The hot winds which prevail during the summer in some of the other colonies are unknown in Queensland. Towards the end of the period, however, during the deposition of the Portlandian beds, the sea again retreated, and in the early part of the Cretaceous period was limited (in France) to the catchment basins of the Sane and Rhnein the Paris basin the contemporaneous deposits were chiefly estuarine and were confined to the northern and eastern rim. If at first the members of the council thought that Kutuzov was pretending to sleep, the sounds his nose emitted during the reading that followed proved that the commander-in-chief at that moment was absorbed by a far more serious matter than a desire to show his contempt for the dispositions or anything else--he was engaged in satisfying the irresistible human need for sleep. During these wanderings, Pierre noticed that he was spoken of now as the "Seeker," now as the "Sufferer," and now as the "Postulant," to the accompaniment of various knockings with mallets and swords. "How is Uncle Henry?" During the next few years the kingdom alternated between Eric and Anlaf until 954, when Eadred finally succeeded in establishing his power. Boris on the contrary at once found his footing, and related quietly and humorously how he had known that doll Mimi when she was still quite a young lady, before her nose was broken; how she had aged during the five years he had known her, and how her head had cracked right across the skull. A fort had already been placed there during the Roman siege of Capua, in order, with Puteoli, to serve for the provisioning of the army. During this fast they abstain from the gratification of every appetite and passion whatever. During the separation the synod of Philadelphia decreased from twentysix to twenty-two ministers, but the synod of New York grew from twenty to seventy-two ministers, and the New Side reaped all the fruits of the Great Awakening under Whitefield and his successors. Here are some examples. Kiera's tears stopped sometime during the hours of explanation and history lessons Evelyn gave. The judicial powers are vested in a high court and other federal courts, and the federal judges hold office for life or during good behaviour. High quality example sentences with “during my tenure” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. During dinner, we talked about school. Napier lived, too, not only in a wild country, which was in a lawless and unsettled state during most of his life, but also in a credulous and superstitious age. During the same year, however (according to some, two years later, under Pompey's new law), Scaurus was condemned on a charge of illegal practices when a candidate for the consulship. 3. Watching Sam drool over him – especially during a job interview – left Carmen feeling uncertain about the girl. I And I_ Both Show A Considerable Range Of Values, Even At The Same Place During The Same Season Of The Year. Her translator had been lost during restless sleep then crushed in her pacing, and the cell was littered with several dozen pieces of colorful clothing. "You're not supposed to leave during work hours," he told her. During the negotiations which preceded the Peloponnesian War he did his best to prevent, or at least xo postpone, the inevitable struggle, but was overruled by the war party. He was created a peer of France in 1458, and made governor of Paris during the war of the League of the Public Weal (1465). He had probably been hurting during the ride, but refused to say anything. HERMAGORAS, of Temnos, Greek rhetorician of the Rhodian school and teacher of oratory in Rome, flourished during the first half of the 1st century B.C. The best account of Descartes's mental history during his life in Holland is contained in his letters, which extend over the whole period, and are particularly frequent in the latter half. The part of the room behind the columns, with a high silk-curtained mahogany bedstead on one side and on the other an immense case containing icons, was brightly illuminated with red light like a Russian church during evening service. I was in France for two months. At most stations a negative potential gradient is exceptional, unless during rain or thunder. He watched her go, suspecting he'd missed more than he thought during the few months he spent with Jule in Europe. During the interim we learned the sad news of the death of the Alabama Deputy Sheriff who was shot multiple times after stopping the kidnapper of eight year old Jennifer Morley. I was in France during the summer. In his boyhood and early youth he was frequently at St Petersburg, and he accompanied his uncle, who was much attached to him, during the Bulgarian campaign of 1877. Unquestionably, an extraordinary amount of talent was present during the Renaissance. During the gale roof tiles came hurtling down. Rick Perry. " During the continuance of the lease Germany exercises all the rights of territorial sovereignty, including the right to erect fortifications. Neither mentioned the late night phone call during Edith's nocturnal visit nor Cynthia's sudden, unannounced return. His gaze lifted, and he recalled vividly the last time he.d seen his parents in this very spot, when they were cut down by bloodthirsty demons during the only period in Immortal history when demons attacked humans. 5. During this three-year period, conveniently named by the Chinese "The Three Years of Natural Disasters," no one really knows how many people died; estimates range from fifteen million to a high of more than forty-five million. All new inmates had to complete 14-days of isolation when starting their sentences. Many rules of etiquette govern the proper conduct of the chopsticks; laying them across the bowl is a sign that the guest wishes to leave the table; they are not used during a time of mourning, when food is eaten with the fingers; and various methods of handling them form a secret code of signalling. During is a preposition, and works like any other preposition, after, before, etc. The long-term prognosis looked good and arrangements made for a friend to stay with her during her convalescence. During the war the settlers in Western Virginia were generally active Whigs and many served in the Continental army. During his residence in Holland he lived at thirteen different places, and changed his abode twenty-four times. Let us lead them during the first years to find their greatest pleasure in Nature. He gave his kingdom away during his lifetime to his two sons, Ferrex and Porrex. During this period the bank-note circulation was increased to $161,700,000, and two mortgage banks - the National Hypothecary Bank and the Provincial Mortgage Bank (of Buenos Aires) - flooded the country with $509,000,000 of cedulas (hypothecary bonds). Sandstorms are common during the Saudi Arabian winter. , Although she is always busing during the week, the teacher is off from work every weekend. During a long and active life, he played many parts: professor of mathematics at the Elphinstone college (1854) founder of the Rast Goftar newspaper; partner in a Parsi business firm in London (1855); prime minister of Baroda (1874); member of the Bombay legislative council (1885); M.P. 9.6), at least enables one to appreciate more vividly the scantier hints of internal jealousies during the preceding years.'. Run-on Sentences. The vampire likes to rest during the day and hunt for food throughout the night. The fields of New South Wales have proved to be of immense value, the yield of silver and lead during 1905 being £2,500,000, and the total output to the end of the year named over £40,000,000. There are signs of trade with Etruria as early as the 7th century B.C. All new inmates had to complete 14-days of isolation when starting their sentences. The unaccustomed coarse food, the vodka he drank during those days, the absence of wine and cigars, his dirty unchanged linen, two almost sleepless nights passed on a short sofa without bedding--all this kept him in a state of excitement bordering on insanity. During the next two years I read many books at my home and on my visits to Boston. The " castle of Istakhr " played a conspicuous part several times during the Mahommedan period as a strong fortress. He obtained a great reputation among a certain section and founded a special school, the members of which called themselves Hermagorei. for Maldon (1790-1826) and Okehampton (1826-1830), who had done great service during the French War as colonel of the Essex militia. During the wet season frequent and heavy Australia rains fall, and thunderstorms, with sharp showers, occur in the summer, especially on the north-west coast, which is sometimes visited by hurricanes of great violence. No weapons were found during the shakedown. During some months young Garfield served as bowsman, deck-hand and driver of a canal boat. He endeavoured to deprive his son of his constitutional right to act as lieutenant-general of Aragon during his father's absence. Monty, as he became known during his brief public life, succumbed to his injuries. Nothing existed around her during that time but numbness. The prevailing winds in this region, which the sea traverses longitudinally, are westerly, but the sea itself causes the formation of bands of low barometric pressure during the winter season, within which cyclonic disturbances frequently develop, while in summer the region comes under the influence of the polar margin of the tropical high pressure belt. Her sense of touch has sensibly increased during the year, and has gained in acuteness and delicacy. Definition of During. It is unnecessary to recount the various infamous means which he employed to pay his expenses during these journeys. Richard Lewis. " During the Civil War Bolton sided with the parliament, and in February 1643 and March 1644 the royalist forces assaulted the town, but were on both occasions repulsed. The rude couple kept talking during the movie, distracting everyone trying to watch the film. The occupants of Edom during practically the whole period of Biblical history were the Bedouin tribes which claimed 1 A curious etymological speculation connects the name with the story of Esau's begging for Jacob's pottage, Gen. That great separation of positive and negative electricity sometimes takes place during rainfall is undoubted, and the charge brought to the ground seems preponderatingly negative. During his three years of office as resident he was able to render not a few valuable services to the Company; but it is more important to observe that his name nowhere occurs in the official lists of those who derived pecuniary profit from the necessities and weakness of the native court. But during the regency, after Henry VI's accession, Beaufort was successful, and in 1426 became cardinal and legate. During the brief predominance of his party Santarosa showed great decision of character. Mortality had been uppermost on his mind during the flight back – first his own and then Carmen's. Many people today stress the importance of segregation between church and state. On the 7th of November Garibaldi accompanied Victor Emmanuel during his solemn entry into Naples, and on the morrow returned to Caprera, after disbanding his volunteers and recommending their enrolment in the regular army. Destiny woke several times during the night, but went back to sleep when she saw Carmen was there. Araucaria excelsa, the Norfolk Island pine, a native of Norfolk Island and New Caledonia, was discovered during Captain Cook's second voyage, and introduced into Britain by Sir Joseph Banks in 1793. The capital value of land, which greatly decreased during the last twenty years of the i9th century, is estimated at 3,120,000,000, and that of stock, buildings, implements, &c., at 340,000,000. Santarosa entered the service of Napoleon during the annexation of Piedmont to France, and was sub-prefect of Spezia from 1812 to 1814. Prince Andrew remained at Bald Hills as usual during his father's absence. During the separation the New Side established the college of New Jersey at Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth) in 1747, and the Log College of the Tennents was merged into it. He hadn't been able to during their time together when she was a goddess and he her servant. Lowe was a rather cut-anddry economist, who prided himself that during his four years of office he took twelve millions off taxation; but later opinion has hardly accepted his removal of the shilling registration duty on corn (1869) as good statesmanship, and his failures are remembered rather than his successes. 166 a verse from the oracle was used as an amulet and was inscribed over the doors of houses as a protection, and an oracle was sent, at Marcus Aurelius' request, by Alexander to the Roman army on the Danube during the war with the Marcomanni, declaring that victory would follow on the throwing of two lions alive into the river. She looked healthier and happier than during their last two encounters, and Linda had let it slip that she and Rainy were talking again. During the two weeks there was a Mexican dinner at the Catholic church, a couple of movies, three evenings at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and even a day of downhill skiing at Telluride. We received one piece of good news during our blackout period. Prince Vasili, who had grown thinner and paler during the last few days, escorted him to the door, repeating something to him several times in low tones. 1152), a son of King David I., and became king of Scotland on the death of his brother, Malcolm IV., in December 1165, being crowned at Scone during the same month. During the whole trip I did not have one fit of temper, there were so many things to keep my mind and fingers busy. Larissa was the headquarters of Ali Pasha during the Greek War of Independence, and of the crown prince Constantine during the Greco-Turkish War; the flight of the Greek army from this place to Pharsala took place on the 23rd of April 1897. during the coalition ministry, and with this his political career may be said to have closed. Once in a while we shut the alarm down during the day 'cause some of the help use that exit to the back parking lot. 1. preposition If something happens during a period of time or an event, it happens continuously, or happens several times between the beginning and end of that period or event. He'd approved all their purchases and talked them out of a few bad ones during the morning. use "during" in a sentence The American military attempted to train bats to carry small bombs during the Second World War. During York's regency, both before and after the battle of St Albans, Waynflete took an active part in the proceedings of the privy council. The rude couple kept talking during the movie, distracting everyone trying to watch the film. It is probable that the power of Aegina had steadily declined during the twenty years after Salamis, and that it had declined absolutely, as well as relatively, to that of Athens. For during the year that elapsed before he left Swabia (and whilst he sojourned at Neuburg and Ulm), and amidst his geometrical studies, he would fain have gathered some knowledge of the mystical wisdom attributed to the Rosicrucians; but the Invisibles, as they called themselves, kept their secret. Troy benefited financially by the War of 1812, during which contracts for army beef were filled here. His parents dying during his infancy, he was brought up by his uncle, Sir Isaac Tillard. People behind bars during Covid-19 should have their sentences cut. How to use during in a sentence. During an insurrection Cresphontes and two of his sons were murdered and the throne seized by Polyphontes, who forced Merope to marry him. The history of Jerusalem during the succeeding three centuries consists for the most part of a succession of wars against the kingdom of Israel, the Moabites and the Syrians. during is a preposition which is used before a noun (during + noun) to say when something happens. He made his way through the castle with the black stones as he had many times during his long stay. "We get plenty of snow here during the winter." During the same year in which De Torres sailed through the strait destined to make him famous, a little Dutch vessel called the " Duyfken," or " Dove," set sail from Bantam, in Java, on a voyage of discovery. The following were the countries sending the largest quantities of goods (special trade) to France (during the same periods as in previous table). Though the family lost most of its possessions during the Mahratta invasion in the 14th century, it never became tributary to any Malwa chief. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "during" Electrical output in this country is sometimes inadequate during a cold winter, due to the increase in demand. During July, which is the coldest month in southern latitudes, one-half of Australia has a mean temperature ranging from 45° to 61°, and the other half from 62° to 80°. ); Xerxes sent him home to govern the empire during the campaign (vii. The Deans' budget couldn't afford a freeloader, even a pleasant, philosophical guest, especially during a holiday week when the house was full. As the brother charged with watching over Darian, Dusty had been responsible for keeping the Grey God from killing himself and others during his angry teenager stage. During his later years he served as commissioner of the navy, and was president of the board of naval commissioners from 1833 till his death at Washington on the 27th of February 1840. Between these two towns there is during the season regular steamboat communication. They plotted together during the hunting trip you and your brother took the day before he died. 151+63 sentence examples: 1. See more. During the next fourteen years he was one of the most conspicuous figures in the parliamentary history of the time. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. CLUB OF THE FEUILLANTS, a political association which played a prominent part during the French Revolution. Traffic is very heavy during the rush hour. Here also stands the mansion erected and occupied by Ferdinand de Lesseps during his residence on the isthmus. she asked. Equally indecisive is the further exploration as to evidence for the opinion held by other naturalists that the endemic species of the different islands have resulted from subsidences, through volcanic action, which have reduced one large island mass into a number of islets, wherein the separated species became differentiated during their isolation. GEORGE OF PODEBRAD (1420-1471), king of Bohemia, was the son of Victoria of Kunstat and Podebrad, a Bohemian nobleman, who was one of the leaders of the "Orphans" or modern Taborites during the Hussite wars. She thought of how she'd felt safe with Jule during their brief encounter. During the closing years of exile he was on intimate terms with the historian Polydore Vergil, and one of his last acts was to arrange to give Polydore a corrected version of Major's account of Scottish affairs. This large increase is to be accounted for by the fact that during the Napoleonic rgime the government steadily refused to issue inconvertible paper currency or to meet war expenditure by borrowing. She found herself admiring his body and forced her attention on reading one of the books she'd picked up during a trip to stretch her legs earlier. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. We use during before nouns and noun phrases to refer to when something happens over a period of time. Remains of the wild cat occur in English caverns; while from those of Ireland (where the wild species has apparently been unknown during the historic period) have been obtained jaws and teeth which it has been suggested are referable to the Egyptian rather than to the European wild cat. We have no information regarding Jerusalem during the period of the captivity, but fortunately Nehemiah, who was permitted to return and rebuild the defences about 445 B.C., has given a fairly clear description of the line of the wall which enables us to obtain a good idea of the extent of the city at this period. The quaint streets of Pacific Grove were quiet during the weekday, with a small group of women lingering in the midmorning sun at the café on the corner. In the hilly city of Fayetteville, that was a threat during any heavy rain. In 1703 she supported the Methuen Treaty, which cemented still further the alliance between Portugal and England, and in 1704 she was appointed regent of Portugal during the illness of her brother King Pedro II., her administration being distinguished by several successes gained over the Spaniards. 10 ff., 46 ff. Immediately after his release Kossuth married Teresa Meszleny, a Catholic, who during his prison days had shown great interest in him. Examples of During in a sentence. Under the Reign of Terror he was arrested and imprisoned for nearly a year, during which he studied Condillac and Locke, and abandoned the natural sciences for philosophy. From observations during twelve balloon ascents, Linke concludes that below the 1500-metre level there are numerous sources of disturbance, the gradient at any given height varying much from day to day and hour to hour; but at greater heights there is much more uniformity. Ancyra was the centre of the Tectosages, one of the three Gaulish tribes which settled in Galatia in the 3rd century B.C., and became the capital of the Roman province of Galatia when it was formally constituted in 25 B.C. During Somerset's protectorate he entered public life and was made a secretary of state, being sent on an important diplomatic mission to Brussels. Remembering the way Felipa looked at Gerald during the party at the hacienda, she frowned. During the hurried explanations of her mother's condition, her trip home and hushed comments on the recent happenings, it was moments before Dean noticed Janet O'Brien sitting in the far corner. CAMBALUC, the name by which, under sundry modifications, the royal city of the great khan in China became known to Europe during the middle ages, that city being in fact the same that we now know as Peking. Mr. Snowden made himself extremely unpopular during the World War owing to his pacifist opinions, and was one of the Socialist members of Parliament who lost their seats at the general election of 1918. He had long hated the Romans, who had taken Phrygia during his minority, and he aimed at driving them from Asia Minor. During this, her second period, George Sand allowed herself to be the mouthpiece of others - " un echo qui embellissait la voix," as Delatouche expressed it. I have given you a little information on the wildlife you might see during your stay here. During the Civil War West Virginia suffered comparatively little. Ending a sentence with a preposition such as 'with,' 'of,' and 'to,' is permissible in the English language. The real question is whether it can successfully wage a war of public opinion during and after the military conflict.

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