View and Download Husqvarna 525L workshop manual online. One switched to propane, the other to lithium-ion batteries. The unleaded gas used in the mixture should consist of 87 octanes. I bought a can, but I am dubious. Joined Apr 13, 2012 Messages 197 Location Louisiana, USA. Stale fuel can cause engine damage from acid and gum deposits forming in the fuel system or carburetor. Over a period of time oil will separate from gasoline. The gasoline used in a weed eater should strictly contain less than 10% of alcohol. of two cycle air cooled engine oil with one gallon of regular gas. I've never used … Dolmar had some issues with their 5100 saws not being re-tuned for crappy American grade gasoline (German gas has far higher octane than US gas). What octane of fuel is everyone running in the new 7.3l engine? If octane doesn’t really matter for small engines, then what does? Weed eater comes with … All gas-powered engines need both gasoline to make the engine turn, as well as lubricating oil to ensure the engine moves smoothly without overheating. Use of fuel that has more than 10% ethanol content, such as E15 (15% alcohol), is NOT recommended. The guy at the hardware store strongly suggested using ethanol free pre-mixed fuel/oil mixture. You only need Mid-grade or Premium gas (89-octane or higher) if you have a vehicle with a high compression ratio, which will be noted in your owner’s manual. If you use lower octane gas in a higher compression engine, you will get pre-ignition or pinging. Q3. just do and always have. Customers that choose to use fuel with alcohol content that exceeds approved usage levels do so completely at their own risk. If you go over the fill line, your oil concentration will be too low. Gas will become stale if you are storing your lawn mower or power equipment for more than 30 days. Over a period of time oil will separate from gasoline. In general, don't use 87 octane. Gas is blended to run in cars in the area. Thread starter Glover Lawn Care; Start date Jul 29, 2018; 1; 2; Next. Report This by hlwick59. Everyone has an opinion, but the folks that make the equipment should know what is required. The premixed oil brings together ethanol-free premium oil, 92+ octane pure synthetic oil (meets/exceeds ISO-L-EGD, API TC, and JASO FD standards). Always remember that the formulation of oil is done for two-cycle engines. Feb 27, 2020 #4 H. HoosierDaddy Tremor Fan . We recommend the use of 84-90 octane unleaded gasoline with less than 10% alcohol content. The book(s) call for 89 octane fuel in my Stihl, Husqvarna & Kawasaki handhelds, so that is what I use. You can obtain this ratio by mixing 3.2 oz. In order to prevent engine problems, Echo recommends using 89 Octane gas, which is the middle dispenser on most self-service gas pumps. It … I've bought the Sears 32 fl oz premix fuel/oil, but at the equivalence of $21.96/gal it is too expensive. Next Last. waste or not. Gas with ethanol separates while being stored in your gas tank. On a standard weed-eater the gas to oil ratio is 50:1. but on a high performance dirt bike it may be 30:1 it all depends on each machine you use. Ethanol and MTBE are not the same. G. Glover Lawn Care LawnSite Member. of two cycle air cooled engine oil with one gallon of regular gas. 525L trimmer pdf manual download. In that case, using regular gas could cause knocking and damage the engine. IMPORTANT! ( US EPA E15 Fuel Pump Warning Label ) CLICK HERE for a … There is also a low octane red AV gas that is only fit for low compression antique airplanes. Premium gas, such as 93 octane, helps high-powered cars run smoothly and efficiently. Herder recommends that when you go to fill up the gas container you use for your outdoor power equipment, first top off your car—that will flush any low-octane gas out of the hose. The real issue with running lower octane gas in a small 2-stroke engine is that it does not burn as evenly. June 10th, 2012. A canned fuel product can also be used. What octane gas for blower/weed eater? Higher octane is only needed for higher compression engines--typically found in older vehicles, hot rods, etc.. Higher octane will not hurt if used where not needed, its simply a waste of money. This leads to poor lubrication, performance issues and costly repairs over time. L. livemusic ArboristSite Operative. Damage to the carburetor or engine due to bad fuel will void the engine warranty. ECHO PowerFuel is a pre‐mixed fuel, containing 93 octane gas, with no ethanol and is specially mixed with ECHO Red Armor Oil™ at a 50:1 ratio. You top off the fuel tank whenever it gets low and top off the oil reservoir when it gets low. It's also more expensive than other types of gas, such as 87 octane. That’s equal to 3.2 ounces of oil to 1 gallon of regular gas. Reactions: Trämör, RPM BALD EAGLE and richtor. ... weedeater,4 wheeler and motorcycles. Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (gasohol) or 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) by volume is acceptable. Use at least the mid grade and preferably the high grade. Gasoline STIHL Premium two-stroke engine oil 1:50; Litres Litres ml; 1: 0.02 (20) 5: 0.10 (100) 10: 0.20 (200) 15: 0.30 (300) 20: 0.40 (400) 25: 0.50 (500) Information about gasoline . (I apoligize for the thread) Last thing I want to do is waste anyone's time. The gas which is utilized in weed eater should not comprise more than 10 percent alcohol and also have 87 octanes. Why not try the low octane for a few tanks and see if you have any better performance out of the weedeater/mower? Some fuel stations are now selling gasoline with up to 15% ethanol. The gas should contain a maximum of 10 percent ethanol. Gasoline with additives or blends, such as ethanol or other alcohols, should never be used as a fuel source. The Fuel/gas ratio for a weedeater is not a very complicated issue, however, you should be careful. I never heard of higher octane gas lasting longer. Its main disadvantage is that there is no line feed – you have to manually insert pre-cut strings. Uneven burning and flaring at TDC causes uneven pressure on the piston, and that in turn can cause the piston … For a mixing ratio of 1 : 50 you need 5 litres of high-octane gas and 0.10 litres (100 ml) of STIHL two-stroke oil. Cookies help us deliver a better experience. Go. I'd like to mix my own blend. Keep lawn mower gas fresh by using Briggs & Stratton fuel stabilizer, specially designed for small engines. The only way to avoid this is if you find a gas pump with 3 separate gas nozzles. How much gas does a weed eater hold? I run straight fuel through this leaf blower on purpose, to see first hand what happens to the engine. livemusic. To properly insure oil and gas mixture, we recommend thoroughly shaking your oil and gas mixture before refueling your unit. It also features the manufacturer's proprietary additive that involves an innovative friction modifier and advanced stabilizer. Gas octane to use for 2-cycle line trimmer. All Weed Eater brand two-cycle gas trimmers use a 40:1 ratio of gas to oil. What kind of oil to mix with gas for weedeater Additionally, do not use regular motor oil for the mixture as it has noncombustible additives that have the potential of significantly damaging the internal engine of your weed eater. Don't think you're going to get a gallon of 89 octane at the gas station when you fill your 1 gallon gas can. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. You need to run the gas for a while to flush out what was in the hoses/pipes before you get 1 gallon of the specified octane. Don’t overfill the can. Thus, the ethanol and water part of the mixture contains no oil for engine lubrication. To properly insure oil and gas mixture, we recommend thoroughly shaking your oil and gas mixture before refueling your unit. Many larger four-cycle gasoline engines, such as in your car, have separate reservoirs for the fuel and the motor oil. makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Using Low Octane, say 87 in a weedeater or pushmower won't make that much difference from what you're performance is now, but might get rid of some of that smoking due to better burn. ECHO PowerFuel is recommended for use in all air‐cooled, 2‐stroke engines. How to mix gas for weedeater. Learn More. Joined Nov 29, 2019 Messages 41 Reaction Points 29 Miltary Marines Current Ride 15 Outback, 85 K30 CUCV … 1 of 2 Go to page. Moreover, don’t utilize the oil of automobile motor as it comprises of additives that are non-combustible and may choke the engine. All the equipment runs excellent with very few problems, and none related to gas or oil. Lawn mowers are not tuned very much, so they'll run on most anything. They ran too lean here. So I bought a new weed eater yesterday. Is It OK to Run a Lawn Mower on Premium Gas?. The higher grade gasoline helps combustion in the cylinder and reduces the wear on the piston. Just put 3.2 ounces of oil and 1 gallon of regular gas. Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (gasohol) or up to 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), is acceptable. As a top-quality fuel, this product is 100% free of ethanol. What is the Best Gas for Small Engines?

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