Diet and lifestyle also play a role. I am past 12 weeks with two rock solid appointments behind me so I can finally tell people I am pregnant and not have them look at me like I have had one too many pieces of cake. Even if weight gain is the cause, there’s no quick fix or way to lose weight from one specific part of your body. Answer (1 of 18): First of all, if this is something that you are really worrying about then you should relax. Mine is hard alot of the time and i have an anterior placenta . February 7, 2015. The size and activity of the baby are examined according to the term of pregnancy. This can be a worry for some women. 6 Months Pregnant Ultrasound. If you have a protruding (pregnant looking) belly OR your belly button is an outie OR you have a half football (alien like) bulge when you lift your shoulders off the ground, you most definitely have a diastasis! It is normal that you occasionally suffer from this. Your doctor or midwife is monitoring your child's size in relation to your due date and the size of your pregnant belly with regular screenings, including measuring your abdomen at every visit once you reach 15 weeks to 20 weeks. Hi my dog is 7 weeks pregnant and not showing her nipple's got big but not her belly and it soft not hard. I am bigger with baby #2. What Causes My Belly to Feel Hard and Tight? I was just getting concerned as my belly way quiet hard until today?? I feel like doggy style and missionary should both obscure the belly … New Member : Oct 25, 2010, 03:09 PM Hard belly but not pregnant. Examination of the placenta and amniotic fluids. That said I was showing quite early relatively, I think. My stomach is still quite small and no one would be able to know I was pregnant unless I told them. 0 comment. 0. I just don’t feel anything in my belly and I sorta feel like I’m not pregnant anymore. I love you! Is it normal? I also have gotten cellulite on my legs could it just be water retention?? during the day my belly seems to be harder and rounder/bigger than it is when i wake up in the morning and i notice that when im sitting or laying down my belly feels soft, like belly fat only, is that normal? Why Is My Pregnant Belly Bump Shrinking? ive missed my period completely and ive been having breast tenderness,back pain, increased urination, fatigue, mood swings, increased hunger, headaches and a pull/ cramping in my belly. Not really: But your waist line might be expanding at that point. All my symptoms went at about 10 weeks and nothing happened again til after 20 weeks. I'm currently 8weeks and 2 days, and have constant nausea but never been sick yet, and on and off sensitive breast. I was around 15 pounds overweight before I got pregnant. Is this normal? When the belly hardens up, it hardens up, but I am not in hiding anymore. All Topics Topic Health & Wellness Pregnancy & New Motherhood » Hard belly but not pregnant Jogjollyjoy Posts: 1, Reputation: 1. Meanwhile its been very hard … Dr. Jeff Livingston answered. I am 19 weeks pregnant and my belly is like jello...I was not overweight before I was pregnant I was actually underweight I have had 2 other pregnancies and my belly got hard asap. @Kelsey_Ashel. Tell her that's not true what you said before, that she's beautiful and attractive and you think you're just getting nervous about the baby. Excessive stress in life can also get you a big belly and make you look like you are pregnant. You read it right. Hard bellies are muscle contractions of your womb. Also my pre-pregnant belly flab just seemed to be pushed forward, so I was getting bigger around the waste but it was definitely not a bump! Yes! My belly looks close to normal again, and I don't feel that fullness in my belly like I had. im 7 months pregnant and my belly is not hard and it dont look like a pregnant belly is that a bad thing? 1 doctor answer. I feel like at this point I should be close to 'popping'.. not deflating! Definitely around 20weeks. Baby seems to be moving less but maybe thats just in my head. Is this normal?? does that mean my belly has dropped because i have to lean over to see it now. 21 years experience Obstetrics and Gynecology. I also worried quite a bit. Dr. Heidi Fowler answered. No, I don't let anyone touch my belly (unless it's DBF and daughter). I am 13 weeks pregnant and my belly is not hard below my belly button but hard on top at night. I'm 37.5 weeks. i've also got back pain that wont go away at the moment too. Added to it; the way you eat and breathe contributes to the cause and can make your belly bulge out even more. I don't know if this means anything? Its hard in certain areas but overall its like it just turned into fat or something. I feel like a big bowl of jello. Hard Stomach In Pregnancy As you make progress through the stages of your pregnancy, there are various changes that ...; 40 Weeks Pregnant Belly At 40 weeks of pregnancy delivery is just around the corner. 19 years old.. Haven't had a period in four months.. Have regularly had unprotected sex, but 5 home pregnancy tests show up negative.. so this is my deal. Could I be pregnant if my belly or abdomen is not hard yet at 14 weeks. She may only have a small litter with one or two puppies, so does not have a very expanded abdomen yet. So I'll be 18 weeks in 2 days, and I don't feel pregnant anymore. With baby #1 it was an innie. i got pregnant in sep. 2010. i had my daughter june 2011. she is only 5 months old and there is a possibility that i am pregnant again. I have 3 children and after having my first two I had a miscarriage. This site contains paid advertising and affiliate links, from which we may earn a … your belly does all sorts at this stage i used to go from looking pregnant to looking thinner than i had in years. My belly is hard, and my belly button is even with the rest of my stomach (not an outie not really an innie either). Does a pregnant belly start to get hard n show at 5 weeks? Thanks for watching my vlog! if youre worried call the Dr thats what theyre there for. Belly not hard anymore??? Ended up at the hospital last night for reduced movements. Many women find that when pregnant, their belly bump can get quite cold, even when the rest of their body is warm. 1 thank. 1. Why is this happening? If your BMI is average at the start of your pregnancy (between 18.5 and 24.9), then you should gain between 1 and 4.5 pounds during the first trimester, and 1 … They do not hurt but often give an uncomfortable feeling. I was so worried that something would happen - it's hard not to worry. 37 weeks pregnant and i can't see my belly button anymore? As you will have probably been told at some point in your life, all women are different and unique, and this means that their bodies differ in certain ways. is this really cancer viole because i had cervical cancer during my first pregnancy luckily i came out the otherside but i was 27 then and im 51 now can i really surive? I miss my period for 6 months and I don't feel the fetus fluttering any more and abdomen is not hard anymore am I pregnant and doctor say 75% AM not pregnant Not your question? Is it normal to have some anxiety around whether or not I’m still pregnant .. Prenatal care: Hopefully you are getting prenatal care. You live a sedentary lifestyle. So I am over it. 4. I explained that my stomach goes rock hard all over for quite a while harder than normal but its most the time and they said its braxton hicks and the montior showed some tighenings. An umbilical hernia is a side effect of a diastasis recti.” 20-24 weeks of pregnancy – recommended period for 2 nd trimester ultrasound.Time to check the fetus for physical abnormalities. since today, i've realised i can't see my belly button anymore. Is a Cold Pregnant Belly Normal? Like babies, pregnant bellies come in all shapes and sizes. Send thanks to the doctor. - Hi friends! Not all belly bulges are the result of excess fat or weight gain. Hi ladies!! 3 doctors agree. Im 15 weeks pregnant but my stomach is still pretty soft? And fuck her in ways that you won't even see her belly (it also fits the "baby makes me nervous" story). Ive notcied the past few days.. as well as my son and husband, that my stomach isnt hard anymore below my belly button. Just feel non pregnant. Get my new lipstick! Disclaimer: This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. One more cause that can make you look pregnant even without being so, is excessive stress. This is just another of those odd little changes some women experience in pregnancy and in most cases, is normal. Im 15 weeks pregnant and i was wondering if it was normal to still have a fairly soft stomach. Last heart beat about a week ago was 157 and no I haven’t had any symptoms of miscarriage. Hard bellies during 22 weeks pregnant. I also know the more kids you have for some reason the sooner you show. Yes! By: Cara Terreri, LCCE, CD(DONA) | 0 Comments If you're in your second or third trimester of pregnancy and you notice that sometimes your pregnant belly gets very hard, feels tight, and even causes mild discomfort, you're probably experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. Subscribe to my main channel! As we already indicated in week 21, you can suffer from hard bellies during this pregnancy period. This is a great question to ask your obgyn. When I had the children, he dared to suggest I wasn’t trying hard enough to lose the baby belly and that ended up in a big argument so he knows now not to say anything. 15 weeks, but feel like I'm not pregnant anymore. : I feel as though I'm far enough along to feel pregnant but just these past few days I have started to feel as though I'm not. Is it that my bloating? This measurement tells them how much your belly is growing. I know when I got pregnant with my 3rd child I was a nervous wreck from the day I found out. 24 years experience Psychiatry. A 35-year-old member asked: Amy • Wed, Oct 07. i have a distended belly infact i look 8 months pregnant i know im not because my husband had a versectamy some years ago also the doctors say im going through the menopause.

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