Rounding out the design, there's a digital readout that sits on the base of the unit. I expect there are international versions that are different. Review: Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool. Would appreciate the advice! So it will blow air. As we said before, the Dyson Air Purifier has two filters in it. . They both offer true HEPA air purifying with a cooling fan option. Alongside the remote, the Pure Cool TP04 has Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can control it with your phone by using the Dyson Link app. Click here to check out our full review of Dyson fans. That's not the case with the Pure Cool series, with the latest TP04 variant offering a polished design aesthetic that will fit right in with the rest of your decor. For the best performance, you’ll want to make sure to replace these filters as soon as the purifier prompts you to avoid particulate build-up or damage to the purifier. The filters are separated and you can replace them with ease. There are a number of custom features, like oscillation, airflow mode, and adjustable fan speed. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. You get all the features as the remote, and there's a detailed breakdown of the air quality and indoor pollutant levels in your home throughout the time the air purifier has been active. The Dyson Link app provides a wealth of control, information, and monitoring for your Pure Cool air purification. In this Dyson Pure Cool TP04 review, I’ll show you whether this nice-looking Dyson air purifier-fan combo is a deal that’s worth a closer look. Click here for the answer! The Pure Cool TP04 air purifier comes with a few features that are designed to make the Dyson truly a high-end air purifier. Large hairs simply won’t be able to make it into the filter area (though they may be sucked onto the exterior of the base if they are near by). It is unique in that it scrubs the air while doubling up as a fan, and there really isn't anything else in the market that can do both. The Dyson TP04 is available in three different colors: The amplifier, commonly referred to as the “amp” is one of the iconic features of most Dyson air purifier. How does the TP models compare with fan power and noise level? You get an LCD panel that gives you a real-time view of the air quality (AQ) in your room, as well as PM2.5, PM10 allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels. You should get a visual indicator on the front display. Dyson’s latest isn’t a ground-up redesign. The version we have here in the US is 120v. To develop the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan, Dyson reviewed numerous international air quality levels. In the future we need to acquire a more advanced unit to test VOCs. Dyson. I did not think I would say this of an air purifier, but the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is beautiful. 5 star 74% 4 star 13% 3 star 4% 2 star 3% 1 star 6% Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 - HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan, White/Silver. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I like the better airflow and lower price of the DP04, but I don’t want to sacrifice air quality. Your choices will not impact your visit. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 can be controlled using a few different methods. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is safe for allergy and dust-sensitive people. But it’s also not cheap. published 11 months ago. I would really like to know if their sensor itself is any good. At $549, the Pure Cool TP04 isn't what you would call affordable. Bottom line: The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 does a fantastic job cleaning PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter and noxious gases. Here’s what our Pure Cool TP04 tests showed: Within 1 hour, the Dyson removed 98% of air particulates from the medium-sized room we tested in (approx. If your Dyson is on auto mode then it’s always at least at level 1 out of 10. Our standalone electronically air quality measuring device reported: PM2.5: 1.7 Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 (Fan): 3.9 out of 5 stars from 62 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Air purifiers have taken on an increased significance in 2020 because of the coronavirus. My sole motivation for this purchase is to pick up bacteria and viral particles… ( which I am getting is just another layer, like a mask… not anywhere near a real solution) it appears that Rabbit has the edge…for this purpose.. Would you agree? Make sure you installed and removed plastic from the filters on the interior. I’d say they are both about the same, Illene. Absolutely not, but I do believe that you get what you pay for in the case of Dyson. You can use the: The display screen is located towards the base of the air purifier and contains a menu, customizable features, and current readings of the air quality in real time. If you're prone to allergens or worried about pollen or particulate matter indoors, the Pure Cool TP04 is a fantastic choice. Discover how you can improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home. Hi ), I am trying to decide between this Dyson and the Rabbit for a psychotherapy office. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Design One of the best things about the Dyson Pure Cool Tower air purifier is that it offers one of the most unique looking designs compared to other options out there. Are you having trouble with the quality of the air you breathe while at home? They include a pair of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. Untreated air is sucked in from the base of the purifier, processed through the filters (Glass HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter) and then redistributed into the room with the help of the radial amp. First off, it’s an air quality sensor. Then it forced out through the top of the filter. AQI: Good (Dyson does not return a numerical AQI; Generally, anything less than 12 is considered good). Air purifiers usually tend to be blocky pieces with a few filters that sit in front of a fan and an outer plastic shell, and as a result, they're not very elegant. Combine that with an elegant design, a digital LCD panel that gives you real-time air quality info, a great remote that attaches magnetically to the unit, and the ability to connect to your phone over Wi-Fi, and you get one of the best air purifiers in the market today. If we run our heater or cook food more particulates are released into the air, which the Dyson almost immediately recognizes, as I can hear it turning onto the highest fan speed to help improve air quality. The air purifier has a 360-degree design for the air intake, with two sets of identical filters located at the front and rear halves of the unit. The smart-capability (ie: connection to the Dyson Link app, smartphone control, and voice control) adds a great value to the usability of this purifier. I can only feel the fan blowing when I am about 5 feet away from it. Modern Castle is supported by readers. Clean air is a guarantee with Dyson's latest air purifier — and you also get an innovative fan system that delivers powerful cooling. Review: Dyson Pure Cool. How well was it able to do what it was designed to do in relation to the cost? RELATED: Want the fan, but don’t need the purifier? Click here to check out our full review of Dyson fans. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. However, we feel that it justifies its high price tag both in terms of design and operations. We perform these tests in our home-based testing lab, meaning that the air is much like the air you’d find in most average homes. Save this story for later. Do you know if I can exchange the power cord for one where the cable is goes down instead of out from the adapter? 2 filters (1 HEPA and 1 activated charcoal), Real-time air quality feedback helps to know when it’s time to bump up fan speed, Auto mode can monitor and adjust the purifying based on air quality, Large amp is great for moving air through larger rooms, Flip through sensor readings (using the “i” button), Controls all the same features and settings that the physical remote control does, Provides real-time air quality monitoring based on your geographic location (ie. At $549 (₹45,900 in India) Dyson's air purifier is one of the costliest options in the market today. This Dyson TP04 air purifier is designed with two functionalities in one unit. stylish 10-speed tower fan that purifies the surrounding air as it helps cool a room The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 does a fantastic job cleaning PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter and noxious gases. Ce modèle 2 en 1 qui fait également ventilateur fait passer l'air par un système de filtration qui capture presque 100% des particules fines, des allergènes et de la pollution. In the image above, you can see the chart showing “AQ” and a “5”. Dyson Pure Cool Me. Having used it for over two weeks, I now understand why it costs so much — you're basically getting two products here. How many watts does the power adapter use? Will the Dyson TP04 detect carbon monoxide and if so will it alert me audibly? Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 - HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan, White/Silver › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. Once we’ve documented the baseline air quality, we run the purifier in a closed room and document the change in air quality after 60 minutes is up. All you need to do is set up an account and stream all the TV shows and movies that Netflix has to offer without paying anything. I believe the design and features on offer justify the pricing, but if you want a more basic option with just air purification, there are a decent number of alternatives around. The Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Cryptomic rehashes the design of the HP04 model that we reviewed earlier in the year, and that’s for good reason. PM10: 2 I just did a quick test of our TP04, which is currently running in my family’s living room as part of an extended test. You'll get an alert on the LCD when the filters need to be switched out, and during regular use, the filters are touted to last up to seven months. Do you know why the TP04 had better test results than the DP04? Derek has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University. Seeing a wide range of data regarding the indoor and outdoor air quality helps you to know when it’s time to turn the purifier up or down. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 looks closely at the features and specs of these multi-tasking machines. Setting up and using the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 was fast and intuitive. How are ratings calculated? The Pure Cool does a fantastic job cleaning noxious gases, pollen, allergens, and particulate matter. With a new generation of gaming comes new games and new hardware, but some of your old controllers can be used with the PS5 — sort of. *. Easily one of our favorite air purifiers we’ve tested to date. The app itself has a clean interface, and you get to change the fan speed, turn the air purifier on or off, set a timer, toggle night mode, set oscillation, switch to auto mode, and select the purification-only option. You'll control most of the features on the Pure Cool TP04 via the bundled remote. For VOCs and NO2 (plus other oxidizing gases) Dyson conducted research in both labs and real homes to calibrate the AQI for actual pollution events seen in homes. At minimum speed, you can just about hear the fan in a quiet room. When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. Dyson V11 Torque Drive vs. Outsize vs. The modes include: One of the more unique features on the Dyson TP04 is the ability to analyze current air quality. You can also just let it do it’s thing by leaving the purifier in “Auto Mode”. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 tower fan rotates 350 degrees, meaning it can inject fresh, cool and clean air into every corner of the room. Is this normal? In addition, if you’ve connected it to the app, you’ll get a notification on the app. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is a large form-factor tower air purifier. It quantifies the air pollution in the room and calculates a detailed, easy-to-read air quality report for you.

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