We do get a few hints, though—including multiple references to her 40-year sentence. 'Space Force': Lisa Kudrow Joins Steve Carell's Netflix Comedy The 'Friends' alum will recur in the series, due May 29, from 'The Office's' Greg Daniels and Carell. Kudrow’s character spends most of her time in jail, but it’s never revealed what she did to end up in prison. Throughout the first season, Maggie's scenes—she only appears in 5 of the 10 episodes—take place in the prison, and we get basically no idea of what she's done. Credit: Lisa jumped on board before even reading a script. Did she kill someone? Steve Carell just got a new Space Force co-pilot — and she might look a bit familiar to TV fans. Friends star Lisa Kudrow joins Netflix's Space Force alongside Steve Carell. Netflix's latest big comedy, Space Force, is all about the exploration of outer space (duh), and the manpower that makes up the titular newly-formed United States service branch. Therefore, our best guess is at least attempted murder, but most likely murder, brought on by someone pushing her too far. Personal life. Lisa Kudrow is up there with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as one of the great icons of TV comedy. Kudrow plays Maggie, wife to Carell's General Mark Naird who is tasked with heading the Space Force. Share your thoughts in the comments below! But the actress also touches upon her Space Force character. In short, we have no idea why Kudrow’s character in Space Force is in prison? In the series, Kudrow plays Maggie Naird, the wife of Space Force General Mark Naird, played by Steve Carell. SPACE FORCE Trailer (2020) Steve Carell, The Office's Creator New Series© 2020 - Netfix This will probably be one of those long-running jokes where the characters discuss her being in prison and drop hints at the crime she committed, but they never actually confirm it. “Space Force,” Greg Daniels and Steve Carell’s new workplace comedy, will launch May 29 on Netflix with Lisa Kudrow set to play a recurring role in the series, the streamer announced Wednesday. Space Force has a big surprise right at its start when Maggie Naird (played by Lisa Kudrow) goes from living a happy life in Washington, D.C. to being in prison somewhere in Colorado. "But not [in the] first season.”. THE SPY 35m. The show's opening sequence features Mark Naird (Steve Carell), a four-star general, and getting his position and post as the commander of the newly-formed Space Force. Actress Lisa Kudrow revealed she doesn't know why her character in Space Force, the Netflix comedy series, is in prison.The series comes from creator Greg Daniels, most known for his work on beloved sitcoms, such as The Office and Parks and Recreation.Daniels is also the creator behind Upload, another comedy series that premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this year, which recently got … Was it some white collar financial crime? You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Your privacy is safe with us. Armed with weapons that are less than intimidating, Space Force soldiers — led by General Naird — play war games with their Air Force rivals. "She was the perfect Martha Stewart-ish wife, and ended up following the Martha Stewart path even more than she thought.”, Should the show continue onto for more seasons, Daniels feels pretty confident that viewers will get an answer to their question“I think that by the end of the series we’ll find out," he told Collider. Now, Lisa Kudrow has also joined Space Force, proving that two NBC sitcom icons are even better than one.

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