Many people mistake knowledge for wisdom because they are intimately related, and this is unfortunate because they are quite different in an important way. Generation Y thinks we know it all. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and information. Answer: Wisdom and knowledge, both recurring themes in the Bible, are related but not synonymous. An education is thought to be the foundational body of knowledge necessary for given professions, where as wisdom is said to be the correct and useful use of whatever knowledge base you happen to have. The difference between knowledge and intelligence is key here. The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom GEORGE WEIGEL This past April 25th marked the fiftieth anniversary of the most important scientific article of the twentieth century: James Watson and Francis Cricks description in Nature of the "double-helix" structure of DNA. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Education / Difference Between Knowledge, Understanding And Wisdom - JAMB & other exams pass (4992 Views) Knowledge VS Wisdom VS Insight. Acquiring knowledge requires no such systems. • Education grows with age. Further Readings: 1. • In order to pursue education, a system has to be followed. Intelligence is the ability to apply knowledge. It is used in making decisions and judgments. Knowledge is really about facts and ideas that we acquire through study, research, investigation, observation, or experience. Question: "What is wisdom? The dictionary defines wisdom as “the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting.”Knowledge, on the other hand, is “information gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintance.” The saying expresses a common view that education doesn't create wise, practical minds. Wisdom is the synthesis of knowledge and experiences into insights that deepen one's understanding of relationships and the meaning of life. Wow this is amazing explanation of knowledge ,understanding and wisdom I was searching to know the difference for a long time .I thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit in you, to teach us further in His word .God will continue to bless you … Knowledge is the collection of skills and information a person has acquired through experience. Wisdom is sort of a sixth sense or special insight that comes from… It includes the raw information, understanding the matter and developing ones skills related to the matter having appropriate resources. Most of us know the difference between knowledge and wisdom but let me briefly give somewhat of a definition: Knowledge is obtaining information from education or studying data that provides answers to many questions. Difference Between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom . Most people have a strong opinion on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Just because someone lacks knowledge of a particular subject doesn’t mean they can’t apply their intelligence to help solve problems. Lastly the difference between knowledge and education is that knowledge is a noun which is gained through experience and education. Knowing what you can and cannot do, helps to make the right choice. What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?" But having both experience and knowledge leads to wisdom. Knowledge has no such predefined growth rate. It is about understanding a particular fact or an event. But there’s a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Difference Between Knowledge, Understanding And Wisdom - JAMB & other exams pass - Education - Nairaland. • Knowledge is the understanding. One is theory and the other method-- education does not assure wisdom. Education is the learning. It’s being aware of something, and having information. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and data that you have learned about or experienced. We go off to college to get a good education, a fancy degree, and then think we know how to do everything right away. There's an old saying that goes, "I wouldn't want to rely on an educated idiot."

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