The best way to view the relationship between Am and Ao is to see Am as a function of Ao, together with many other variables. Simulation modeling also allows the program to test various alternative support strategies and, once developed, can continue to be updated and used throughout the system life cycle to provide estimates of Am as fielding plans, operational environments and deployment requirements change. Ultimately, availability is uptime divided by total time. It includes logistics time, ready time, and waiting or administrative downtime, and both preventive and corrective maintenance downtime. This can be expressed mathematically as (the number of operational end items divided by the total population). During this correct operation, no repair is required or performed, and the system adequately follows the defined performance specifications. The JCIDS Manual further identifies "Reliability" as a mandatory Key System Attribute (KSA). [1] Reliability is critical because it contributes to a system’s war fighting effectiveness as well as its …Continue Reading→ Reliability is the probability that a system performs correctly during a specific time duration. DAU Contains 9 Questions Page 1 of 2 (Attempt=1/3) Module 6 Exam 1) Decreased operational availability (Ao), increased costs, and bloated Determining the optimum value for Operational Availability requires a comprehensive analysis of the system and its planned use as identified The DAU Glossary, also referred to as the Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms, reflects most acronyms, abbreviations, and terms commonly used in the systems acquisition process within the Department of Defense (DoD) and defense industries. Operational Availability is a Key Performance Parameter (KPP) that the weapon system is suitable for production and sustainable through its life cycle. Materiel Availability has been defined in OSD and JCS documentation in a way that makes it clear how it differs from Ao; i.e., it must apply to the entire fielded inventory of systems, over the entire life-cycle of the system and incorporate all categories of downtime. The Materiel Availability is not interchangeable with the Operational Availability metric that is a KPP requirement for many DoD systems. DoD Guide for Achieving Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (8/3/2005) The primary objective of DoD acquisition is to acquire quality products that satisfy user needs with measurable improvements to mission capability and operational support in a timely manner, and at a fair and reasonable price. Aircraft Availability is a key indicator to monitor aircraft performance, as a complement to Operational Reliability, and can be employed to optimize the profitability of an airline. Achieved Availability: A system with respect to operating time and both corrective and preventive maintenance. It supports the Reliability KSA, which in turn supports the Availability KPP. Objectives: Explain how a product's R&M characteristics will affect the measures of logistics support and ultimately the cost of support. 2. Similarly, system design will determine how much corrective maintenance is required (determined by the inherent Reliability of the system) and how long it will take. As a result, there are a number of different classifications of availability, including: 1. – The KPP and supporting KSAs ensure early sustainment planning, enabling the requirements and acquisition communities to provide a capability solution with optimal availability and reliability to the warfighter at an affordable life cycle cost. Given that the definition of Materiel Availability mandates that it consider the entire fielded population of systems, the entire system life cycle, and all categories of downtime it is not possible to obtain a comprehensive estimate of Am from system testing during the Engineering and Manufacturing Development or Production and Deployment phases of system development.

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