It uses a (D) 5/32 drill for a depth of 0.188” and a (C) 1/8 drill all the way through the hole until you reach the 3/8 selector switch hole. center of where the safety selector Diagram & Blueprint Below is a pic of the hammer pin hole being drilled… below are items that make the job easier, but they aren’t required. Hammer pin hole 5/32 drill size from both sides. Savings: $4.00 (Out of Stock) (3) TROY AMBI SAFETY SELECTOR SEMI BLK MSRP $55.00 .       - (E) 3/8 Drill If you searching for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. during the project. Before I drilled these holes, I wanted to make some clearance for the drill on the front trigger guard pin hole. This drill is used for the front and rear take down pin holes. I used a 0.216” diameter transfer punch… Just be sure to take your time, and always remember to measure twice and cut once. He drilled a third pin hole in the receiver with a “random sized” drill bit. Gun Addiction is an Instagram account and he posted a photo of his “cosmetic” modification. avoid any possible problems. The 80% AR15 lower receiver is now 100% complete firearm. And here’s a pic showing the center mark… $71.88 $67.14 Sale. Using the block will insure the area you are about to drill is flat. I will need the receiver back in the jig to use this method. Some people get The “taller” lever and offset allow you to use the top of your thumb to move the selector back to SAFE. Nonetheless, I hope that it reviews about it J P Enterprises Ar 15 Adjustable Reversible Ambidextrous Safety Selector Adjustable Reversible Selector will end up It’s a little bigger than what is called out on the blueprint, but in my experience I would rather have this hole a hair bigger because the last thing you want is the spring or detent getting stuck in this blind hole. 0000001546 00000 n All information contained in this tutorial is for educational purposes.   - Cutting Fluid (WD-40) Check out the videos below. Today we are going to be finishing an AR-15 lower receiver from the G150 kit from Polymer80. There are several ways to complete an 80% lower. Again I locked the spindle in with the (F) #40 drill touching the center marked surface and set the drill depth to 1.125”… 80% lower AR-15 completion using the 80% Arms Easy Jig gen 1 . To better support the jig and receiver, I used a Columbian Clamp. Doing this will make 0000020116 00000 n       - (L) 1 3/16 - 16 Tap ... 1/4" end mill - This is the size needed to work with the Easy Jig. or tap to use in each location. Figure 1 I scribed a line that was 0.748” from the left side of the receiver to the hole location… But I will soon give the lower a black anodize finish. 0000014255 00000 n After the detent hole is drilled, it Below is a pic showing my setup during the drilling process… �(���˛�oz4��ͪזB���n�����������9=���h����v4O��Y�Vk�4����������K�>>���\ys�:�jH� N����܁ �v�[��) ������[��_���/KPy0���z���rw��ٛ?���������x���eg~�>��8���� He sells the nicest the pivot pin hole through at 0.000-0.000. The next step was to drill the hole… Tooling Now, slowly turn the receiver over while holding your hand under the freshly vacated spring hole to catch the safety detent that will fall free.   - Bubble Level Schmid Tool Engineering Corp Ar 15 Safety Selector Oval Head Reviews : Get best Schmid Tool Engineering Corp Ar 15 Safety Selector Oval Head With Quality. and side of the tap. Rev. As the sides of .308 and AR-10 style lower receivers are not controlled or consistent, using them as a means of mounting the lower into a jig can result in a misaligned fire control group pocket and trigger slot, misaligned safety selector holes, or misaligned hammer and trigger pin holes. 0000017129 00000 n On my 80% lower I had to clean up the smaller of the two areas for my detent to rise far enought out to engage the safety. style 80% lowers ***, Outline: To locate the drill to the pre-drilled hole, I simply kept moving the jig and turning the drill until the drill was even on all sides of the hole.   IV. Date: 6/5/07, *** To see how well everything lined up, I inserted the (B) 13/64 drill into the jig and it slid right through the receiver without any problems at all. And below is what the receiver looks like aligned in the jig ready to be drilled… I also used a 2x4 that was 7.25” long to support under the buffer tower… AR-15 Selector Detent Spring Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing a 3-5 business day delay in shipping packages. III. The safety selector switch is attached to a small cylinder that runs above the trigger. 80% forged receivers I’ve ever seen. The last step is to drill the trigger guard pin holes. Below is a pic of this hole being drilled… I had to use a piece of board for the block and jig to set on since my drill table wasn’t large enough… The optional items in the Tools Used list       - (K) 1/4 - 28 Tap The CNC jig takes all the guesswork out of finishing this project. 416, mr556 236687 detent, fire control s, hk416/m. Large, "can't miss", selector pad gives fast, sure operation. Which he intends to weld a pin inside. ( do not drill straight through ) Safety selector hole 3/8 drill bit from both sides. Next I used the (D) 5/32 drill. ... Once you have the safety selector holes sized correctly you can install the 5/32" drill bit and do the same process for the trigger/hammer pin holes. 0000001312 00000 n ( do not drill straight through ) Trigger pin hole 5/32 drill size from both sides.   - Dremel Tool w/ Grinding Stone & Sanding Bands. Seekins Precision ambidextrous safety selector kit. on the pics below to download pdf files It uses a (D) 5/32 drill for a depth of 0.188” and a (C) 1/8 drill all the way through the hole until you reach the 3/8 selector switch hole. Then I set the travel distance of the drill press to 1.500” while the drill bit was still touched off on top of the jig… it. So I've assembled my lower and my safety selector seems to have a lot of play in it. As you probably noticed several of the holes in the AR15 lower receiver are not critical at all. The drill press was operated at the lowest spindle speed of 540 RPM’s throughout this project. AR Lower Receiver Step-by-Step Chapter 3 15 Next is the hole for the safety selector. I decided to start with the (A) 1/4 drill. 416, mr556 236687 detent, fire control s, hk416/m. %PDF-1.3 %���� To accomplish this, I touched the drill off on the top surface of the jig and locked the spindle in that position…   - Sharpie Marker       - (H) 1 1/8 Drill ADD TO CART. IV. I used a (F) #40 drill for this hole. It is right above the selector switch in the photo above. Quick View. Using the 3/8” drill bit, drill the selector hole. This fully ambidextrous safety selector from … After drilling all three holes remove the lower from the vise and carefully inspect it using the inspection drawing. ... 1/4" end mill - This is the size needed to work with the Easy Jig. 0000008223 00000 n The In this tutorial I will demonstrate how easy it is to complete an 80% AR15 lower receiver using the CNC Gunsmithing jig. Below is what it looks like after the hole is drilled… Hammer pin hole 5/32 drill size from both sides. I wrapped emery sand paper around the shaft of a smaller drill bit and lightly sanded it. Here’s a pic showing that…  So to solve this problem, I decided to just turn the drill chuck by hand while applying a little down pressure on the drill bit. Take the same precautions when drilling this hole as taken with the front take down pin detent hole… Add to Wish List. The pic below shows the pistol grip on the lower ready to have the hole location marked… This can be installed in either the 57 degree or 90 degree lever throw options. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Kinetic Development Group SCAR Talon Ambi 45/90 Safety Selector Kit - BLK. Some of the interesting things about this kit are that all of the tool and the required jig are included, and the polymer is a lot easier to mill out for a first time 80% build. If you happen to get this hole off location a little bit, you can simply open up the hole that’s in the pistol grip itself. On that cylinder, there is a rectangular indentation. Ar15 Safety found in: CMMG AR-15 LPK with Ambidextrous Safety Lower Kit, MagPump .223/5.56 AR-15 Magazine Loader Polymer 60/rd, Geissele Automatics Trigger Super 3 Gun Trigger (S3G) Mil-Spec Pin Size 05-152, Lantac Ultimate.. Pins trailer << /Size 164 /Info 125 0 R /Root 138 0 R /Prev 493020 /ID[<1148f137a8bba987b7e9b08693d4fe86><1148f137a8bba987b7e9b08693d4fe86>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 138 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 126 0 R /JT 136 0 R /PageLabels 124 0 R >> endobj 162 0 obj << /S 121 /T 187 /L 239 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 163 0 R >> stream I then used a center punch to mark the locations of the two holes… Although viewing those projects is neat, it’s usually not possible for the average guy to use CNC equipment to complete his lower. worried about tapping this hole, but it’s not a big deal at all. Rationale and ignorance is not something the ATF takes kindly. I drilled both holes while the jig was laying on the left hand side of the receiver. make sure they are good and sharp to The bottom larger channel is.141", while the upper part of the channel is.124" instead. take If you don’t have a 3/8” rod insert the, shank (smooth portion) of a 3/8” drill through the jig wall and into the lower So in theory, you really don’t need the 0.748” scribe line if you use the 0.216” diameter punch. I will once again use the 2 line scribe method. ... Once you have the safety selector holes sized correctly you can install the 5/32" drill bit and do the same process for the trigger/hammer pin holes. I applied cutting fluid to the drill before drilling each hole. After the detent hole is drilled, it … Re-attach the Fire Control Pocket Top Plate with the routing pocket located over the fire control pocket area. Size Diagram and AR15 blueprint. If you’re looking for an AR-15 Safety Selector such as an Ambi / Ambidextrous Safety Selector, Short Throw Safety or Mil-Spec Safety for your AR, you’ve come to the right place. Tutorial: I started with an 80% AR15 lower receiver from Kevin (Email: Next, I used the (C) 1/8 drill to drill the front and rear trigger guard pin holes. With a little patients anybody can do it. With CNC, the machine controls everything, so there’s no human error, thus you can run at higher spindle speeds. The next step in the 80% lower project is to drill the buffer tube hole out to

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