Clean its cage every so often as you empty the litter box and food bowls daily. Four to six years is a normal life span, but a pet hedgehog can live up to ten years. Just like any other pet, with safety, food, good living conditions, and good health; the hedgehog can live up to double the average lifespan. There have been cases where pet hedgehogs have reached the 8-10 year range, but that’s rather uncommon. We have heard of a hedgehog that has lived for 16 years – a male hedgehog in Denmark. There are many things that can affect the lifespan of your pet hedgehog, including the diet, bedding, quality of life, health/illness & stress level. Domesticated pet hedgehogs should be fed pelleted formulas manufactured specifically for hedgehogs while being supplemented with a limited number of insects (mealworms, crickets, earthworms, waxworms) and a small amount of fruits and vegetables, such … Hedgehog Feeding The most common pet species of hedgehog are hybrids of the white-bellied hedgehog or four-toed hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) and the North African hedgehog (A. algirus). Domesticated hedgehogs that are kept as pets have both higher average and total/extreme lifespans. To ensure your hedgehog lives the longest life possible, there are certain elements that could affect that outcome. Hedgehog Lifespan – How long do pet hedgehogs live? Maintain a temperature of between 75 – 80 °F and place the cage where the hedgehog can experience day and night, even though they’re nocturnal. It is smaller than the European hedgehog, and thus is sometimes called the African pygmy hedgehog.Other species kept as pets are the long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) and the Indian long-eared hedgehog (H. … Owning an illegal animal is a terrible idea. This factor should play the first hand in ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth. Avoid putting its cage next to temperature-driven areas such as close to windows, heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners, or the door. There are no hedgehogs native to the US, they are only kept as pets in other parts of the world including the UK and other parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa, a lot of hedgehogs live in the wild – a lot more than pet hedgehogs. Therefore, do some research on the breeder, ask on forums online, or inquire from the pet store you’ll be purchasing the pet. Hedgehogs Are Territorial Animals. There are some places where it is illegal to own a pet hedgehog altogether and some where you are only allowed to have a specific kind or with a permit. Wild hedgehogs have been living in Africa forever but only in recent years have they been kept as pets. Hedgehog Lifespan – How long do pet hedgehogs live. How old would they be if they were humans? Here are some tips to ensure the pet is as comfortable as it can be. Hamsters. Yet another crucial factor that can tremendously affect the lifespan of your hedgehog. However, the years could be elongated when the pygmy hedgehog is taken into captivity. However, when the number rapidly increases, that’s a medical concern as it more often than not signifies your pet has parasitic infestations and you need to visit the vet as soon as possible. The overall wellbeing of your pet is also very important. A hedgehog is a very active animal. Unlike dogs & humans, there are no differences in life expectancies between male and female hedgehogs. This may seem short, but is quite an impressive lifespan when compared with other small pets. Not only do they eat a very different type of food when compared to other pocket pets, but they are covered with tiny little spikes and roll into balls when scared. These hedgehogs have a lifespan of around 4-6 years but can live to be as old as 10. From what I have read, this is already far better than the average of 1-3 years in the wild (though this is due more to predation, disease, and other environmental factors than to old age). Try to get the hedgehog to be as comfortable as they can with you. Add toys to enrich the hedgehog. We have heard of a hedgehog that has lived for 16 years – a male hedgehog in Denmark. An outbreak of salmonella cases across Canada has health experts pointing to a prickly source: hedgehogs.. On Tuesday afternoon, the Public Health Agency of Canada issued a notice indicating that 32 cases of salmonella across six provinces have been linked to exposure to pet hedgehogs. The same experts say that a 5-year-old hedgehog is like a 75-year-old human. Hedgehogs have a long lifespan for their size. Get a large wired cage measuring four feet tall and two feet wide with a solid base to offer feet support. Wild hedgehogs have been living in Africa forever but only in recent years have they been kept as pets. This hedgehog breed grows to around 6 … Life Expectancy: 3 to 6 years in captivity African Pygmy Hedgehog Behavior and Temperament Active mostly at night, these creatures are a good pet for someone who has a 9-to-5 job. Pet hedgehogs have an average life span of four to six years and weigh about a pound. ... << Back to all Pet Help & Education or Shop All Hedgehog … A temperature below 68 degrees Fahrenheit is said to be enough to send a hedgehog into hibernation mode, which can present as wobbly walking and a lessened appetite. Six to 9 inches long with a weight of 9-19 ounces. Predation is the most common cause of wild hedgehogs. Up to 10 years, but average may be 4-6 years. There are many things that can affect the lifespan of your pet hedgehog, including the diet, bedding, quality of life, health/illness & stress level. While pondering whether to commit to giving a hedgehog their forever home, it's completely natural to wonder how long do hedgehogs live. When you become a hedgehog owner, he/she becomes an important part of your life. How long do hedgehogs live? From the Algerian hedgehog, the four-toed hedgehog, the Egyptian long-eared hedgehog, and the Indian long-eared hedgehog. The cage can be customized to its needs to include adding levels to allow for jumping. The Average Lifespan Of A Pet Hedgehog Is 4 To 6 Years Most pet hedgehogs will live between 4 to 6 years of age, but they can live as long as 10 years. Trim their long, sharp, and dirty nails as much as you can. Introducing the 「Hedgehog」 to this already popular game! Hedgehog Quills – What are Hedgehog Spikes For? The average hedgehog lifespan is between 3-7 years for pets. Ensure the pet is completely dry before you place it back in its cage after a shower. These are smaller than most wild hedgehogs, and since they will be under your care and away from predators as a pet, they can live quite a bit longer than wild hedgehogs. Canned dog food will also be an excellent choice for moist foods. Hedgehogs that aren’t domesticated risk death by injury, poachers, and extreme weather conditions. They could live up to six or seven years as your family pet away from predators. Raise your own Hedgehog on your smartphone. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and so eat at night, and the best time to feed them is just before you go to bed. A wild hedgehog is exposed to predators and has a higher risk of diseases as well as injuries compared to a pet hedgehog. … This is mostly due to all of the benefits of living in captivity – essentially, the opposite of all of the challenges that wild hedgehogs face. It is difficult to ascertain with certainty the lifespan of a healthy hedgehog in the wild due to the nature of their character (shy, defensive animals who mostly prefer nocturnal foraging). Hedgehogs are adorable little insect eating mammals that live, on average, 4-7 years when kept as pets. The trick is to have two bowls; for dry foods and moist foods. These little critters, like mice, are easy to care for and have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 … Domesticated Pet Hedgehog’s Life Span. It is a solitary animal and should live alone. It is also an improvement on the lifespan of wild hedgehogs, which is typically about 2 years. “The best hedgehog diet would be a specially formulated hedgehog or insectivore diet, of which there are many commercially available preparations,” says Dr. Keller. Any pet lover (or parent even) can relate to the attachment that is formed with another living creature. In addition, it is believed that pollution caused by vehicles on the road can cause problems for the health of the wild hedgehogs, and therefore, indirectly having an impact on the number of wild hedgehogs. However, it is important that you have a good understanding of how long hedgehogs live for before considering getting one – and this will help you decide whether getting a pet hedgehog would be the right option for you. The average lifespan for African pygmy hedgehogs in captivity runs from 4-6 years, with some living as long as 8 years. One of the dangers out there for hedgehogs is busy roads. The length of a hedgehog’s life depends on several factors: diet, genetics, disease, veterinary care, and subjection to predators. Although it has been said a hedgehog would need to consume significant amounts of slug pellets to cause death, however eating the slug pellets itself or eating poisoned slugs can be harmful to hedgehogs for sure. Lifespan of Pet Hedgehogs. When you bring home a young hedgehog as a pet, then they can live for about 4-6 years when they receive the love, care, and food that they need to maintain their physical and mental health. Some variables that affect the longevity of a pet hedgehog’s life are stress level, diet, disease/illness, genetics, quality of life, exercise, and veterinary care. The life expectancy for wild hedgehog depends a lot on what type of hedgehog they are. Slug pellets used in gardens can also have an indirect impact on the decreasing number of hedgehogs. Comprehensive Guide to Taking Care of Your Pet Hedgehog. Fortunately, there are many cages of adequate size available for reasonable prices. However, a pet hedgehog’s environmental temperature should be monitored to avoid inducing hibernation behavior. Over one million downloads worldwide! When you become a hedgehog owner, he/she becomes an important part of your life. Many factors contribute to the overall health, well-being and life expectancy of a hedgehog.

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