The Korean government has set the employment rate, rather than the growth rate, as a top priority of the national agenda in order to meet public expectations for “happiness through work.” This shows that the government has embarked on a paradigm shift under which all policies are reviewed from the perspective of job creation. Keynesian policy prescription of managing aggregate demand could not solve both high inflation and high unemployment existing simultaneously. Our country is facing many problems but one of the serious problem is of unemployment. Invariably, when we start debating jobs programs and stimulus spending, people start talking about the long-term problem of government spending. Inflation was at 2.3% one year ago but has since dropped to near 0%. There are a number of ways by which the natural rate of unemployment can be solved. Governments can also employ a contractionary monetary policy to fight inflation by reducing the money supply within an economy via decreased bond prices and increased interest rates. The solution for unemployment is, of course, to create new jobs. In this case reducing the influence of trades unions (or reducing Minimum wages) will help solve this real wage unemployment. Because of the higher inflation, the real wages workers receive have decreased. In 2016, 50,000 to 110,00 jobs per month needed to be created to prevent the unemployment level from rising. The relationship, however, is not linear. Policy regarding seasonal unemployment: Seasonal unemployment is found in agriculture sector … The level of youth unemployment in an African country called Nigeria is high and one of the reasons for that is because of the high corrupt government the country has been under for years now. There are so many ways for solving the unemployment problem. Reserve requirements refer to the amount of cash that banks must hold in reserve against deposits made by their customers. For example, Inflation rate is 18%. Before the recession late 2007, we had 63% of the Non Institutionalized Population Employed 2. Economists generally agree … Can government actually solve the problem of unemployment? Additionally, having stable prices and high demand for products encourages firms to hire workers, which reduces rates of unemployment. “The boom, not the slump,” said Keynes, “is the right time for austerity.” In 1939 dark clouds of war were gathering over Europe, but Keynes saw a silver lining: an opportunity to prove his theory correct. 1. The Phillips curve argues that unemployment and inflation are inversely related: as levels of unemployment decrease, inflation increases. Our country is facing many problems but one of the serious problem is of unemployment. Much like the tax side of things during an economic boom, when inflation is perceived to be a greater problem than unemployment, the government can run a budget surplus. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. 2) Filling all the positions lying vacant and. View how does the government solve the problem of inflation & unemployment.docx from SST 415 at Batangas State University - JPLPC Campus. Before the recession late 2007, we had 63% of the Non Institutionalized Population Employed 2. Can government actually solve the problem of unemployment? The target rate for inflation is 2%. Government Solutions to the Economic Problems The government institutes the following solutions to the economic problems: Among the plans/programs that aim to make the Philippine economy grow is the conversion of the former American naval base, Subic Naval Base into a free port zone under the management of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). Unemployment rates are only one measurement of economic health.

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