Low output impedance means it can drive anything one cares to plug in. Many amps and processors I’ve listened to make the strings sound like mush and all the instruments seem as if they’re at the same distance from the listener. That limits your speaker choice tremendously! Coincidentally enough this exact information is located on the backside of the chassis but on opposite ends of the device, adjacent to the phono stage. But this incredibly capable box offers tremendous performance for only $549. … For 45 years, NAD Electronics has introduced aspiring audiophiles to the vast world of hi-fi. As an avid movie lover, Chris was unable to turn away the 50-inch Samsung DLP TV that arrived at his door one day, thus launching him irrevocably into an obsession with home theater. From classical to rock, the C 328 can do it all. While Dave Grohl was screaming away, I went to the rack and touched the C 328’s case near the speaker terminals. They take me back to a time before surround sound and format wars and high-res and standards that change more often than Kim Kardashian’s clothes. But the musicality and emotion were fully there. The D 3020's IHF ratings are 65Wpc into 8 ohms, … We’ve had C338 for a year, which has the identical preamp and amp within. A step-less volume knob adorns the right side and a quarter-inch headphone jack is included too. For those who just want a solid and reliable two-channel system for a surprisingly small sum, the NAD C 328 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier has few equals. It’s ripped in Apple Lossless format so the original material is of the same quality. To pair a Bluetooth source, attach the included antenna, turn the C 328 on and watch it appear in your phone, tablet, or computer’s list of discovered devices. NADs are also comfortable into low impedances. Digital sources can be connected to any of two coax or two optical inputs. When I was shopping for an integrated amp a short while back I narrowed it down to NAD C328 vs NAD D3020 V2. The NAD C 328 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier has no flaws that I can determine. That single component introduced me to quality audio and I’ve never forgotten that experience. Dissatisfied with the image quality of his new acquisition, Chris trained with the Imaging Science Foundation in 2006 and became a professional display calibrator. In his spare time he enjoys riding his recumbent trike at least 100 miles per week, trying out new restaurants, going to theme parks and spending as much time as possible watching movies and listening to music. Perhaps I’m a bit spoiled by the heavy metal wonders that come with Masters Series components. But that would be too easy and not enough fun. A third set of RCA jacks feeds the moving-magnet phono stage. Some listeners may prefer to leave it off when using full-range speakers like mine, but I’m a bit of a bass-head. Currently I own the C326BEE and recently I developed the upgrade bug again (very hard to cure). Vol.11 – November 2020, A Collection of New Vinyl for the Audiophile: November 2020, What We Are Watching Vol. Available colors: User rating He retired from the Army in 2013 and is now writing full time and performing as a freelance musician in Central Florida. My favorite audio reviews are of simple components like these. Yeah, it’s not fancy but it works. If I went with a NAD… There isn’t much more to say here so on to the listening. Hi I purchased a NAD C328 to replace a Denon X1300W, but I’m having second thoughts.. I’ve been planning to upgrade to a pair of B&W floorstanders further down the path which most likely means swapping out the C328 … From our flagship Masters Series, to our budget-friendly Classic Series, NAD has a component for everyone. Dandy Hydraulic LP Cleaning Apparatus MKII, PreSonus Eris E3.5 Powered Speakers Review, Advanced DAC with dual-differential design, Four digital inputs, two RCA inputs, and MM phono input, Simple and slim design integrates easily into a room, Handles difficult speaker loads with ease. Maintaining specified distortion at 4/8Ω and at 20-20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. In today’s age of huge feature lists and barrage of technology, it’s components like the C 328 that remind us why we got into this hobby in the first place. Rather than burden its products with dozens of features, and their accompanying logos on the front panel, the focus is on achieving high-end audio quality at mid-fi prices. It’s been stellar! 7.32 in. It supports today’s digital sources with an advanced dual-differential DAC section and accommodates analog boxes too with two RCA stereo inputs plus a moving-magnet phono section. It won’t make bad recordings sound good. Of course, I preferred the CD but only by a small margin. It uses eight active discrete devices that almost completely eliminate distortion and crossover artifacts. The Onkyo has four line-level analog inputs, the NAD three. The output stage is a custom version of the tried-and-true Hypex UcD Class D design. This collection of obscure concertos is delightful and his sound and approach to the music is amazing. Our magazine, which began with the publication of the SECRETS Primer, is available exclusively on-line and offers to our readers an extensive information resource about home theater and high-end audio. Great looking unit if you like NAD style. Engaging this button boosts bass about 6–7dB at 80Hz, … … By no means do I imply that NAD is a bargain brand. The Onkyo A-9010 offers bass, treble, and balance controls; the C 328 … I began with a very familiar recording of Brahms Symphony No. A ground terminal is included for turntable users and control can be accomplished through an RS-232 port. That’s what I love about these CDs, they’re unfailingly honest. The remote? With its sleek profile and outrageously high performance, C328 brings this new echelon of NAD technology to its lowest price point. 1. This is great for users who want to run their display’s sound through their two-channel system rather than its built-in speakers. The volume controller is very precise and modulates amplitude in .5dB increments. I was pleased to hear that no level adjustment was necessary if I had my iPhone’s output volume maxed. No go with Yamaguchi. It does have two RCA analog ins, Bluetooth, MM Phono, 2 OPTs, 2 Coax and subwoofer out. Rather than adding a laundry list of features, the C 328 is simply a logical update to its venerable predecessor, the C 326BEE. While browsing the recommended components I was surprised to find that the D3020 is exceptional value (denoted by $$$ sign) but even more so, that it is borderline class B. NAD … Thunemann was right at the front of the stage, never in danger of being drowned out by the orchestra. With the C 328 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier, NAD continues its long-standing tradition of providing the best possible sound at the lowest possible price. I can’t brag up enough that NAD integrateds, including C328, are conspicuously over achievers in their power amp sections in particular. Moving on to more popular forms, I dropped Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light into the player. © 2020 Audio Emporium. I could make this entry very short and just say, C328 … Functions well simple operation, built in DAC and Bluetooth. That confirms to me that this amp is completely neutral in tone. At lower volume they sound very much the same to me, maybe a little quieter background on the C388. NAD has always been about quality over quantity. C328 has the same feature set as C338 EXCEPT that it doesn’t have Wi-Fi/Chromecast. From our flagship Masters Series, to our budget-friendly Classic Series, NAD … Since many of you will use C328 with small shelf speakers I want to brag up its BASS EQ circuit. On the outside, the C 328’s simple appearance belies the high-end tech going on within. This is one of my favorite rock recordings not only for the music but for its audio quality. Offering an excellent quality 24/192 DAC with 8 channels mixed to 2 for improved resolution, the D 3020 … The power stage employs an active power supply. NAD D 3020 review (Part 1 – vs. NAD 3020i) by John Darko January 8, 2014, 08:57. But no component will be able to make this CD sound any better than a MIDI file. It runs so cool that ventilation is unnecessary. It required all of 10 minutes to install and played whatever I threw at it with a deft and practiced hand. For my review, I used an OPPO BDP-93 as a digital transport through one of the coax inputs. I could hear the creak of chairs, musicians’ breathing, and the rustling of sheet music. I always keep a pair of Usher S-520 loudspeakers to hand, pressing them into service every few … In fact, there’s an argument to say this version of the D 3020 is harking back to the past. NAD DAC INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER REVIEW SPECIFICATIONS, © Copyright 2020 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity /, Show Reports, Film Festivals and Concerts, Marantz SACD 30N Network SACD Player Review, MartinLogan Balanced Force 212 Subwoofer Review, Starke Sound A8.350 Multichannel Power Amplifier Review, STAX SR-007A Electrostatic Headphone Review, What We Are Watching Vol. BluetoothClass D AmplifierDACFeaturedHybrid DigitalIntegrated AmplifierIntegrated Amplifier Reviews 2018NADNAD C 328 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier. Just upgraded to a C388. CAUTION! NAD C328 $600 50×2 Stereo Integrated Amp (2 3/16h, 17 1/8w, 11 1/4d) C328 is NAD’s most recent introduction in its Hybrid Digital line. Let’s take a look. As grounding through any power cord alone is not achieved, this unit requires a grounded AC receptacle or separate earth ground. While the broader market focuses on features and new technologies like Dolby Atmos and Ultra HD, NAD remains a strong advocate of quality over quantity. Chris' passion for audio began when he took up playing the bassoon at age 12. What if the speakers you like best ARE four ohms? It features the same glossy curvature and similarly chunky dial, yet somehow still it succeeds in making its predecessor seem dated. The C 328 did a good job of rendering detail, what there was of it. I took this opportunity to make an A/B comparison of CD versus Bluetooth by queueing up the same selection on my phone. The DAC is an eight-channel design which is summed into a dual-differential configuration. I went through several products before finally discovering this. NAD takes can-fans seriously with a separate headphone amp section boasting less than .005% distortion at 1V output. With NAD, you buy the speakers you like without worrying about their impedance. This is far more stable and controllable than a traditional linear power supply. With its sleek profile and outrageously high performance, C328 brings this new echelon of NAD technology to its lowest price point. JioExchangePhonesList (Make Model) All the dynamic range in the recording (and there isn’t much) was present as was its full detail. The C328 is a stereo integrated amplifier … Next up was Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe, Suite No. Directly below the aforementioned junction of power cord and chassis is the mains power … Maintaining specified distortion at 4/8Ω and at 20-20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. A subwoofer output insures a well-supported low end, and there’s even a bass eq switch that boosts output around the 80Hz crossover point. The C 328 is pretty much a clean-sheet design that adds moving-magnet phono support and an eight-channel DAC with a dual-differential design that ensures the near-elimination of noise and distortion. JioExchangePhonesList (Make Model) - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. The D 3020 was among the first of what I've come to call DAC-lifiers: … When unpacking the C 328, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the 3020 integrated amp I owned back in the mid-eighties. This is the CD to play when you want to demonstrate what compression sounds like. The other guys have high current and low current modes. Take a look at competitors and you’ll see them hedging their stability right on the back panel of their amplifiers! Dynamic range is exactly zero. The C 328 on the other hand, had little trouble placing the violins and cellos at the front, the woodwinds mid-stage, and the brass at the back. Are Expensive outboard DACs a waste of money? His ultimate theater desires were realized when he completed construction of a dedicated cinema/listening room in his home. It boosts frequencies around 80Hz by 8dB with a smooth roll-off. I loved hearing the clear separation of instruments with the lead guitar placed firmly in the left channel. The detachable power cord is grounded as well and you can turn the power off completely with a toggle switch. No problem. Literally the only two things that affect sound are the volume knob and the bass eq. In the original 3020’s day a phono stage was vital, today its descendant proves its forward-looking credentials by not only including the now fashionable internal DAC but an aptX-capable Bluetooth connection too. The I connected a pair of Axiom LFR1100 tower speakers. Chris enjoys bringing his observations and discoveries about every kind of home theater product to as many curious and well-informed readers as possible. 2.28 in. The benefit of NAD… Those of you familiar with them will now be saying, “but they require two channels of amplification each.” Since the front and rear driver arrays are electronically separated, one can simply cable the front array and run them like a pair of M100s, which is exactly what I did.

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