I have already taken self defense for women, active auburn, wellness and bowling - preferably no more PE classes. Department of Mechanical Engineering Georgia Southern University P.O. The Mechanical Engineering program has three technical elective tracks available to students. Interested in agriculture, medicine, automotive sports or semiconductor modeling? Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives (METE) Mechanical engineering students must take at least three METE credits, which can be any 400-level ME course excluding ME 410, ME 441, ME 440, ME 442, ME 443, ME 450, ME 454, ME 494 and ME 496. The Aerospace Engineering program requires nine (9) semester credits of Technical Electives, which should be chosen as follows: A valid Technical Elective is any technical Engineering, Math, or Physics course at the 3000 level or higher that does not repeat required undergraduate material. Mechanical Engineering / Material Engineering Minor Students completing this 15-hour minor will have an understanding structure-property relationships of different types of materials and be able to apply this understanding to the processing and selection of materials for engineering applications. From analyzing air pollution to dissecting mechanical and thermal systems, discovering new ways to operate in world processes. Two 3-hour technical electives are required. Each student registered in the 4th year of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Program is required to take ES4498F, MME4499, 1.5 credit non-technical elective (or 0.5 NTE if 1.0 NTE credits were completed in 1st Year) and 5 (2.5 credits) technical elective courses. Columbia Engineering students must complete 9-11 points of elective nontechnical coursework. Technical Electives. Mechanical Engineering majors are required to take a total of 12 hours of technical electives. Mechanical Engineering (M E) Curriculum Flowcharts . Box 8046 Statesboro, GA 30460 Phone: (912) 478-5761 Fax: (912) 478-1455 Email: meng@georgiasouthern.edu A degree in Mechanical engineering from Arizona State University comes with baked-in opportunities for solving real and timely engineering problems. Energy Conversion: ME 502: Thermodynamics 2: ME 702 : Energy and Sustainability: ME 719 : Basic Combustion Theory: ME 644: Design of HVAC Systems: ME 731: Advanced Design of Heat Exchangers: ME 745 : Design of Thermal Systems: ME 541: Mechanical Engineering Design 2: ME 637: … If you are interested in more information about the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University, please contact the Graduate Program Officer at: Dr. Hareesh Tippur Graduate Program Officer Mechanical Engineering Department 1418 Wiggins Hall Auburn University, AL 36849 phone:(334)844-4820 fax:(334)844-3307 email: tippuhv@auburn.edu. Spring 2021 MEE 330 — Manufacturing Engineering* MEE 348 — Introduction to Flight** MEE 433 — Solar-Thermal Engineering MEE 444 — Robot Dynamics & Control MEE 450 — Mechanics of Composite Materials MEE 452 — Aircraft & Automobile Structures MEE 463 — Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics MEE 551 — Robot … A list of 400-level ME classes can be found in the University Bulletin. Mechanical and Materials Engineering: Technical Electives. Mechanical Engineering majors must complete one (1) Math-Science 1 elective from the Requirement 1 List, one (1) Math-Science 2 elective from Requirement list 1 or 2, and four (4) Math-Science/Technical electives from Requirement 1, 2 or 3 Lists. The total combined number of nontechnical points (including nontechnical requirements and nontechnical electives) must add up to at least 27 credits. Mechanical Engineering students are required to earn a minimum of 12 credit hours of technical elective credit to complete degree requirements. In addition to the standard technical elective track, there are two undergraduate research tracks (honors and non-honors) offered to students. When choosing technical electives, we encourage students to think about their most likely career path, whether it may be industry, academia, research, or perhaps a profession outside of engineering, and then explore the most Flowcharts are provided as a visual example for how the 129-credit Mechanical Engineering (M E) curriculum can be sequenced. In the table above CHEN 5970 is listed as Advanced Special Topics in Chemical Engineering, which is the generic title for CHEN 5970.Students in this specialization are required to take either CHEN 5810 Biomedical Engineering or CHEN 5970 with the specific title Cell & Tissue Engineering. The undergraduate major in Mechanical Engineering offers significant flexibility in allowing students to tailor their academic program to their interests. In addition to the standard technical elective track, there are two undergraduate research tracks (honors and non-honors) offered to students. Requirements 1. Technical & Science Electives Technical Electives (9 or more credits with at least 2 MEC Courses) Mechanical Engineering: MEC 393, 398, 423, 450, 455, 456, 499, and 500-level coureses with departmental approval and a GPA of 3.0 or greater . Easy Electives/Courses. Schedule of Technical Electives and Graduate-Level Courses. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICAL ELECTIVES Mechanics of Solids and Structures MEE 450 Mechanics of Composite Materials 2 1 MEE 453 Experimental Mechanics 2 1 MEE 455 Advanced Strength in Materials 3 0 Thermal Sciences and Fluid Materials MEE 433 Solar – Thermal Engineering 1 2 MEE 434 Thermodynamic Design of Engines 1 2 MEE 462 […] This version meets all U.S. regulations (such as no co-operative education or e-courses) for eligible programs. Add to Portfolio. The use of ME 497 as an METE must be petitioned for approval. Prerequisites: MEEN 461; MEEN 315; junior or senior classification. Recommended General Technical Electives. Why mechanical engineering? Technical electives are defined as stated below. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum consists of a combination of core courses with a series of technical electives that allow students to obtain some specialization in a particular area of the field depending on their interests and expected future professional activity. I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting, but am taking 13 hours of junior level major specific courses next semester. A wide variety of courses are appropriate to satisfy this requirement. The Bachelors of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at the University of Michigan requires students to complete 128 credit hours of courses in various categories, which include: College of Engineering (CoE) core, intellectual breadth, ME program specific courses, and general electives. Aerospace Engineering students are required to earn a minimum of 9 credit hours of technical elective credit to complete degree requirements. Classes must be lecture based and two units minimum. Graduate classes are acceptable for qualified students with approval of the advisor. Students’ plans will vary greatly depending on their initial placement in math and science courses, transfer/AP credits, and semester work load (credit) comfort. Of these 12 hours, at least 9 hours {3 courses) must be within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Senior Specialization – Technical Electives Categorization Aerospace MECH 424 – Advanced Dynamics MECH 460 – Aeronautics MECH 468 – Space Propulsion and Power Engineering MECH 539 – Advanced Fluid Mechanics MECH 558 – Combustion MECH 567 – Broad-Beam Ion Sources Automotive Engineering MECH 437 – Internal Combustion Engines MECH 523 – Vehicle Energy Storage System … Mechanical engineering majors complete 15 units of technical electives. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ELECTIVE COURSES ME Electives Prerequisites ME 308 ME 305 ME 313 ME 215, AEM 311 ME 321 CS 114, IE 203 ME 364 AEM 264 ME 377 MATH 238, PH 106 ME 406 ME 305 ME 407 ME 305 and ME 309 ME 409 Either ME 309, AEM 311, ME 349 Or CHE 253, CHE 306 ME 411 Either ME 309, AEM 311 ME 349 Or MTE 353 ME 416 ME 305, ME 309, & Either ECE 320 or ECE 225 ME … Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Students All BSME students must take 12 hours (4 courses) of technical/design/science electives. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICAL ELECTIVES Wichita State University 1 of 4 Updated April 2019 ME 469. Return to: Academic Plans. Out of a commitment to continuously improve the undergraduate curriculum for the mechanical engineering program, the Department of Mechanical Engineering's faculty has adopted … Print Degree Planner | Print-Friendly Page. The Aerospace Engineering program has three technical elective tracks available to students. The elective program enables students to specialize their background in a technical area of special interest (e.g., automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, etc.). These courses replace Technical Electives I-IV and PHIL 1040. Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor of Science Curriculum ~ (Catalog Year: 2019) ... (except those transferring to UF with an A.A. degree from a Florida State/Community College or University) are required to satisfy: 15cr -Humanities/Social Science(H/SS); 3cr -Diversity(D); 3cr -International(N). I need another course that it 3 credit hours. Last Updated: Jan 13, … For any other courses to count as a technical elective, a student needs to petition the Systems Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee. What are some easy courses or fun electives to take? Applied Math and Statistics: AMS 310, 311, 315, 341, 342, 351 Biomedical Engineering: BME 353, 481 Students are required to satisfactorily complete four of the following mechanical engineering technical elective courses, for a total of 12 units. Mechanical Engineering Stem & Technical Electives Catalog #140: 2017-2018 (rev. MEEN 431 – Advanced System Dynamics and Controls. Approved Technical Electives for Aerospace Engineering Majors (PDF) Approved Technical Electives for Mechanical Engineering Majors (PDF) The University of Alabama Department of Mechanical Engineering has adopted the following objectives to ensure our graduates are equipped to meet known and anticipated technical challenges of our profession. In addition to core courses and prerequisites, aerospace engineering majors take six units of technical electives. Year 4 Technical Electives. Sometimes it may also be desirable for a student to select an elective course from a discipline outside of Mechanical Engineering. •Some students may also be eligible to take graduate level coursework to apply as technical electives. Note that many technical electives have very specific pre­requisite courses that all students might not have completed. May 2017) Stem Courses (6 hours) Select two (2) of the following 3 courses MEEN 421 – Thermo-Fluids Analysis and Design. For more information: University of Pittsburgh Information Systems and Support Group 220 Thackeray Hall Pittsburgh, PA 15260 catalogs@pitt.edu Technical Electives. Create and review mechanical and technical drawings; Design mechanical parts; Research composite materials used in aircraft ; Learn more about the Co-op program. Technical Electives: A technical elective should be an upper division engineering class that builds on fundamental mechanical engineering concepts and develops expertise for a professional career. Specifics are subject to change, and department and/or instructor consent may be required. United States students: A U.S. Federal Student Aid-eligible version of this program is offered. Technical Electives. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICAL ELECTIVES COURSES (PROPOSED) COURSE F18 S19 F19 S20 F20 S21 F21 S22 F22 S23 ME COURSES ME 4343 Intermediate Heat Transfer X X X ME 4833 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics X X X X ME 4353 Alternative Energy Sources X X X X X Tentative Schedule of ME Technical Electives and Graduate Courses (Course Offerings Subject to Instructor Availability and Student Demand) Course Title Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 ME 332 Engineering Materials II C X X ME 353 Thermodynamics II C Approved Tech Electives from other … The Mechanical Engineering curriculum includes nine credit hours of Mechanical Engineering (ME) electives and nine credit hours of Technical (TE) electives. Prerequisites: MEEN 364; junior or senior classification. last updated: March 7, 2017 UA Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering •Students may propose a 300/400 level sci or engr class to be considered for pre-approval as a tech elective. These lists establish which courses qualify to meet the program elective requirements for each of the academic plans. •Students are responsible for all prerequisites (check catalog). List 1: General Mechanical Engineering Electives. All courses on this list have prerequisites that mechanical engineering majors are either required to have completed or are likely to have completed, making them good options for mechanical engineering students.

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