I'm bound to point out that this is no substitute for good research is aimed, hence targeting. As ever, adding detail make the thing less elegant and flexible, which in this case makes AIDCA non-applicable to selling methods that do not involve a two-way communication, for example, the structure of a sales letter or advert, for which AIDA remains facilitative methods. 'no' in the negotiating section.). There is no relationship other than the transaction. be forever stuck in 'price-issue Limbo'." Try to achieve buy-in from your team and offer involvement to them in the selection and decision process? concession - used in the context of negotiating, when it refers to an aspect of the sale which has a real or perceived value, that is given away or conceded by seller (more usually) or the buyer. (2nd person, 'you must change your mind') confrontation, and creating an artificial sense of majority experience and opinion, where in the third stage the objection can be countered and the benefits reinforced with supposed large-scale evidence, persuading This nearly always caused customers Businessballs does not receive a commission from the providers and authors for recommending the sales methods and theories featured in this sales training guide. of facilitating and helping, as primarily featured in Buying Facilitation. Do you prefer for example: system and process, numbers and logic, people and feelings, facts and figures, concepts and ideas? The internet age gives all buyers the tools to discover crucial market-wide information about product, service, price, value, quality, reliability, reputation, More unusually these days, cold calling can also refer to calling face-to-face for the first time without an appointment at commercial promises or UPDATED POST- Some Models I use for Business Strategy- to analyze the huge reams of qualitative and uncertain data that business generates. Generally an immensely challenging part of the significance, buyers will tend to act as influencers at most. Offer to give presentations to local voluntary groups, schools, anywhere that you can practice, learn and get experience of giving presentations. The method had limited effectiveness a generation or two ago but now the tactic mostly insults people and makes the sales-person look like an idiot. authorship/referencing above. A UPB is essentially a customer-orientated product offer. Establish clear, differentiated roles on your sales team. person being able to agree and confirm requirements and deliverables with the relevant departments of the selling organization. Rarely successful The presentation can take place in widely different circumstances, depending on what suits the prospect. or telephoning, the reason for wanting to meet must be serious and interesting enough, which is why researching and understanding the organization's strategic priorities are so crucial. In a brilliant study by McGladrey of National Association of Manufacturer member companies identified seven specific strategies (listed here in order) you can deploy to grow sales … Then consider cost and feasibility of sales training and learning options that meet your most ideal method(s). It's more involving (of the client) than the essentially one-way prescriptive Seven Steps method, Modern companies realise that it's far more expensive to find new customers than keep existing ones, and so put sufficient investment into looking advantage - the aspect of a product or service that makes it better than another, especially the one in-situ or that of a competitor. The first and simplest tip ever taught to sales people is smile when you are selling - whether that is in person or whilst you are on the phone. (At which the sales person lists all the benefits - the positives, and His ideas and philosophies were many years ahead of their time, and they provide much of the bedrock for what is written here. benefits (even though the central proposition and main perceived benefit remains constant), All sales presentations, whether impromptu (off the cuff) or the result of significant preparation, must be well structured, clear and concise, professionally delivered, and have lots of integrity - the quality and integrity of the presentation is One of … A lesson in changing sales distribution models, and the need for manufacturers and sellers to anticipate changes is found in the switching of book sales and CD Get familiar with the latest strategic frameworks and theories and decide for yourself. to their boss, do you need to refer it? Don't suggest appointments at 9.00am or 4.30pm, or at lunchtime, but if they're offered don't quibble. 13 Sales Techniques to Help Master the Art of Sales, Sales Research Summary of Key Selling Success Factors, Sales Activator Training and Development Games System, Customer, Partner and Stakeholder Management, Suggestion of Similar Opportunity/Application, Letters Template and Sample - for Inventions and Ideas Submissions, 2 - Sales People Must Have Essential Skills, 3 - Focus on Sales: People's Selling Activities, 4 - Encourage and Expand Sales People's Belief in their Own Capabilities, 5 - Sales Leadership that Nurtures and Develops Sales People's Potential, The Product Offer (Or 'Sales Proposition'), Consultative and 'Needs-Creation' Selling, Collaboration, Partnership Selling, and Buying Facilitation®, Tips for Gaining Experience and Learning Sales Skills, Selecting Sales Training Providers and Programs - Template, Books, Articles, and Resources Referenced on this Page, Indicators of Effective Coaching/Training Methods, 1 - Sales Activator® Guide for Sales Team Leaders and Facilitators, 3 - 'Trynamic' Sales Game™ Suggestion Cards, How and Why the Sales Activator® System is Effective in Developing Sales, A Sales Development Method that Sales People Enjoy, How to Make the Most of the Resources within the Sales Activator®, How to Make the Most of the Selling Same™, Trynamic™ Game & Selling Game™ Suggestions Cards, UPSA (United Professional Sales Association) Accreditation, The Sales Activator® - Pricing and Contact Details, suggestions of new selling concepts and sales training methods, tips for selecting sales training providers, sales training methods, courses and programs, Sharon Drew Morgen's 'Buying Facilitation'®, Sharon Drew Morgen's excellent facilitative questioning methodology, ethical business and corporate responsibility, introductory letters structure and template examples, Business Survival and Prosperity Guaranteed - by Paul Hurst, Unleash the Power of Consultative Selling - by Rich Grehalva, Sharon Drew Morgen's Buying Facilitation®, BUSINESS PLANNING AND MARKETING STRATEGY, PROCESS AND TEMPLATES, LOVE AND SPIRITUALITY IN MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS, MARKETING GUIDE, FROM START-UP TO ADVERTISING, NETWORKING FOR SELLING, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND CAREER, Customised, flexible, tailored product and service, Sales function performed by a 'sales-person', Sales function performed by a 'strategic business manager', Seller has strategic knowledge of customer's market-place and knows all implications and opportunities resulting from product/service supply relating to customer's market-place, Delivery service and supporting information and training are typical added value aspects of supply, Strategic interpretation of the customer organisation's market opportunities, and assistance with project evaluation and decision-making are added value aspects of supply, Good lead-time is a competitive advantage, Just-in-time (JIT) is taken for granted, as are mutual planning and scheduling; competitive advantages are: capability to anticipate unpredictable requirements, and assistance with strategic planning and market development, Value is represented and judged according to selling price, Value is assessed according to the cost to the customer, plus non-financial implications with respect to CSR (corporate social responsibility), environment, ethics, and corporate culture, The benefits and competitive strengths of the products or service are almost entirely tangible, and intangibles are rarely considered or emphasised, The benefits and competitive strengths of the product or service now include many significant intangibles, and the onus is on the selling organization to quantify their value, Benefits of supply extend to products and services only, Benefits of supply extend way beyond products and services, to relationship, continuity, and any assistance that the selling organization can provide to the customer to enable an improvement for their staff, customers, reputation and performance day of the week. Any product or service can have completely surprising implications, when an MD or CEO explains their own position. discipline - within the context of an organization this is similar to function, i.e., job role, although a discipline can refer more generally to a capability or responsibility, for example 'financial disciplines', or 'customer service disciplines', Note that SPIN® and SPIN SELLING® methods and materials are subject to copyright and intellectual property control of the Huthwaite organizations of the US and UK. Positivity - The best sales people are happy sales people. and make an appropriate decision whether to buy or not. Extremely advanced form of personal selling, in which the central ethos is one of 'helping organizations and buyers service contract - a formal document usually drawn up by the supplier by which the trading arrangement is agreed with the customer. The sales person's attitude towards the pa is very important. Can incorporate a video and/or physical demonstration Most modern in-house or long-term out-sourced call centres are effectively customer service centres or departments, containing staff dedicated to telesales and customer services activities. numbers as extra people often appear at the last minute - see the, Prepare a checklist of questions or headings that will ensure you gather all the information you need from the meeting, Think carefully about what you want to get from the meeting and organise your planning to achieve it, Smile - be professional, and take confidence from the fact that you are well-prepared, Introduce yourself - first and last name, what your job is and the company you represent, and what the your company does (ensure this is orientated to appeal to the prospect's strategic issues), Set the scene - explain the purpose of your visit, again orientate around your prospect not yourself, eg "I'd like to learn about your situation and priorities in this area, and then if appropriate, to explain how we (your own company) approach these and never sustainable. certainly applicable to 'consumer' selling (B2C) and will be more so where order values are significant, and where buying decisions are more complex and protracted, for example in selling property and large financial products. to buy', not selling to them. Neil Rackam's SPIN Selling® model is a fine example of a consultative selling process and 'needs-creation selling'. volumes, and lower selling costs from economies of scale. For most people this convinces them of the value in your product." business, marketing and communications. You will soon develop skills, experience, and confidence that will be desirable to many sales employers, although you might quickly All these areas directly relate to process. are relevant to the prospect. If the product or service then appears to closely match our needs and/or aspirations, and resources, particularly if it is special, unique, or rare, we begin to desire it. In days gone by a Sales person's expertise was measured almost Many … implementing the decision. items." The aim is the appointment not the sale. Sales Theories - The 7 P’s of a Successful Sales Person, download a copy of our sales courses prospectus. to tell me what they were seeking and allowed me to help them." ", The negative close: "I'm sorry but due to the holidays we can't deliver in the three weeks after the 15th, so we can only do it next week, is that okay? Forget the above and you will NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - A very accessible branch of psychology developed by Bandler and Grinder in the 1960s. Observe politicians and business people being interviewed on TV; they demonstrate good and not so good sales techniques when they attempt to persuade, build credibility, answer questions, overcome objections, etc. Research what is available. open/opening - the first stage of the actual sales call (typically after preparation in the Seven Steps of the Sale). prospect type might look something like: "You can now give your children important educational access to the Internet at home, if you know nothing about computers, and don't even have room for one.". If you're not feeling good, don't force it or you'll waste the call and feel worse. Good modern sales people tend to be more rounded and grounded people than a generation ago. This implies in turn that the sales person has a good understanding of the selling organization's strategy, capabilities, costs, prices and margins, so as to know what is realistically achievable, strategically desirable, and commercially viable. The analysis below refers both to the development in recent decades of what customers require from the selling function, why the question is important, and then by answering as helpfully as possible, In modern selling, even using the traditional Seven Steps process, every sales person's aim should be to prepare and conduct the selling process so well that there are few if any objections, and no need for a close, The best close these days is something like "Are you happy that we've covered everything and would you like to go ahead? to agree the survey or audit parameters: exactly what is to happen, how it is to be done, whether a cost is attached (rarely, but can be if significant expertise and input is required), a completion date, who is to be involved, and what the output When you select your sales training methods and providers it helps to follow a process - and ideally to create a training specification - rather than working purely from instinct. details, contacts, sales history and account development. Also referred to a sales call (for any sales visit or phone contact), or cold call (in the case of a first contact without introduction described as above-the-line (media advertising such as radio, TV, cinema, newspapers, magazines) or below-the-line (non-'media' methods or materials such as brochures, direct-mail, exhibitions, telemarketing, and PR); advertising agencies generally ", The challenge close: "I know most men wouldn't be able to buy something of this value without consulting their wives - do you need to get your wife's permission on this?.." Everyone, Give them time to show you how they sell. See the NLP page. So if instead of looking at the product from the seller's viewpoint, we look at the need, from the customer's viewpoint, and 'how...?' Customers/clients/prospects Please reference authorship and copyright of material used, including link(s) to Businessballs.com and the material webpage; see  of selling, no call is adequately prepared for, and sales that fail to happen are due to this failing. ", or "We can do the T50 model in silver, and we have a T52 in white - which one would you prefer? said he was from 'central government', working on a 'policy piece' about e-learning, and could I give him a call back. During all these steps, follow-up is a key factor, which many sales-people forget or treat too casually. to work for a professional, good quality organization. Product Knowledge – Some of the best sales people we have seen (especially in the technical industry) are ex-engineers. It could be that the decision-maker is advising Some call/contact centres are now such vast business units that they warrant being 'off-shored' Again, please remember - Sharon Drew's Morgen's Buying Facilitation® is not a technique to add to conventional selling methods for the purpose of 'persuading' or 'influencing' the other person. so too will houses and buildings. Getting attention is more difficult than it used to be, because people are less accessible, have less free time, and lots of competing distractions, so think about when it's best to call. The passion you carry for what you do and what you are selling is a selling point in itself. B2B (business-to-business) sales distribution models have their own shape, again dependent on products and services, customer markets, technology, plus other influences such as economical Sales and selling terms, and early sales and selling theories appear first in this article; the most advanced sales methods and ideas are at the end of the section. And then you're into the questioning phase, which has already been outlined in the Seven Steps of the Sale. 44 2: Sales Strategies Figure 2.2 Hierarchy of the marketing plan Objective 2 Objective 3 Strategy C Tactic A1 Tactic A3 Strategy B Objective 1 Strategy A Tactic A2 SELL_C02.QXP 12/10/05 15:33 Page 44 ISBN: 0-558-13856-X Selling and Sales … be warned that LAMP® and Strategic Selling® methods and materials are not to be used in the provision of training and development products and services without a licence. If it looks interesting and credible and worthy, the pa will show it to the boss. These days selling should more than ever focus on helping people, which of course has additional implications for your choice of organization, and the products and services that you choose to represent. In our lifetimes perhaps opening benefit statement/OBS - traditionally an initial impact statement for sales people to use at first contact with prospect, in writing, on the phone or face-to-face - the OBS generally encapsulates the likely strongest organizational Purchasers of all sorts are more interested in buying, not being sold to. Use with extreme care, for fear of looking like a clumsy desperate fool. whose activities need to be planned to meet sales demand. SPIN Selling® was developed by Neil Rackham in the 1970s-80s, from his extensive 12-year study into successful selling behaviour in 20 So consider and learn about other aspects of modern business, management, and self-development that interest you, and extend this principle to your people if you are a sales manager or coach. Sales Promotion Theory is the study of increasing short-term sales revenue. ideas about facilitative communications and methods. they use to promote their courses. Seek qualified advice for any action entailing potential liabilities. These Some trainers talk about PMA - Positive Mental Attitude - and suggest that this is some kind of magic that anyone can simply turn on and off at will. Since the 1990s when the call centre function became de-humanised and obsessively cost-driven by many large corporations the nightmare scenario largely applies. The underlying philosophy of Open Plan Selling is helping and enabling rather than persuading and influencing, which represented a major departure from traditional selling 'push' or 'pull' models. from the product or services being proposed. arrangement - a requirement for and outcome of this level of selling - is seen as an advantage by seller and buyer, because it brings extra intangible benefits of co-operation and support other areas of the customer's business, eg., The sales person is responsible for writing the sale proposal, which should reflect the findings of the survey. If you don't feel like smiling, then don't do any sales calling - do some paperwork instead until you cheer territory - the geographical area of responsibility of a sales person or a team or a sales organization. If you decide to start your own small sales business - which I urge you to do if you cannot get the experience elsewhere - think carefully about what you want to sell, to whom, and how. Low-Cost Provider Strategy - Does a low-cost provider strategy … Learning opportunities for improving your understanding of selling are all around you, everywhere, on the internet, in books, magazines and articles. basis. negotiating theory, rules and techniques. See 'hard contacts' and more details about both terms in networking situations within business networking section. sales person, so the influencers' needs in these areas are actually part of the organizational needs of the prospect company, The presentation must include relevant evidence of success, references from similar sectors and applications, facts and figures - all backing up the central proposition, Business decision-makers buy when they become satisfied that the decision will either make them money, or save them money or time; they also need to be certain that the new product/service will be sustainable and reliable; therefore the presentation (R Hepburn - 17 Jun 2009), "Shops and retailers normally requiring customers to visit personally to pay and take away goods can significantly increase their business by advertising and offering a telephone-ordering and delivery service." Traditional methods - most of which continue to draw on the ideas and concepts contained in Dale Carnegie's 1937 book, tend to encourage sales people, or others seeking to persuade and influence, to use knowledge about the other person's (or customer's) the buyer that he/she (if failing to buy) is isolated and deprived of the benefits others are enjoying. It may be possible for the sales person to involve an influencer or decision-maker in the drafting of the proposal, so that it is framed as suitably as possible to meet the requirements of the prospect organization. selling is done online and remotely by telephone rather than by expensive face-to-face selling, field-based sales people's territories are much bigger, and can be entire countries or continental regions. A UPB is your USP from the customer's perspective, in other words, what your USP means to your customer, which is a very different way of approaching selling than from the traditional angle of seller-oriented USPs. A sales report can be required weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, and often includes the They need help with their own processes of evaluation and assessment, decision-making, communications, and implementation, which traditional 'consultative selling' alone is unable to address in a true and meaningful sense. When combined in this way it helps to build initial relationships with helpful people in the prospect organization, and the sales person can collect additional useful information that would otherwise be missed or not passed on sales people and their skills, and the product/service, but the venture fails because the positioning is wrong. When you ask probing questions, suggest The sales person will have won the sale partly by virtue of The fundamental definition of any sales strategy — the definition that business and sales leaders need to understand first and foremost — is that a sales strategy is a methodical plan devised to effectively … ", You say,"I'd like to submit a strategic proposition to (company) concerning (briefly describe your area of interest using professional straight language, but do not go into great detail, and try to use a description that is unlikely to attract the response: (A Swan - 23 May 2009), "If you are dealing with changing stock - know your inventory." agreement for the sale. Sales distribution should be appropriate to the product and service, and the end-user market, and the model Sellers must therefore adapt their own sales and negotiating methods and styles to support and fit households. The 'important educational' reference is an example of developing the UPB further, ie., that your children's education will be improved. If you would like more information please feel free to download a copy of our sales courses prospectus or contact us today. It is a simple and effective (and segment/market segment - a sub-sector or market niche; basically a grouping that's more narrowly defined and smaller than a sector; a segment can be a horizontal sub-sector across one or more vertical sectors. First it comes down to knowing the target market segment, or the targeted prospect type, extremely well. See decision-makers, and the buying techniques page. (L Ouaknine - 28 Jul 2009), And another suggestion from C S Viswanathan, summarised as follows: "Consider making food and refreshments available if you are selling to customers who visit a showroom or retail premises, especially if the buying decision can take a while (for example

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