The essay also examines Pepsi competitive advantage and differentiation strategy. PepsiCo Diversification beyond Drinks. Essay Topics Generator Text Summarizing Tool Thesis Generator About. Coca-Cola has moved past the day of the elixir Dr. Pemberton created over 130 years ago, Coca-Cola started dominating the market in 1960 as a global icon. Many competitions like Pepsi are there in market but still the coca cola company is going good as it is still able to provide good products in affordable prices and satisfy the customer. Introduction:- Pepsi is a leading soda beverage brand with a large customer base. May 1, 2016. Coca Cola spend lot of money in research and development so it has survived on large economic scale. Coca-cola has over a period of time used positive marketing to the best of its advantage and has rarely been involved in negative marketing (which Pepsi does frequently). Secondly, PepsiCo.’s other competitive advantage will be its focus on shareholder returns. it should be noticed that the core goal to apply the Porter’s five forces model by the Coca-Cole was to enhance it leading products to reach the pinnacle of competitive advantage. If you compare two 8 oz. A firm’s generic strategy (based on Porter’s model) defines the basic strategy used to maintain competitive advantage. The coca cola company is still regarded as the best company to produce the fizzy drinks. Study Blog Expert Q&A Writing Tools . In 2014, the brand was estimated by Forbes at $56.1 (close to the value of Google, $56.6). And Coca-Cola is superior in this thing. This study is conducted between two global giants Coca Cola & Pepsi-cola. In particular, it's growing much faster than carbonated drinks. Over time, managers are making effective policies to promote their organization. Coca Cola’s advantage over competitors. Both its name and logo are easily recognized among the huge crowd of brands. They are doing everything possible to take over each other in every aspect of the business. To conduct competitive analysis of this company, we need to know its market shares, strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and its market position. This is because besides of compete with Coca-Cola in soft drink market, Pepsi also introduce some snacks and breakfast, such as Quaker Oat, Lay and others (Business Insider, 2012). Bargaining power of buyers: the higher the prices are for the product the less the customers will buy the product, therefore if Pepsi is cheaper then Coca Cola then it will create a competitive advantage for Pepsi. In 1974, Pepsi launched the “Pepsi Challenge” in Dallas, Texas. According to IRI data, which measured the most popular U.S. snack brands in the first half of 2017, 8 of the 10 most popular snack brands were owned by PepsiCo. Competitive Analysis Between Pepsi And Coca Cola. Pepsi is the favourite of Billions around the globe. It offers its drinks in an identically shaped bottle which is unique than everyone else in the market. Coca Cola Competitive Advantages Over Pepsi: Coca Cola soft drink is being used all around the world. Coca Cola’s brand image is connected with the young generation and represents … Unique Packaging. PepsiCo Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage By John Dudovskiy. competitive advantage is the advantage a company or product has over other companies in terms better ... A research also shows that Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple are continually fighting for ‘calendar marketing contracts’ with supermarkets in United States, which allows an exclusive promotional shelf space of the product for a period of time. Pepsi is often second to Coke in terms of sales. "To address this, we have allocated increased media to trademark Pepsi." The American companies have jostled for consumer attention with pointed ads over the decade.

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