10 of 15 people found the following review helpful. I am in my fourth semester of my Associates Degree in Accounting. I took this course and it was a mistake! After two semesters, I ceased the program because the requirements in my state changed and there was no benefit to completing the course. I am a Mom and work full time, there is no way I could take the time to get to classes at a school. As bad as i wanted to finish...but its my 8th month only That was July 2012. Their universal stop/start software is only a student version which cannot be used in real working enviroments which to upgrade was over 100.00. Hiring managers told me they considered my pharmacy technician education to be INCOMPLETE because my school provided no hands on training! When I enrolled into Penn Foster one of the first things I asked was, will I be able to use this degree to get into collage? I finally found an animal shelter that is open every day from 9am-6pm which is perfect! I'm still trying to find a Computer Repair Course with Certificate. Think before you click and enroll, but not because Penn Foster is a bad school, or a scam, or a money-hungry institution or any of these other far-fetched negative titles that it has unjustly received. I actually graduated with my HSD in June 2009 and I went ahead to get a academic scholarship at Middle Georgia College … These people are thieves. Of course, life gets in the way sometimes and I didn't keep on the timeline they set up, but I did complete the course within the allotted time. They said that in order for a person to qualify the IRS needs copies of the persons educational background. I LOVED going to penn foster. My granddaughter graduated from the High School Program in 2015. But anyone can cheat on any online program, even k12, another my children have been on. The webinars can be really good, very informative. I then asked for another grader to grade the paper. The online classes are improving all the time. First off they are not regionally accredited so if you want to transfer Penn Foster College (PFC) credits to a real college/university you can not. 13 of 17 people found the following review helpful. I hear about Margi and how rude she was, I have never met her, but there is a new director of the program named JIm Hurrel, he is very nice and informative and he actually cares to teach. The books were shipped to me when I was locked out of the program which are of no use. the professor was uncaring to my solution and i had to start over...i was already on an extension due to this same problem because the person i enrolled with over the phone failed to explain the discussion board requirements and i tried to prevent the problem again by logging on my phone, they should not allow access on the phone if there system doesn't recognize it...horrible school do not go here! This is a fully accredit school! After 2 months of looking for and testing for jobs, I finally spoke to a company who told me that basically, that I will have a VERY hard time finding a job with this education... And she was right! Online classes are not for everyone, everyone learns differently, some need more assistance than other and some are just plain lazy. As far as the studies, you are 100% on your own, there is no teacher to call for help or online tools. 24 of 25 people found the following review helpful. They claim this is a self paced program BUT you are at their mercy when it comes to receiving your materials. Which I had never taken and I had to call them to get it straightened out. although I only had to complete 5 courses it was still hard I was supposed to graduate in 2008 and its 2015 I haven't seen most of the work since then. The work is hard, you won't be handed your degree, you will have to earn it, which is what college is all about. Also there is indeed no help from school finding a place, there is wheree you have to have gumtion to get out there and apply yourself as a professional, and hit the pavement. Also, I gotta say, the tests they have set up are RIDICULOUS! maxim: so i need to pay $314 to get my transcript They exist, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. maxim: i need the official transcript Then the Biology was stupid , it was human not animal. If you have no money, no time, a full-time job, give this program a try. I also a student of another university and the work is quite similar; in fact, i find Pennfoster quite more difficult and challenging. Improved community (they will be changing it again fall 2012). If you're not working as a tech or assistant, try to do some shadowing. I've had to wait for my books to be shipped. I learned more on the job experience than I have here. -Happy future executive, 36 of 38 people found the following review helpful. Do your research! 43 of 50 people found the following review helpful. My honest review is that I never had a major problém That was 6 months ago. !I am so happy about it since it took me every bit of 3 years plus had to do 3 test retakes which costed $25 per course....nearlyv fainted when i saw how much money i had to pay to the school.I make waitress salary of $2.13 plus tips,i mean this school costs a lot......waiters need education too so i can progress to a better career but waitressing always comes in handy when customers actually show love for good service......I do pretty well,however doesn't. Received an accounting certificate in 2001. Also, If you plan to continue your education like I do, plan carefully. I am four weeks away from completing my course and don't feel like I will be prepared for a career in this field AT ALL. To the entire Penn Foster Team thank you without you I would not have made it. I graduated High School a few years early by doing Penn Foster, it was fun, we had projects and hand on activity's. Hope this helps someone. All you need to do is pass all your unit exams to move on to the next course. A 55-year-old woman who dropped out 2 months into the 12th grade in 1974, 31 of 33 people found the following review helpful. Upon getting to a difficult lesson and needing some assistance, I contacted the Student Services department to get in touch with a professor. I was am English teacher and then a journalist in the Middle East for ten years. I learned more with my children in our home classroom than I ever did through high school and 2 years of college. 13 of 27 people found the following review helpful, I would not recommend this program. Hi, I just wanted to get a bit more updated review about penn foster. Cancelling your program is equally well situated-as I enrolled in and ended up cancelling the Medical Billing and Coding Program before. 4 of 8 people found the following review helpful. SURPRISE! You have to do what you have to be successful. I like the support they give me and they let me change my program initially too with no problem. I paid it in full 40 days ago and I'm still waiting for my refund of overpayment. I have been in this program for 4 months now. Right now im already a full time Vet Tech at a local clinic and im just trying to finish my college education. It is now October 2012 and I plan on returning for Pharmacy Tech course. penn foster college is a great place to study....be prepared to study and work hard,its not a walk in the park...past your exams and earn your degree and you all will not have write any bad review about any school..if you are not serious about educating your self...you will be writing reviews about every school you attend. I have been writing notes which consists of pretty much the whole of the texts to take the test otherwise you have to wait at least a month before you can take the tests again. The biggest drawback was that the books were out of date. When I called asking for them to send my books again like the nicer lady did for me. 15 of 28 people found the following review helpful. With the school.when i first started i was excited and The fact that the externship does not go along with the written portion to gel the learning experience together is a big problem with clinics that have to "train" you as they state it taking time from their busy day. Throughout the span of 4 hours, in the morning I might add, I called about once or twice per hour. When I started the class I later learn the books and material were already out dated. I did not rate anything, just left it as is. Going through your nearest highschool is MUCH easier and less expensive! They kept the books coming and ensured that I would not run out of things to do.I rated the teachers low due to the fact I had very little contact with them. The ambassador program has given me even more reasons to be proud of my school. I have done the Travel Agent, Gourmet Cooking and Catering, and Pharmacy Assistant programs from the school and although I do agree with the other reviews that things can be a bit outdated, I found the materials to be informative. 5 of 8 people found the following review helpful. I am hopeful that with the acquisition by the Princeton Review that Penn Foster may be able to implement a instructor monitored discussion board where students in the same program can communicate. Penn Foster gave me educational and hands on training to prepare me for the design industry. I am in middle management for a well known company and in order to move up the corporate ladder, I must have a bachelors degree. He found Penn Foster and I agreed to let him use their services. My son did great on his college placement exams, better then most of the local colleges students did. She met this guy in hospital billing department at her job and asked him about how to get into Medical Billing because I was interested. If you wanted, you could finish this degree in minimal time. We also have a amazing student ambassador program (I am one of the 2015 ambassador and was a 2014 ambassador as well!) It is easier for peopel already in the field lookign to complete the degree for state requirements. While the cost of this program is good, the quality of education and instructors is extremely poor. I wanted two switch majors and made a call to them two months ago, in those two months I followed every thing I was advised to do to the T, then I make a call to get the ball rolling only to find out almost everything he advised me was incorrect to the point where I am out $772. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. AVOID!!!! I think that it would be more effective than using Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. The study materials are intense and compact and requires a lot of discipline to get good grades. I am also about to deploy for possibly 6 months, and told her that I needed to get this practium done before I deployed, and agian she didn't care. Do not use Penn Foster for high school education. Is a hassle to deal with them, 5 of 6 people found the following review helpful. First of all, their accreditation is posted plainly on their website. Working with the VA(veteran affairs) is very difficult. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful. These other reviewers that say the High School program is not regionally accredited must be stupid. Which I think is a good thing. Also. They gave me a new number and when I tried to login, it said I owed them ANOTHER $1400. All is owe is $264... they said pay that off and you can enroll in anything and pay full tuition. Furthermore, while is was not in the distant past, the Veterinary Technician program is now one of the only few online program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - they are fully accredited and was initially accredited in 2006. The next grader used the same already graded paper, and did nothing but agree with the first grader. I had been looking at local schools and it was outrageous what the cost was for a simple certificate program. Their texts are well written and accurate. The only good things I have experienced with PF is a couple of the instructors have recognized my exceptional grades. 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful. In my minds defense I thought- the program was inexpensive and as long as I was learning that is what mattered most- right?!?! Challenging and cost/effective. Be diciplined stay off of facebook ect..READ YOUR BOOKS ! Yet I am an office manager of a clinic and will be glad to assist future students. The materials are pretty simple - definitely some worth while information, but more or less something you'd pick up after you got your certificate to further help you understand dogs and cats as a species, you know? I called customer service to ask a few questions and verify. 125 of 133 people found the following review helpful. I just wish the school offer the Business Management at the Master's Level. I sincerely hope this company , school, whatever they consider themselves, learns how to properly conduct business and not harass potential students/customers. Do not take it if you do not want to work hard. I'm not saying that its not good to know, but you sign up to get classes for medical billing and coding!!! If you are already in the program, I recommend cutting your losses and get an education at an established college or university in your community. I called 2 weeks later because I hadn't gotten it yet, and the person I spoke with said that they couldn't mail it out until I had made a payment (why was I not informed of this 2 weeks ago) So I made the payment and had the request for a transcript re-submitted. 25 of 39 people found the following review helpful. In the Vet Tech program, the Externship is mandatory or else you will not graduate. Who uses that, the UPS guy? The English head never once answered my questions. The "student service" number is useless and rude, incompentent individuals work the phone lines and the school's director, she was the the rudest person I have dealt with! I graduated Penn Foster (then ICS) in 1996 before the advent of the internet and even then support and instruction was excellent. Penn Foster's associate degrees are only accredited in the State of Arizona by the way. When I first signed up i signed up for the veterinary certificate instead of the degree program so i called and it cost me $200 to switch over. 63 of 73 people found the following review helpful. They kind of leave you on your own-to fend for yourselt. So if you're a parent and are thinking of putting your child in this program, don't do it. Unless you want your phone blown up, and your mailbox stuffed with letters, even after sending a montly payment, then DO NOT ATTEND. The thing I love the most is, they REDUCE your tuition for students that graduate with an A average! I felt the program was , for me, a complete waste of time and money. My teachers have always been there for support and walk me through any issues I may have. Then I after I do a project I have to write to the instructor to get my grade. I have been wanting to write about pennfoster's online vet program since I left! Was able to obtain a position in an accounting department as the accounts payable associate I. Some facilities that host these classes are local High Schools, Libraries and churches. Yes, they are accredited in some ways, but not in the ways for getting a state license to work. Give them a try I do not think you will be disappointed and the cost is reasonable. I enrolled into this program originally 15yrs ago. All of them are dealing with issues. I spent 3/4 of my time on english, law courses (2 of them), computer courses, and had to write research papers on every single class. I am extremely pleased with everything so far. Everyone at this school is VERY unprofessional, rude, and a bunch of CROOKS. Penn Foster was my only real option, as many brick and mortar schools do not offer night classes. I finished my 4 years in my native country but right after I finished I moved back to the states. Nobody's hiring me when I hand them my "Penn Foster" Certificate! 40 of 46 people found the following review helpful. If you have the courage to start something- do it right. But on the other end, it is great because they are accredited. Please do yourself a favor - RUN - do your research - and call your local community college! The tests are not easy by any means. Several colleges I would like to attend accept this diploma. I am currently a HighSchool Student with Early College Courses and i love the program. When I first enrolled I really enjoyed the program but shortly after I realized how hard it was to keep up. Stating that courses completed and graduation. It's very simple, you fail the lessons if you don't study, period. I'm working hard to complete this degree so that i can proceed with this new career. The Civl Engineering course, is very well informative and current. This course did give me the confidence to start a company. I've been middle class my whole life and am sick of being taken advantage of by programs such as this and being denied loans for college due to my financial status. Just log on, you don't even need to start a topic or reply. Many Penn Foster programs are approved for veteran’s education benefits. I must admit that I was working slower than I should because of pain in my hands. 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful. I'm now enrolled in the bachelors business management degree. As well as how you have to wait for courses to ship out in order for lessons online to unlock. In order to get your diploma you have to take a total of 100 exams. He did well throughout school, until mid high school. While their VTNE pass rates are good, the only reason for this is the ones who actually finish the program are likely to take the VTNE seriously and pass it. if you really want to learn go to your local Boces . Your life, your future. I have a B.A. Harassing phone calls day and night from a COLLECTIONS agency. I had a great background in medicine from my father, who was a US Navy corpsman before taking this course and I was surprised at how much I learned! All were regionally accredited except for the computer and penn foster. You can either study your lesson via internet or using your study book. On the other side though, the books were very informative and I did learn quite a bit. It’s supposed to bet work at your own pace, totally false advertising. Both the Senior Instructor of Business Studies and his boss, a Chairman, accused me of plagiarizing in Intermediate Accounting I. That is not learning! Also during the 2nd and 4th semester there is a practicum where you're actually in an approved vet clinic practicing everything you have learned hands on. 2. It is probably because they didn't do their homework first and asked the school's Admissions office if they recognize diplomas/ credits from this school before enrolling. They provide the basic needs to get your degree and certification. However, nine months later I was told to pay a extension of seventy five dollars to continue the program. Still though it would be nice if the instructors had late evening and Sat. If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster! I'm at the end of semester 3 and I'm going to finish. On top of all that, its self paced. Payments are easy, straight-forward, and fair. Materials: Teachers: Institution: ... this is an incredible veterinary assistant program through Penn Foster … I had to have an official transcript to the college. I am in the end of my second semester of the vet tech program with Penn Foster and would never recommend this school to anyone trying to obtain a degree in this field. Within 24 hours,that meant alot to me at the time because Looking into getting in the Medical Coding & Billing field. People beware, I have learned my lesson. Penn Foster HIT program classes are good but they are not accredited by the CAHIM if you take this program it will be a waste of time and you will not get hired. This is not part-time but you are lead to believe that the VA will pay you full time as a student. Save your money. A great experience overall! I've always loved animals and have always wanted to work in the vet world. For the Health Information Technology degree you are required to take a state exam and be registered as a RHIT to be hired in a hospital or any other healthcare facility. PATA is so slow and outdated. Don't give PF a chance if you aren't self-motivated, because online colleges are designed for people who can teach themselves the material and become their own teacher! It is for-profit and it seems that is all they care about, keeping people enrolled and keeping people paying. My only question with this school, as a recent graduate, is how its diplomas are received in the work force. You Honestly CAN NOT find a better deal with this school! Of course, in this field, I need to be constantly updating myself as technology advances/changes. This is great online school. You can only work at the pace in which they VERY SLOWLY send your materials out to you. I was excited when they got rid of devil Dr. Margi and her crap staff, but sadly things have not changed for the better. online or at the local college(s).I chose again Bachelor Degree Criminal J program at Penn.i have no complaints.I was able to implement it with 1/2 of the time it take brick and mortar "students"four long yrs. I read millions of reviews Plain old white books with green letters. Overall I was quite satisfied, learning about things I was interested in. I went from all honors and AP classes freshmen and part of sophomore year to kindergarten education and I am MISERABLE. I hope doing this school doesn't ruin my chances to get into University out of state. Money brings out the worst in people. As far as I'm concerned the certificate I receive will be worthless because I have received very little experience with what I might work with in the real world. My son was bored in traditional high school his begigining Junior year at age 16. I will write again when I have more information. But it's not something out of this world. Like, stupid easy, like I can't believe they're giving degrees to the people who are just searching for the answers in their book.

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