so often. Both of these options are great for storing tumbled stones, small natural crystals and minerals, and gemstone chips. Learn how to organise and store your healing crystals and tumble stones when not in use. Avoid crowding This is why it is important to make a strong connection with your crystals, to become familiar with their look, their feel, their energy. These display cabinets in Mike Walters' showroom show off the specimens perfectly. Your email address will not be published. it up. Use color to lead your eye to the minerals, your display by chemical or Dana classification (e.g., natural elements, sulfates, room in your house to your display, rather than just having a case in the living 2. Study each piece to find the optimal viewpoint then arrange it on the It's easy to work with crystals. Elements to consider in choosing fine display specimens This creates a saturated solution, meaning no more salt can dissolve in the water. The label on this colorful Is it Necessary to Identify The Crystal Type? The process in which they are formed usually occurs when hot gases encounter cool surroundings and in turn deposit crystals. Any suggestions you may have will be helpful. There are 27876 display for crystals for sale on Etsy, and they cost $20.69 on average. * a locking door. 2700ºK and 3000ºK. Next time you visit a fellow collector's home, look at how they have displayed How do you display crystals? LEFT & RIGHT ACTIVATION WINDOWS – Time Links To The Past & Future, TRIGONIC RECORD KEEPER – Soul Retrieval, Transitions and Knowledge, TRANSMITTER – Double Up on Channeler Energies, Access Higher Wisdom, SOUL MATE or TWIN SOUL – Promote Loving Contact and Togetherness, SMOKY QUARTZ – For Grounding and Mood Elevating, TABBY and SHEET and SHARD, OH MY! I have seen that some people keep stones in a divided tool upright container (for workshop nuts and bolts and stuff), but this won’t work for me. that matches the surroundings * Warm fluorescent tubes are between 3000ºK Click here to see our listing for the label holders. Display cabinets for crystals can be a beautiful focal point in a living room. Bright colors catch the eye and make a high-impact visual impression. Many people believe crystals have healing powers that can influence positive change. in. Good lighting will make a good collection look great. So I guess, this is a crystal and gemstone hope chest/heirloom chest of sorts. Crystal points and clusters for adoption, more information about crystal, how to dig your own crystal, grids, etc - this link will open in a new tab, Does it Hurt Crystal When We Work With Negative Energy, Interview of Genn John by Sheryl Sitts of Exploring Possibilities, Record Keepers and the Storage of Information, CRYSTAL GRID IDEAS FOR REPRESENTATIVE GRIDS (3 of 3). Because I don't Crystals with Flat Shapes, SELF HEALED CRYSTALS – Healing with Persistence and Determination, RECORD KEEPER or RECORDER – Messages From the Past/Access Hidden Knowledge, PHANTOMS, CONTINUED: Gas Phantoms and Reverse Phantoms, PHANTOM CRYSTALS: Access Past Lives, Embody Patience, MANIFESTATION – Assistance with Attaining Desires, LINEATED FACES – To Reach Deeper Levels in Meditation, LINEATED SIDES – To Access Deeper Understanding, LASER WAND – For Extremely Precise Energy Direction, ISIS FACE CRYSTALS – Connect to Goddess Energy, INCLUSIONS – Minerals Trapped Within Quartz During Growth, KEYS and IMPRINTS – Unlock Answers & Adapt During Growth, GROWTH INTERFERENCE CRYSTALS – A Lesson in Adaptation, GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ CRYSTAL – For Use In Healing Applications, TAKING A BREATHER – A Reminder About Crystal Names & Descriptions, GENERATOR or MERLIN CRYSTAL – For Precise, Direct, Focused Energy, FEMININE, MASCULINE & YIN/YANG CRYSTALS – An Anatomy Lesson, FAIRY FROST & MIRROR FRACTURES – Connect with Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, FADEN CRYSTALS – For Astral Travel or Connecting, E.T. This way, they are close by and you can use them as you wish. Liquid Crystal Displays use an amazing array of technologies to display pictures and text. off its best side and most attractive features at the optimal angle. Finally, we come to the top of my altar. The minerals on display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History are organized The little rusty looking crystal on the left with the black ribbon tied around it was one which presented to me when I was burying my beloved Gitszy… It is a Dolphin crystal and as I was picking up crystals from around gardens and walkways to place on her grave, it told me it was to remind me of the playfulness and love between the two of us which will last beyond our physical bodies. Nearly all collectors are attracted to the extraordinarily beautiful colors and dramatic shapes in the mineral world. If you have a large collection, you will probably want to separate your Next is a picture of what is on the top of that wooden cabinet: It’s a lovely place for grids, the doilie was hand crocheted by my friend Darla and has a Channeling grid set-up on it right now. The plastic tubs above are the back-up boxes, and the crystals I choose from currently are in these small drawers, separated from Artemis to Yin/Yang. To the right of that are three clear quartz points, two Double Term Tibetan Merlin or Generators, and one Arkansas Manifestation crystal. region, by geological environment, or by country. with more brightly colored ones add visual interest and enhance the brightness angle. As beautiful and colorful display cases to exhibit it properly. Let’s demystify the idea of how crystals work and shift how we think about them! Learn how your comment data is processed. Create an informative stand so it displays that side. like to have my labels lying down where they can be damaged or misplaced, I If someone writes asking for something specific and one of “my” crystals steps up for the task, I must bid it a fond farewell. You can look and look and there is always yet another surprise around every corner. and widely available, come in warm white (around 3000ºK), pure white or natural The Pink one is a rose quartz scarab from my dear friend, Carol; it has spent time with the crystal skull, Synergy. at about a 70º angle. several types of stand, depending on the size and shape of the specimen. Whatever the reason, it is inherent that collectors want to exhibit their collection in their homes to share with family and friends. minerals. Crystals can both purify and cleanse the water and … Just relax, sit down, close your eyes and chillax a minute setting your intention with the crystal as you hold it in your hand. I have been guilty of squeezing or her collection. The little bag on top is a mojo pouch I made, full of secret goodies. Do you have a favorite way to display your crystal friends? Hey tribe! Crystal children unite! The viewpoint above shows off this afghanite specimen to best advantage, compared with the viewpoint below. Add crystals to your altar. to show their minerals to their best possible advantage. Add a couple drops of food coloring if you want your crystals to be colored. Provide good lighting Clearing a Crystal for Re-Programming; Why, When and How to Clear, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 6 of 6: Bringing It Home, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 5 of 6: How To Find It, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 4 of 6: What To Bring, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 3 of 6: When To Go, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 2 of 6: General Description, DIGGING QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN ARKANSAS 1 of 6: “Mining” vs “Digging”, A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT PROGRAMMING CRYSTALS (Part 2 of 2) How to do it and When, A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT PROGRAMMING CRYSTALS (Part 1 of 2) What is it and Why to do it, LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTALS – Crystals “Seeded” by Past Civilizations, ARTEMIS or CANDLE Crystal – Speed Energy To Its Goal. The smaller points never seem to mind lending a helping “hand”. you will want to remove the pieces that are below your new standards, and showcase advantage. I specialize in only 100% natural\uncut\unpolished stones or crystals. The clean, dry room above makes a far more suitable area for a mineral display than the dark, dingy basement below. Below are some beautiful, large Arkansas crystals waiting to be photographed: The next photo is a large box of smaller points, again, waiting to be sent to new homes: Still more clusters and large points waiting patiently: Following is the storage system I have had for the page 20 years, sorted into boxes based on type of metaphysical characteristic, or other sorting criteria. but not so small that the information is tiny and hard to read. Mineral collectors collect crystals and minerals because they like them. Healing crystals, usually rose quartz or another mineral, may work for some people. Also, a group of three medium-sized crystal points will be similar in energy to a large standing crystal point for example. Stands are an elegant, attractive way to display your mineral specimens to best The first and most important lesson you’ll learn from your work with crystals, is to trust yourself. Or, that suite of minerals you have on display from a certain Herkimer diamond quartz cluster sits nicely on this small 2" 3-peg stand. up off the shelf so they look like they are floating, and the stand seems to LIGHTWORKERS, CRYSTALS AND THESE TROUBLED TIMES. by Dana classification. Select attractive If you're already skeptical about the alleged power of quartz crystal, there are a few things you may want to consider, for example, how many of you have a laptop, computer monitor or mobile phone which uses an LCD display? Classics removes a specimen from her display. like these can cost upwards of $5,000. On tabletops, in corners, by themselves or nestled joyfully in bowls and baskets all over their house and it is a crystal HEAVEN! That way you can call them up in your minds eye and connect with them from a distance at any time at all, near or far. RAINBOWS IN CRYSTALS – IS THERE A “SPIRIT KEEPER”? and 3500ºK. This is especially important when showing your specimens to those * an attractive, non-obtrusive exterior This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I don't recommend this! There is also a small selenite wand there and a piece of rose quartz from my friend Patti. I have been working with some crystals one at a time.. and I started to have many accumulated specimens which I store on display in shaded areas of my home. I love having them all out to enjoy, but I really don’t have the surface space to enjoy all of them. Hoping not to have to buy a bigger home for all of my friends! more space around them; smaller ones a little less. I'm so excited to share this video with you! 10. The most common display for crystals material is glass. If you have a large collection, you may need multiple Crystals work simultaneously on many different planes of awareness. Done, done and done. To admire or work with your crystals throughout the day, place 1-3 tumbled stones in your pocket or in a secure part of your purse. 5. Question and Answer: Working With Crystals Using Positive Intent Without Permission? white, black, or gray minerals. To bring us back to giving you ideas of how to display and enjoy, you will see that under the large Twin crystal in the center, there is a smaller rock. disappear. Drinking Water. Gem Genius. best specimens from your reference specimens, geological samples, personally Whatever works for you. This 4.8" turquoise blue the display educational as well as attractive. How is the Energy from Generator Crystals Different? Displaying your collection in a dark, unlit cabinet is little better than keeping * LED lighting strips, which are now inexpensive for $65, IKEA's "Detolf" cabinet has 4 glass sides, 4 internal shelves, and room. I don’t like them in any drawers or tucked away. 1888: Friedrich Reinitzer, an Austrian plant scientist, discovers liquid crystals while studying a chemical called cholesteryl benzoate. like to put my labels in acrylic label holders. It specifically … Most love the fact that they are natural objects that have been dug from the earth. If a crystal displeases or is too powerful for you, storing it safely can keep its powers intact as well. will help you make your display as good as it can be. Here are the color temperatures of some typical light sources: The possibilities are endless. The crystal above is directly in front of me at about head level (I have a roll top desk which I use in my office). The most popular color? Last week I asked you for your questions, and this was one of the really good ones. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about display for crystals? How you display your collection the new ones. Kelly Mine botryoidal smithsonite speicmen is one of my favorites. Let's decorate with our magic crystals! include interesting composition, good crystal form, vivid colors, bright luster, Drawers, bedside tables, pockets, bras, window sills, garden paths, tree trunks… These are all places where crystals live at my house. Most of the drawers have non-crystal gemstone family members, mostly gifts from customers and friends over the years. YIN/YANG QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Yin/Yang ? See how they work! what they are looking at. I have been told that they don’t mind being in drawers at all (as long as you don’t forget they are there). your minerals. Your finest pieces - often the most aesthetic pieces These are crystals which I work with (and which work with me) daily. Stackable plastic trays are also a great way to keep your collection organized and on display or tucked neatly into a drawer until you’re ready to work with your stones. Tips, tricks and inspiration. their collection. who aren't collectors and don't "get it." Crystals are earth tools and require your cooperation “If you think you’re going to get a crystal and the crystal is going to change your life, you’re going to be really disappointed,” Heather says. Choose a suitable location 6. will have several important features. Crystals can do more than simply jazz up your bookcase or coffee table. A good feng shui use of the black tourmaline, obsidian, and hematite is by the … Most importantly, they allow you to set up each specimen to show TROUBLED TIMES, LIGHTWORKERS and CRYSTALS – revisit, QUESTION: Revisiting Lemurian Seed Crystals, REMINDER – COME SEE GENN IN FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSAS April 13-16, 2018, Channeler or Channeling Quartz Crystal – Revisit, Cathedral or Lightbrary Quartz Crystal – Revisit, Bridge or Inner Child Quartz Crystal – Revisit, QUARTZ CRYSTAL WORKSHOP April 13-16, 2018 Fayetteville, AR, CRYSTALS WHICH ARE BROKEN IN OUR CARE: what it means. There is no single answer. box tables, barrister's bookcases, glass display cases from a store (often with Clear acrylic display stands are a great way to raise your specimens Use unobtrusive stands * doors that seal tightly to keep out Venus said with a slight giggle that they have lived for a VERY long time in the earth, a few years, even up to a human lifetime, is but a blink on their timeline. Feel free to comment below and share with the rest of us where your crystal friends live! See more ideas about crystals and gemstones, crystals, crystal collection. Use unobtrusive stands. showcase a suite of minerals from a single mine. I strongly recommend using lights that are as close to natural sunlight as you Water is a living liquid vibration. (For example, Ideally, a display cabinet I am looking for information on how to seal fragile crystals. Cabinets have the obvious advantage of allowing your crystals to be visible, although this may make your collection more susceptible to other people’s negative energy. FEMININE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Feminine ? Specimens should be kept out of direct sunlight, which can cause HELP! without opening the cabinet people react with exclamations of "Wow!" The crystal may work better in a smaller room or area. My friends Karen and Ken (mentioned earlier) have crystals, both large and small, sitting everywhere! There is also garnet in matrix and many other goodies, both found and gifted. to include in a good display. <> TIP: As a substitute, you could use a bowl or dish of smaller crystals to create more mass. overcrowded. collected specimens, etc. collections A 1.9" water clear gem display labels Moving from the office, the next room really filled with crystal is my bedroom. PHOTO TOUR – 111 Little Bear Trail – HOME FOR SALE in Hot Springs National Park. 11. Around 2.5" x 1.5" is small enough so it is not overpowering, * mirror backing, because it doubles the Light colored specimens alternated Because each person's budget Here are a couple of those shelves: As you can see, the large Manifestation point is there in the bottom right corner of the picture above. way to retrofit old cabinets with state of the art lighting. It's best to stick to a dry, well-ventilated area because moisture can ruin So for some display possibilities, you might consider small bowls, boxes, linens, fabric baggies and pouches. You can place the crystals on your desk when you get to work or school, for instance, or even place them on displays and shelves. She reminds me that this can be done mentally if you can’t get to the crystal (say, if it is in storage deep in a box where you can’t reach it).

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