There is a quality spray paint color for every project conceivable, including metallic colors and specialty paints and colors. Our paint experts will ask all the … Emery cloth in varying grits, depending on the job. This is to say: do not keep spray painting until you can no longer see any primer. Use high gloss gold metallic or high gloss silver metallic on pine cones for some truly unique holiday decorations. Carefully remove your dry, finished work and gently remove the tape SLOWLY, as needed. It should be free of rust, debris, oils, grease, water, old paint and dust. Some spray applications require backbrushing or back-rolling — that is, brushing or rolling in the sprayed-on finish to get a more even coat and better penetration. Re-shake the can once for every 1-minute of spray painting. 5. For example, assume that paint costs $15 per gallon, labor costs $25 an hour and the contractor sprays 5 gallons of paint per hour. The fourth character, first … Since the item you’re spray painting can’t be suspended in midair, plan to paint, allow to dry, paint, allow to dry, reposition to get the missed areas, and so on. Don your safety gear (mask and goggles – this is also a good time to slip on a pair of disposable rubber gloves) Remove the cap from your paint can and start shaking. Paint Sprayer, NEU MASTER 600 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun with 3 Spray Patterns and Adjustable Valve Knob for Painting Ceiling, Fence, Cabinets. As a bonus, since primers are more forgiving than spray paints, it’s a good time to practice your spray painting technique. For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or For California consumers: more information about our … Shake the can while you go to the front of the box. Shadows diminish colors – as shown in the drawing. Magnets work great for holding your metal work while you’re spray painting it. I like 5-6 coats for my premium projects. With a reversible tip, you can easily clear tip clogs by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then triggering the sprayer. Sand blasting leaves the metal in perfect condition to receive the primer coat. Eye protection – goggles are recommended. Whether you are looking for paint, lawn & garden supplies, hardware or tools, Ace Hardware … This breakthrough technology allows you to spray at up to 50% lower pressure with less overspray, providing consistent, blended finish quality with complete atomization spraying at half the pressure. This very old, Victorian style wrought iron garden chair (the inside area of the seat back is shown) was taken in for sandblasting before spray painting. Make sure the top flaps will stay open while you work – but don’t cut them off! Use wire brushes, sand paper, emery cloth, files, steel wool or sand blasting to get the bare metal ready to accept the paint. The first number, when multiplied by 2, tells you how wide of a fan the tip will create when sprayed at a distance of 12 inches from the surface. No direct sunlight, and no wind to blow dust and debris onto your work. When you’re ready to paint. The “X” shows about where to place the item for spray painting. Hop over to Ace Hardware where Ace Rewards members can score a FREE $5 Reward when you download the Ace Hardware app!. The high-speed performance of this sprayer puts you in the driver's seat with fully-adjustable pressure. If you use the above technique with a glossy spray paint, you should have a mirror-like finish free of wrinkles, drips and dust bumps. Graco’s XHD RAC SwitchTips are designed for use with heavy coatings that require higher pressures to atomize. These tips are available in small sizes for fine finish applications and large sizes for large surfaces and high-production applications. Located at 226 N Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14610. Understanding airless tip options will help you choose the Graco spray tip best suited for your needs. Remember while doing this to wear disposable rubber gloves so you don’t contaminate the prepared surfaces. Graco RAC-X Fine Finish Low Pressure and Low Pressure Switch Tips work with all airless sprayers. After many years of leading the industry in fluid applications, Graco has a tip perfectly engineered to get the job done with the highest professional quality finish, whatever your spraying application. Smaller boxes will be at your grocery stores. Sprayer Tools & Kits. Light coatings such as lacquers, stains, and enamels require a small tip, while heavier coatings such as texture require larger spray tips. Aim at the inside side of the box and sweep across your work to the other side of the box. Choose a tip with an orifice size rated for the paint or coating you’ll be spraying. I keep several magnets handy just for this purpose. If you create a plastic paint room, a proper respirator should be used. They create an extra-wide 24-inch fan pattern, allowing you to spray twice the surface of a standard tip. Paint. Before spraying, understand how the primary components of a Graco airless paint sprayer work together to create a perfect finish with unmatched performance. Rust removal chemical – ONLY if your rust is really bad. For example, a 515 tip will spray a 10-inch-wide fan and have a 15-thousandths of an inch orifice. Understanding and applying these basic spraying techniques will be the difference between a sloppy looking paint job and a professional one. 14000 Marshall Drive Lenexa, KS 66215 Telephone: (913) 888-0808 Toll-free: (800) 848-4307

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