DIY Pond - waterfall - filter build … You will CLEARLY see how OUR EQUIPMENT SAVES YOU MONEY every year you own your pond or water feature! Each pond design has its own advantages and disadvantages, although I must admit to being partial to the above ground pond. Level the … Many different types of materials can be used to retain earth – from treated wood, to concrete, to concrete blocks. Again, attach this cap board to the pond box/retaining walls with Stainless Steel screws. Make sure it is level side to side and front to back to ensure proper function of all it's inlet and outlet ports. Build the walls and trellis on a big, flat work surface like your driveway. Attach the auto fill valve kit water supply pipe to the barb fitting outside the pond skimmer. Easier to Install. Multiply this by 7.5 gallons and you end up with an 1800 gallon above ground pool that will support five or six fish easily. Our innovative equipment and systems are easier to install and EASIER to CLEAN and MAINTAIN and that drastically reduces your cost of ownership! So, if you can, try to make your pond an in-ground one. I have found this koi pond design feature alone to be a great reason for building an above ground pond. Next, slide the the remote installation pipe into the reducer coupler. Remember - you're going to have thousands of pounds of water pushing down on the bottom of the pond. In some ways they are easier because you have minimal digging and virtually no fill dirt to remove. Lay the pipe inside the open work area between the excavation edge and the pond box. Here's a useful tip: Place a plastic bag over the opening of your bottom drain. Personally as far as koi pond design goes I prefer a partially above ground koi pond. Trust me when I tell you it’s easier to move concrete block than dirt. Locate the center of the bottom of the koi pond. Also they don’t like being highly visible so are less likely to even try to climb to the top where they are easily seen. When a koi pond is partially above ground it reduces your excavation depth, but also provides for a place for sitting. Category: above ground koi pond. If you want a 4 foot deep pond for example you can dig 2 feet deep and add a 2 foot block wall. Extend the main pond return pipe to where the HydroBead Vortex™ filter will be located. Attach the auto fill valve kit to the HydroClean™ pond skimmer. They are easier and more inviting targets for predators. At this time, lay the aeration tubing along side the 4" bottom drain pipe. Just make sure there are no sharp rocks or roots sticking up! A circular water motion aids in the efficiencies of both the bottom drain and the pond skimmer. Now that all the pipes are laid in the open areas outside the pond box you can backfill the “work area” outside the pond box/retaining walls. A … It takes quite a while to fill a pond with a garden hose - so we want the pond to be filling while we hook up the remaining equipment. When I built my koi fish pond this is what I did. Under these conditions an above ground pond is a better option. It's important that the pond … Compact the soil as you backfill to help reduce future settling. Install the external pump's check valve assembly inside the HydroClean pond skimmer. Connect the UV pump outlet port of the Piper pond skimmer to the inlet of the first UV. Place it on a brick to keep it off the soil. Align the drain grate with the inserts and install it's two screws - the bottom drain is done! Above ground ponds are fun Here, we set them on brick pavers over compact soil. This photo shows why the excavation is one foot larger in all directions than the finished pond. The decor is simply beautiful with the greeneries and the painting above the mini fountain. Grade the soil upward and outward from the drain to all sides of the pond. Since this pond is partially above ground, the styrofoam helps stabilize the water temperature, but also reduces the shock effect on the koi when children kick the side walls. This above ground koi pond … This way you'll have the least amount of wrinkles under your pond liner. Apply a solid bead of the Silicone that’s included with the skimmer to the inside edge of both ends of the reducer coupler. Dig under the retaining wall boards so you can bring the pipe up to the HydroSieve-PF pre-filter. For curved wall designs you can use concrete blocks (as we do in our Bubble-less koi pond), polyurea, concrete – or gunite can be used. Water returns to this koi pond in two places - at opposite ends, opposite corners, and in opposite directions. You’re simply making a large box. This is hard work and it doesn’t end there. The air diffuser is already connect at the other end at the bottom drain. Ultimately it really comes down to the pond builders preferences. Next, using the hole saw again, drill a hole in the wood for your UV water return. Water exits this koi pond in two places – the bottom drain at the center of the bottom of the pond, and the pond skimmer in the upper corner of the pond. Follow the above process and build up an above-ground pond on your ground to increase the beauty of your land and get a fresh environment with a green atmosphere. Rent a water volume ter to measure exactly how many gallons of water the pond and filtration system holds. This is ordinary styrofoam insulation sheets you can find at any home improvement warehouse store. Cut the underlayment away from the bottom drain. At this point you can either continue working on the equipment plumbing - but we recommend preparing the pond box for underlayment and liner so you can start filling the pond. You can know install the leaf net and filter brush rack inside the pond skimmer. They are the least safe type of pond to have if young children are present. Install the UV return line in on the opposite end of the same side as the pond skimmer. The pond’s walls are constructed with treated 2″x6″ boards screwed to treated 4″x4″ posts. Then trench wide enough and deep enough for the 4" drain pipe. Steps to building an above ground Koi Pond. If you want a natural looking koi fish pond as opposed to a more formal one this is the way to go. In situations where drainage is poor this or a fully above ground pond may be your best option. Measure end to end and side to side to find the center. The dirt will also need to be moved. Place air stone diffuser on top of the bottom drain grate - you're done! A partially above ground koi pond is a good compromise between an in ground and fully above ground pond. Attach it to the outlet port that is connected to the flow control valve. It should be in the opposite end and opposite corner from the main water return. These ponds are decorated into some materials of cement and stone. Knowing the exact water volume will be a big time saver in the future when adding water treatments and/or any fish medications to your pond. Lock the liner to the pond box/retaining walls with either a cap board or cap stone. A good size for a hobby koi pond is 3–4 feet (0.91–1.22 m) deep. If you bank the fill against the walls its possible to make them look fairly natural. Since then, I have built several more ponds: in-ground ponds with waterfalls, above ground ponds in containers, bathtub ponds, patio container ponds, and miniature desktop ponds. Especially since have of them will be under ground! It will take you longer to add the water, than to set up your pond! It is not necessary to insulate the bottom of the pond – just the vertical walls. Set the 4″ x 4″ posts in the holes and fill with concrete – just like setting fence posts. Use our step by step Build Your own Pond and Water Fountain Manual, Decide On The Very Best Water Features For The Space, Koi Fish Care How To – Managing Your Pets. WE SAVE YOU MONEY over the life over your pond or pondless waterfall! Connect the air tubing to the air pump. Watch the video below … Note that the plastic is still on the bottom drain. You can build an above ground pond in your landscape in a weekend using the AB Courtyard Collection from Allan Block. How to Build a Modern Koi Pond. Construct a retaining wall around the pond skimmer, pre-filter, flow control valve, and the valve box containing the UV system and air pump. Install the UV clarifiers and aeration system so that they fit inside a rectangular valve box. The way to create this ecosystem is to combine the following elements. Unsurpassed Service. We are talking about how the pond sits with the lay of the land. We're here to serve you. The float threads into the inside ½" port and the barb fitting threads into the outside. Use the excavator to do the “heavy” digging. You will be installing styrofoam, underlayment, and pond liner inside the pond and the remote installation pipe needs to extend far enough into the pond to accommodate the 1" liner gasket collar. Build a Sturdy Raised Garden Bed. HydroClean™ pond skimmers provide you with more plumbing options than any other brand of pond skimmer .... period! Good thing too because they don’t look like much from the side. With the pond box/retaining walls completed, you’re now ready to place the HydroClean™ pond skimmer. A koi pond can be constructed with a wide variety of materials - they can be built in the ground, on the ground, or a combination of both. Research and compare .... and you'll see! This inlet should be near the bottom to increase the current at the bottom of the pond and to “push” debris out of the corners where it will then get drawn into the vortex current and into the bottom drain for removal by the HydroSieve™-PF pre-filter. By raising your pond you bring them and the water surface closer to your natural eye level. The Uv system and aeration system are located inside a rectangular valve box adjacent to the skimmer and pre-filter. Above ground koi pond presents many models from its appearance. Need Help? The excavation should be at least 1 foot longer in every direction to allow construction of the retaining walls. They are prone to run off or flooding problems. The water source just so happens to be near where we're installing the HydroBead Vortex™ HBV-21 filter. In this case, much of the excavated soil will be re-used to hide the pond skimmer, pre-filter, control valve, aeration, and UV system from view Excavated soil is also used to create a raised flower bed at one end of the pond. Once all the retaining wall work is completed, you can backfill the extra excavation space with soil previously removed. Connect the skimmer's main pump outlet to one side of the 3-way flow control valve. Above-ground ponds are created by piling up soil to form dikes or by building retaining walls to contain the pond. We Deliver an Experience You Can Only Get From Russell Watergardens & Koi: The Most Respected Name in Water Features. Leave at least 12″ over the side walls of the pond. This will cause the water current to create a circular “vortex” that will cause fish waste to drop to the center of the pond where the bottom drain can remove it from the koi pond and pass it to the pre-filter. Having spent a lot of time on the business end of a shovel I was looking for a way to do less digging. If you need to add soil to do so .... go ahead and do it now. Nothing is simpler than digging a hole and installing a pond liner. Once the concrete holding the 4″x4″ posts has cured, you can begin attaching the 2″x6″ boards to the posts. Smooth out the large wrinkles – but don’t worry about the small wrinkles. Some ponds for koi that are raised for competitions reach a depth of 6–8 feet (1.8–2.4 m), however, for beginners and hobby koi enthusiasts, having a deeper pond isn't necessary. If you want to make the pond deeper, it can easily be done by digging a hole and make part of the pond be below ground level. Inquire in your area about the cost of cleaning your pond or water feature before you purchase filtration equipment. More Design Options. Its a good idea to use Stainless Steel screws – they cost more – but they won’t corrode and fail over time. The pond featured below is an above ground pond … Cut the underlayment into pieces that fit the bottom, and each of the sides. By using the old method of a stake, string and a marker/pencil I extended the curve of the patio to the inside curved wall of the pond. You can see the HydroClean™ pond skimmer hole cut through the wood. We’re using rubber liner in this case because it is the most cost effective of the three. The brick of above ground koi pond indicates the simplicity of house decoration. Finally this type of koi pond design requires the most digging. Safer around little kids than an in-ground option. 2. About | Contact Us | Disclosure | Privacy Policy. If young children are around they are definitely the safest choice and they may deter Old Blue from turning your koi pond into a swimming hole. Step 1. This huge above ground koi pond is surrounded by big fake rocks which looks so awesome. Ultimately it really comes down to the pond builders preferences. There are three basic koi pond design configurations for building a koi pond. Once the pond … DO NOT BACKFILL EXCAVATION SPACE AROUND BOX YET !!!!!! The easiest way to build a Koi pond is to create a working ecosystemwithin the fish pond. This way, when you backfill around the drain with soil - soil won't get down inside the drain! Now you're ready to install the underlayment. There is going to be thousands of pounds of water pushing down on the soil - so make sure you have it completely compacted. What you build will depend on your resources: the space available, your budget, how big or permanent you want the pond to be, if you prefer a naturalized pond … Consider where the raised pond will be positioned and whether you can stand or sit next to one side of the raised pond, or whether both sides are accessible. Now you can connect the UV return pipe to the outlet of the second UV. YOU WILL BE PLACING YOUR PIPES IN THESE AREA !!! The straight walls make them less likely to attract predators because they prefer wading not swimming. Slip the siliconed remote installation reducer coupler onto the Piper HydroClean™ pond skimmer inlet pipe. Attach the 2″x6″x12′ boards to each side, and cut a 2″x6″x12′ in half to make 2″x6″x6′ boards for each end. Build a frame, create a koi pond in the center, fill the remaining space with soil, and now add the decorative items. Connect the outlet of the first UV to the inlet of the second UV. The koi pond equipment list: Building a Koi Pond is easy – simply follow these procedures outlined in the following series of photos. Again, the plastic is still on the bottom drain. 20+ Most Clever Above Ground Koi Pond with Window Ideas. Also to save money and just plain make life hard I decided to dig my pond by hand. Ponds are versatile, beautiful in many different, shapes, sizes, and designs. Now is the time to level the pond skimmer. There are many ways to hold water in a koi pond – rubber liner, concrete, and polyurea are the most popular. The same goes for your filter. These can work really well in a formal setting. Do You Want Your Koi Pond Above Ground or In the Ground? Install the Bottom Drain and Air Stone Diffuser. Dig each post hole 18″ down by 12″ wide from the bottom of the pond excavation. They're fun and easy to operate too! Then, using a hole saw, drill a hole through the wood. Mount the... Level the Footings. Pond Supplies, pond equipment, Pondless waterfalls, C-3540-2B self priming external pond pump 3,540 GPH 2" IN/OUT, 2x36 watt Hydro-UV™ modular UV clarifying system, 2" check valve assembly with intake screen, Mag-drive pump for UV system 1,200 gph 1" IN/OUT, Rectangular valve box for UV and aeration systems, 4" flexible PVC pipe between bottom drain and  pre-filter, 4" rigid PVC pipe between the pond and the pond skimmer, 2" flexible PVC pipe between the skimmer, pre-filter, filter, pump, and pond, 1" flexible PVC pipe between mag drive pump, UV system, and pond, 2" 3-way valve for flow control between skimmer and bottom drain pre-filter, Stainless steel deck screws (for corrosion resistance), Place a bead of Silicone around the pipe’s outer perimeter, Fold the liner over the pipe like a paper towel over a drinking glass, Place the rubber collar over the liner and pipe, Cut a hole in the middle of the pipe ½ the diameter of the pipe (4" pipe cut a 2" hole, 6" pipe cut a 3" hole, 2" pipe cut a 1" hole etc. Connect the pre-filter's outlet to the other side of the 3-way flow control valve. Leaving any of these features out, will … Level the bottom drain in all directions to ensure proper function. An easy step by step tutorial on how to build a koi pond. We're adding landscaping and cultured stone to the exterior of the pond. I had some drainage concerns because the area had puddles in the winter. Make sure to always call your local Utilities to locate underground pipes and wiring before you dig !!! a hole large enough for the bottom drain at the center of the pond. Do you see why we recommend a plastic bag over the bottom drain at this stage of building a koi pond? In really rocky soil conditions or high water table or other problem drainage areas these may be your best choice. First, create an above-ground frame for the pond by constructing a basic raised garden bed using pressure treated lumber and raised-bed corner brackets… Each return is parallel with the side closest to the return. Make sure to compact the soil around the bottom drain as well as around and on top of the drain pipe. Each side and end will be 10 boards high. ), Push the liner and collar back over the pipe until the end of the pipe squeezes through the hole in the liner, You’ll see how the liner makes its own water tight gasket around the pipe, Then tighten the stainless steel nut on the stainless steel clamp to secure it in place, Use a razor knife to cut an "X" in the center of the bottom drain opening - in the middle of the drain opening and only as wide as you fist, Lift the points of the "X" to remove the plastic bag that is covering the drain basin and place the gasketed mounting plate on the liner over the drain basin, Lift  as section of the "X" in the liner to visually line up the screw holes of the gasket plate and the drain basin, Using an awl poke down through two of the mounting plate screws holes directly into the screws holes of the bottom drain itself, Remove the mounting plate - inside the "X" - apply a generous amount of silicone on the upper perimeter of the drain basin - including the screw holes, Place the gasket plate back on the liner in line with the holes you use a couple Phillips screwdrivers to hold it in place while you pokes holes through the remaining screw holes, Using the inside rim of the mounting plate as your guide - cut out the liner from inside the drain basin - smooth out any protruding silicone. Although one pond designis not necessarily better than another, there are situations where one ty… When filled with water, the water pressure will flatten out most of the small wrinkles for you. The pond skimmer and bottom drain prefilter are installed 18″ back from the pond’s edge. To create a circular water movement flow – install the main water return in the opposite corner of the same end of the pond as the pond skimmer near the middle depth of the pond. Call or Click Today! This is an example of a koi pond we built that is partially underground and partially above ground. The thing about koi is that their main beauty is seen from the top.

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