Then whiteboard animation is the answer for you. Can create MP4s or animated GIFs in a click. When promoting your video, spit test it to measure its engagement. They will also help you with the. So there is a chance that you may be in constant communication with people you will never meet in person – miscommunication can lead to mistakes and time wasted. How to Make a Successful Whiteboard Video Step by Step? When measuring the video’s effectiveness on your website, you should consider using a video hosting platform such as Wistia. Ensure the lighting is consistent and add any relevant credits or logos. 3 sections • 14 lectures • 1h 14m total length. Whiteboard animation is surprisingly straightforward and it costs much less than you might expect. Show off features that make your product or service desirable. A professional whiteboard animation company would allow for total customisation of your whiteboard animation, guaranteeing you are represented precisely how you would like. A catchy page heading along with some copy explaining why the user should watch the video. It saves time! They themselves recommend keeping your brand videos under 30 seconds and more complex clips, such as the majority of whiteboard animations, between 30 seconds and five minutes depending on necessity. Understandably, Facebook also want to keep people on their site as long as possible, so watch time also plays a major role. This gives you the added benefit of playing around and reshaping them into whatever form you want. In this 2.5-minute clip for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s introduction to scenario planning, the team here at Spiel did a great job at creating some strong metaphorical imagery to communicate the brand’s messages. Non-profit educational organisation the Khan Academy have been producing a series of low-budget, yet highly successful, blackboard animations. For multiple potential futures, they mapped out every possible move in an ongoing game of chess. Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘What’s the catch?’. Good Job Friend. ), then easily replicable whiteboard (or blackboard) videos are perfect! Tip: If you do adopt A/B testing, we recommended not going for very expensive animation styles as editing them can be costlier. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to create professional whiteboard animations even if you’re not an animator or an artist and can’t draw anything! A good creative team will be able to take a list of your product’s features and benefits and translate them into a compelling, impactful narrative, as well as offer tips on how to choose the perfect voiceover. Such pieces can be fun or serious, short or lengthy, but what they all have in common is that they stay clear and understandable by the audience. Something I also admire about this video is its use of interconnecting drawings. promo. This will tell you if the agency is the right one for you. It is for Baker Hughes, a leading oil and gas field services company. If you add it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., make sure that it is properly optimised for each specific platform so you can track its success with their built-in analytics tools. Check out this example to see one of the earliest versions of whiteboard video: Nowadays you will find most whiteboard video companies combining digital effects and post-production software with the traditional whiteboard format. Quells ay objections they might have about your product or service, Can be published in the locations where it will have the greatest impact. And no one wants to watch a video with just features and benefits. It is not completely necessary, but when utilised effectively it can really liven your video. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, you can have frustratingly unprofessional results. In whiteboard animation we can change background color ,and we get several options. Whiteboard videos are traditionally made by simply recording the artist live as he or she draws the content for the video, while simultaneously narrating the story. Be aware that sensory words (‘he is having a rough day’) are more effective than ordinary words (‘he is having a difficult day’). You can make it easier for yourself by using software with prebuilt templates. That’s right, whiteboard animation is scientifically proven to boost viewer retention on average by 15% and increase their willingness to share by 66% when compared with traditional ‘talking head’ videos! RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), a British organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges, have been producing a series of whiteboard animations since 2008 entitled RSA Animates. The results were graphed in this chart: While this is a helpful study, it is only really valid for whiteboard animations on your website landing pages. The answer to that is Whiteboard Animation. If you would like to discuss your idea further, you can get in touch with our whiteboard animation company on 0208 891 2077. Whiteboard Animation tutorials – What you should know. It can take months or even years to fully master whiteboard animation software, so you may lose money in the long run. The script is a story: build a compelling narrative that your customers can relate to and would want to go along with. Here is an example of a more recent digital whiteboard animation: ‘When we look at photo-realistic objects like a TV advertisement using real footage,’ explains Carla Clark, PhD, ‘our brain interoperates that by matching what we see in photo realism to more simplistic 2D and 3D forms in the brain. Whiteboard Animation Pack If you are creating something comprehensive, large, deep and detailed Whiteboard animation pack is the best solution. These include everything that we recommended adding to your homepage: the page heading, the visual cue, the thumbnail image and the call to action. So, before devising the content of your video, always familiarise yourself with your target platform’s best practices. Yet the ones listed here are indeed among the most egregious. The short answer is yes. Add music from their library or import your own. It can be cost effective if you have a creative streak in you and if you purchase the right software. Results: This whiteboard video has had over 100 million views on YouTube and, in little over a year, RSA Animates was the number one non-profit YouTube channel. Course Content Introduction –> 13 lectures • 33min. For example, if viewers watch 25% of your 10-minute video, you will have gained 2.5 minutes’ watch time. Do they have a physical office and are they willing to meet with you? To represent different unforeseen events in the future, they used face down playing cards which were subsequently flipped over one at a time. Get more details inside. This is particularly important for the first few videos (if a series is planned to be produced). Here is how you can create a whiteboard animation that will give you the results you desire: In order to make this decision easier, we have listed out all of the pros and cons in both cases: However, always make sure to ask first. Apply filters to make the paper look very white and the lines very back. Best Whiteboard Animation Software To Do It Yourself? promo and introduction 3 lectures • 12min. This article helps me to gain some knowledge. Therefore, we’re wired to pay greater attention to the dimensional rendering of whiteboard animation.’, “We’re wired to pay greater attention to the dimensional rendering of whiteboard animation.”. Anyone interested in creating Whiteboard Animations Anyone who is creative and a storyteller Anyone who creates videos; Show more Show less. That way you can know for certain what resonates best with your audience and use it to reduce the bounce rate of future videos. At Spiel, we ensure our clients can communicate directly with both the project manager and the creative director as well as meet them face-to-face. Using your video software, speed up the video so that it synchronises with your voiceover. When in the capable hands of professionals, modern technology can improve upon traditional techniques and turn whiteboard videos into a whole new experience, creating dynamic characters and an even more engaging story. 00:47. People love animated characters and you can place them in all sorts of situations that would be impossible for real humans. 20+ Experts have compiled this list of Best Whiteboard Animation Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2020. An example could be: ‘I want to increase the customer conversion rate of my homepage by 20%.’. But before I get on to optimising your video length for external platforms, I have 1 more tip for your landing page whiteboard animations: From experience, I would strongly recommend making them longer than 30 seconds. This course is about Doodle videos,If you make a normal video it doesn’t look good, and If you are creating doodle videos, it looks good. The simplest drag and drop doodle video creator available! Download your video locally as an mp4, wmv, mov, avi or share it directly on social media. Before we go into detail on all of the steps involved in making a whiteboard animation, here are 3 of the best whiteboard animation maker tools currently available online if you are planing to make your video yourself. You want them to effectively tell a story about your business, which, in most cases, is impossible in such a short time. Telling a story through simple videos is a lot better than constantly talking or showing sentences worth of information on a PowerPoint presentation. When choosing the artist, make sure that they have a voice that will resonate with your audience (for example, if you are a teenage streetwear brand, probably best not to use an elderly woman’s voice – unless you have a very good reason). There is no chance for miscommunication with external people. What is Whiteboard Animation & What Are its Uses? Check to see if this is a service they provide. Here are some further reasons why whiteboard animation is such an effective communication tool: Now that you know why whiteboard animation works, let’s look at a couple of real-life examples to see how it has helped companies grow their business. Do you feel they sufficiently understand your message and business needs? Here is a whiteboard video example that we put together for the Natural History Museum in London. Weigh up the benefits of making your video longer than this, i.e. If you are looking for a simpler software tool which requires having little to almost no animation experience, then check out VideoScribe, Animaker, Explaindio, GoAnimate and Doodly to see which one works best for you. Visualise your script and draw multiple sketches for each sentence. Hiring a professional voiceover artist can cost a few hundred pounds depending on experience. Renderforest a free whiteboard animation software makes it intuitive to create unique and interesting whiteboard animation shorts. QUICK IMPACT: Your message is delivered and understood in less than 2 minutes. Have a question about whiteboard animation or helpful suggestion? Whiteboard animations are suitable for any topic from educational videos to marketing content.. They’re easy to create yourself. Good whiteboard animations tell a compelling story that the viewer can relate to. They provide in-depth engagement metrics. See more ideas about easy drawings, drawings, drawing tutorial. Comes with customisable themes that relate to different occupations, industries and environments. Well, the simple fact is: there is none. Prices from $39 per month or $299 per year. As a rule of thumb, between 90 and 120 seconds is ideal. Below are a few additional pointers to take into consideration when creating your artwork: Having a continuous, interconnecting drawing without many breaks will really hold your audience’s attention. is this extra information worth the extra time and money required to make it? You won’t know how to achieve your mission if you don’t understanding why you are not already achieving it. If you are not satisfied with its play rate, simply make adjustments until you hit upon a formula that works. Ultimately, lowering your risk and, most importantly, increasing your sales. It is a great example of how you can produce a high volume of whiteboard videos at a low cost without sacrificing their effectiveness. It is that simple. whiteboard animation tutorials can help you create engaging videos for your business in a short time without using many resources. They are fun! John is an account manager at Spiel, a London-based agency, who is always looking for news ways to boost his clients' presence online. So, if you are trying to squeeze 2 minutes of information into a forty second video because you are worried your viewers will move on, don’t, just make sure that it is under that 2-minute mark. This is a great example of a digital whiteboard animation from the team here at Spiel. Those that only give quotes based on basic features, such as the duration of the animation, are shying away from taking the full collaborative approach. Things like webpage bounce rates, how long visitors spend of each webpage, your landing page conversion rates and how well specific features engage your website visitors. You can source inexpensive songs, including commercial licenses to use them, at Audio Jungle. Its uses range from television and internet advertisements, software and product demonstrations both internal and external, whiteboard animation tutorial and educational videos for all ages, and an array of artistic possibilities such as fictional storytelling. There are no two opinions that video marketing, including whiteboard animation, is going to grow continuously. At Spiel, we provide a complete, easy-to-follow and cost-effective strategy for A/B split testing to our clients, both for their video and for the landing pages on which it will appear on. Are you looking for a proven way to engage more people with your product or service? If your business could benefit from regular, engaging content (how could it not? Hi everyone, today I will show you how to use Whiteboard Animation in GoAnimate. The more time you have to focus on your business, the more successful it will be. £18 per month / £96 per year / £398 one off payment. Having objective evidence gives you a great advantage. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with a whiteboard animation. With survey tools like Qualaroo and Survey Monkey, you can gather more subjective data like key objections and audience demographics. It utilises effects such as time-lapse and stop-motion to bring stories to life. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing your own bespoke images or simply don’t have the time, don’t worry. A professional whiteboard animation company would allow for total customisation of your whiteboard animation, guaranteeing you are represented precisely how you would like. Answer any frequently asked questions and objections that came up in your customer feedback. For maximum visibility, the whiteboard video should be placed near the top of your website homepage. Sign up for Exclusive Video Marketing Tips? Prove your legitimacy by showing companies you have already worked with.

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