Items you will need. Say goodbye to frequent acid washings. Applying Gelcoat by Brush or Roller – (Use a Brushable Gelcoat): When applying gelcoat by brush or roller, we recommend the Ultra Plus Brushable Gelcoat. Add to compare Compare. It forms the hard, smooth shiny surface of the finished article and is usually pigmented. Penguard HB is a high build, two-pack pure epoxy primer. I was told that marine paint won't stick to a Gelcoat/fiberglass bass boat and would come right off, is this true at all? If you require anti fouling paints - Go no where else! It allows for a much smoother finish and less time finishing the gelcoat. This bundle has everything you need to prep and apply ceramic coating to your brand new boat. Adjust the catalyst level to slow down or speed up gel time. Glidecoat has become the leader in the next generation of top coating protection by using state-of-the-art materials and science. It is so rare to receive such excellent customer service. 4.9 out of 5 stars (47) Total ratings 47, £62.95 New. Marine Maintenance and Repair; Compounds, Glazes & Buff Pads; Gelcoat Finishing System; 3M Gelcoat Finishing System. Cromadex Marine Coatings . Order quart, gallon, and 5-gallon sizes. Protectakote and Safekote. 3M Perfect-It Boat Wax is safe for gelcoat, paint, fibreglass and metals and. Click to Link to Our New Website. If your boat is in saltwater, you know the pain of trying to remove salt from the surface of your boat. of recommended coats:2 (other Gelcoats are best applied by Spray) The Ultra Plus Brushable Gelcoat is designed to self-leveling and is much easier application. Let’s break that statement apart to better understand gel coat and when to use it. Preparation 4.6 out of 5 stars 23. Skipper's Paint & Varnish . Top Our products are environmentally safe meaning once applied there is no contamination or leeching of the product into the water. Helpful, professional and know their products. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Gelcoat Repair at the official West Marine online store. 5. 97. It is quick drying and is available in £26.72 £ 26. Australia's largest marine accessories retailer, est. They are easy to mix, apply and sand. Over time the gelcoat on your boat may start to look old, worn and faded. Can can sanded, cut and polished. The surface is given a wipe down with acetone to remove the wax, and also any splashes that may have got under the tape. When making repairs of dents and dings below the waterline on your boat, it is best to choose a flat marine paint that includes a hard, anti-fouling coat. Copyright © 2020 SML Marine Paints. Glidecoat Shine & Shield is the ultimate wax replacement. Ltd: Rossland House, Headlands Business Park, Salisbury Road, Ringwood, BH24 3PB, Hants. Equipment for gel coat Gel Coat has a higher viscosity (it’s thicker) than paint and has thixotropic properties. The 11" roller tray is heavy duty, reusable and suitable for use with larger rollers and when painting larger areas. Tribos Coatings (Int.) Sika Sikaflex 291 Marine Adhesive Sealant 310ml Black Wood Metal Paint … Application Method: Brush, roller, conventional air spray or high pressure airless spray Many paints, such as Awlgrip, or Interlux topside paints are very easy to apply, look just as good as gelcoat, and require no sanding (if applied correctly). Glidecoat’s Marine Ceramic Coating is a unique product that provides a high-performance surface using nano-ceramic materials. Solvent resistant so will not dissolve or fall apart even when exposed to the strongest two-pack thinner. Each filler is supplied with a hardener. Above the Waterline Marine Paint. Personal Protective Equipment. Even factory new boats will have visible swirl marks and light scratches. Marine Coatings Solutions. We recommend Jotun Penguard HB as an epoxy primer system when painting onto gelcoat as this paint has excellent adhesion to GRP and is also very water resistant, so helps prevent Osmosis if the vessel is left in the water for long periods. No. Thinner    Jotun Thinners No. We custom mix your color and still ship same day! Fiberglass boats come new with a colored gel coat, not actual paint. Glidecoat made my boat have a like-new appearance and the value of the boat has been increased by several thousand dollars. Excellent product and service – cheers. The Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Oxidation Cleaner is not only proven to get rid of oxidation but is also effective in restoring luster and brilliance even in the oldest and most neglect… 3M Perfect-It Boat Marine Wax Gelcoat, Paint, Fiberglass, Metal Wax 473mL 36112. Read our case studies to learn what Glidecoat can do for your boat. Combined with good prices, SML is now my go-to company for quality paint and excellent service. $65.00 $ 65. Flexibility: Very Good Gelcoat Finish vs. Marine Paint for Your Yacht’s Hull. Click here for a video guide on brush-applying gelcoat. Adding color to Neutral gel coat produces bold or dark colors; adding color to a white gelcoat creates lighter, pastel colors. We recommend 2 coats. 4.4 out of 5 stars 73. AU $40.00. Chemical Resistance    Good After degreasing the surface must be sanded down and washed again to remove sanding debris and allowed to dry. You should do a video on repainting step by step of sides and the rest of the boat. 400-grit sandpaper Masking tape Bundle of old newspaper Paint sprayer 2-part epoxy paint (Imron, or similar) Boat wax. They even managed to get a package sent out to me next day when I had come up short on thinners at the end of a long day spraying. I brushed off the mud - the weed went with it, and you could believe the boat had been freshly anti-fouled that day. Osculati Gelcoat Filler White 200g Tin Fibreglass Boat & Caravan Repairs. Paint brush Fine grain sandpaper Hair dryer (optional) If you own a boat, you may know that it is important to give your boat a gelcoat cover to help protect it from leaks and cracks. However, we may contact you, no more than twice a year, to ask about any paint requirements please select how you would like to be contacted: For more information please see our privacy policy. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 3M Perfect-It Boat Marine Wax Gelcoat, Paint, Fiberglass, Metal Wax 473mL 36112. Hardtop XP and HB are a high volume solids, glossy (XP) or satin (HB) two-pack polyurethane topcoat with excellent colour retention. Boat Gelcoat | Marine Gel Coats. Surfaces must be thoroughly degreased using a water soluble degreaser which must be washed off afterwards with clean 4.5 out of 5 stars 26. has a pleasant tropical scent. It is generally less expensive material-wise compared to marine paint and is formulated to be UV protective, so no add-ons are needed. If so, find out about the many advantages of the Glidecoat Professional Certification Program. We have engineered a range of professionally applied products that utilize smart surface nano-technology. 3. Keep up the good work! It is also intended to be built to a total thickness, typically 3-5 mils per coat and 20-25 mils total. The gelcoat on a boat is an outermost layer on the hull of a vessel. Your Selections: Remove Marine Maintenance and Repair Remove Compounds, Glazes & Buff Pads Remove Gelcoat Finishing System Remove Marine Compare up to … Filter Results By 3M Gelcoat Finishing System. Marine Strip is not effective on 2 component, baked-on paints or polyurethane paint and varnish. TotalBoat marine gel coat can be colored prior to adding catalyst. Clean the fiberglass with soap and water and wipe it down with a rag soaked in acetone, and immediately removing it with a clean dry rag. That, combined with very swift delivery, was most impressive. regular touch-ups. TotalBoat marine gel coat can be colored prior to adding catalyst. Burgess Marine. The performance is all the more remarkable since the keels sink into highly abrasive harbour mud every low tide, which scours most coatings off. Gel Coat is a specially formulated two-part Polyester Resin that is intended to be the first layer of resin applied in a mold when making a polyester or vinyl ester composite part. This range of quick setting gelcoat fillers from Plastic Padding are ideal for making repairs to cracks, holes and imperfections on your watercraft. Be sure not to … Let Glidecoat protect your boat while you enjoy it! Wet sand the area to be painted with the 400-grit sandpaper. This item NanotechSST | Speed Guard Marine 500ml | Boat Wax | Instant Gel-Coat & Paint Protection | Fast And Easy Application Compared To Yacht Wax | Can Be Used On Any Hard Surface. Finally, an all-in-one solution for heavily oxidized, chalky, and scratchy gel-coated boat surfaces is now available on the market. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Pioneer Topcoat All the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about products. Tops! Excellent service from you and the company. Unlike gel coat, marine paint requires additional preparation before application. Shop Whitworths range of Gelcoat & Flowcoat and more Fibreglass & Resins online. Application Method: Brush , Roller , Conventional air spray , High pressure airless spray 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting … A must for any marine fibreglass repair. NanotechSST | Speed Guard Marine 500ml | Boat Wax | Instant Gel-Coat & Paint Protection | Fast And Easy Application Compared To Yacht Wax | Can Be Used On Any Hard Surface. Fortunately, with the right tools most anyone can conduct this process, allowing you to save money from hiring a professional to do it. Ideal for brightening gelcoat with dull lustre, restoring shine to metal fixtures, rejuvenating flat or chalky paint dulled by weathering, brightening the surface tiles in stone, terracotta, marble, slate etc. We provide advice, support and coatings for new build and inland marine vessels, dry dock assets, sea stock and offshore facilities. You will need to "scuff up" the surface before painting, and fill any scratches/ gouges to ensure a smooth finish. Sika Sealants & Adhesives. Click to expand... Not so, but you would need a wax-free surface, using a suitable solvent and a quantity of soft rags first, then wet sand with just enough grit to dull the surface, primer then finish coat. Very high water mark resistance is a huge benefit as well, eliminating one of the biggest drawbacks of ceramic coatings in the marine sector. result, delivered swiftly at a very fair price indeed. and exhaust stains. Penguard HB We recommend 2 coats. Now gently paint your activated gel coat over the whole repair, avoiding brush marks and making sure you get a fairly wide coverage. Meguiar's Marine RV 49 Boat Oxidation Remover M4916 473 ml Heavy Duty Cleaner #1 Best Seller Meguiar's Marine RV 45 High Gloss Boat Polish M4516 473 ml . Drying time @ 23°C    8 hours Bonda Gelcoat is a high strength marine grade gelcoat with thixotropic additive for fabrication and repair work on fibreglass. A black plastic roller tray that is available in 4", 9" and 11" sizes. Trade prices on all products, recently manufactured and in stock. If you own a new boat or an older one, maintenance is a key area that you need to constantly focus on. Resin and Glass are generally applied on top of the Gelcoat. Australia's largest marine accessories retailer, est. Color books are available for purchase or rent. Water resistance: Very Good any colour where a durable weather resistant finish is required in aggressive atmospheric temperatures.If painting the inside of the boat an anti-slip We are the #1 source for aftermarket Gel-Coat and the only Gel-Coat refinishing manufacturer in the United States that makes our own products in-house. Excellent - a superb product. Painting directly onto the Gelcoat Gelcoat is not a finishing coat; for fibreglass mould making, it is painted onto moulds/plugs and remains tacky after it cures. FIBRE GLASS-EVERCOAT CO Gel Coat … Hello guys, the customer service I received when I was calling for advice really was excellent, I'll be recommending you to all my fellow boaters. When it comes to boat bottom painting, yacht owners typically have two choices – use a gelcoat finish or go with marine paint. Marine Strip is a must-have for all boat owners, a powerful but easy to use paint stripper for almost any surface on your boat. Polymer Planet Gallons of White Gelcoat with Wax - Isophthalic NP Gel Coat, Fiberglass Marine Boat Repair Sealer - Polyester Base, Coating Surface Protection - with MEKp-925 Hardener Catalyst. 7 or SML Xylene Thinner The bottoms of boats are constantly exposed to barnacles, algae, dirt and micro-organisms. Ideal if you are going to be doing Order quart, gallon, and 5-gallon sizes. Thinner: Jotun Thinners No. Shouldn't be a problem. Ceramic Pro Marine seals the pores of your gelcoat or paint preventing marine growth from staining and rooting into your boat making removal a very easy task. Recommended. Not sure if I should do gel coat or paint. Easy mix liquid catalyst provides maximum reactive resin system. Marine Polytrol eliminates the need for expensive waxes and polishes that sit on the surface and dry out quickly. Glidecoat offers a range of high performance ceramic nano coatings to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment! Next apply a topcoat in the colour of your choosing. Much more durable than normal sandpaper. Thanks to Q²R GelCoat slickness, the daily maintenance of a yacht will become much quicker and easier. Thinner    Jotun Thinners No. Gelcoat combined with fiberglass produces a strong and smooth surface, preventing the hull of the boat weakening. Eighty percent of the job is preparing the boat, 20 percent is applying the finish coat. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! Provides shine and a protective coating on fiberglass, gelcoat, metal. Drying time: @ 23°C 2 hours I have used this company for around 10 years. Marine paint is designed for different environments and surfaces than cars. Recently used SML to order paint for my dutch barge. Curing time @ 23°C    7 days of recommended coats: 2 Reply ~Andy says: January 14, 2016 at 5:30 pm Use it as a stand-alone coating for up to 8 months of protection from UV, acid rain, salt, bugs, and other contaminants or as an aftercare product to extend your ceramic coating application. Drying time: @ 23°C 6 hours Pot life: @ 23°C 4 hours Below the Waterline Marine Paint. 72. All rights reserved. Thanks again. Thank you so much for clear and excellent advise. Our products offer superior protection compared to traditional wax, making maintenance a breeze, allowing you to enjoy all of the fun that goes with owning a boat with less time spent cleaning. Glidecoat offers a range of high performance ceramic nano coatings to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment! Seajet Marine Paints. 2 Options. Primer Reactive Resins Epoxies. SML Xylene Thinner is ideal for use with antifouling and with quick drying single pack acrylic primers and topcoats. Colour Retention: Very Good. Haha gel coat seems as a harder material. 5 Results . Our nano-technology creates a surface that is so smooth that barnacles and other marine organisms cannot grow on them. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Exceptional customer service from start to end. TDS Teak Decking Systems. Color books are available for purchase or rent. Find Your Color Since 1989 , our mission is to supply the very best Gel-Coat for either aftermarket boat repair or building production parts.

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