I took her to the vet, but she is fine. Who knows, maybe she was also abused by a human as a kitten? It doesn’t seem like it’s just anxiety or stress on its own. _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); Here are my tips: -When your cat misbehaves, say “No!” loudly and pick him up from his nape. It really seems that he is very unhappy whenever he is around us, as there seems to be no physical issue at present and he was acting “normally” around my parents. My heart still breaks for her when I first came across her that bitterly cold New England winter and how people can be so cruel. There’s a lot in there that should be easy to implement. However, I’m pretty sure she’s just a hands off hang out with me kind of cat. He just kept getting more and more anxious to go out though and was running laps around the house. Methinks my cat is jealous because I’ve been focusing a lot on my other cat lately due to him being slightly ill. You may have adopted a pregnant stray cat, or you may be fostering a pregnant cat. A lot of acting out is probably done because of boredom or due to a desire for more attention, so I think there’s plenty to resolve in those cases anyway, but I certainly get the, “My cat did it on purpose,” complaint on some level! But definitely, especially if he’s just hit adulthood, this is a common thing and absolutely does not mean your cat will continue to behave like this forever. Always wish there were ways of communicating with cats to know if something’s wrong and what. About 2 months ago he started acting weird towards me, shunning me and spending most of his time in my roommate’s room. Filed Under: Health, Pet Care, Stress & Anxiety, Training. The most bizarre thing was her trying to kill herself twice. After less than week our female was ready to let the small one be around in the same place and even start to chase each other. You can see it in his eyes. Any suggestions? Be the only one who feeds her, pet her while feeding her, play with her with the kind of toys she likes, give her treats when she’s not expecting it while simultaneously talking positively to her and petting her (to make sure she doesn’t become overweight with this tip, feed her kibble as treats and use this technique to prevent overfeeding); make an effort to show her you love her to bits every chance you get. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated! I have not hit him in weeks. The rest of the time she is extremely fractious and hostile towards me. Enough that makes me and my partner uncomfortable. In most cases, the main question loses focus and there's just so much hate directed towards the asker. I got my kitten late November this past year. Please help me, it really hurts that my Sabrina that loved me for 11 years became so distant just like that. She was dead one morning by the food bowl after 11 years. Try petting him while he’s cuddling with daddy; try using his comfortable energy with your boyfriend and piggy back off his positive emotions to get them to pass on to you. I’ve had several cats before him and I’ve never seemed to irritate them as I do him. This one-year-old Tabby cat named Ulla had a hilarious reaction to finding out she was pregnant with kittens The cat, named Ulla, is a one-year-old Tabby who was found on … I know it takes cats a while to adjust but her behavior is very odd. Even at times when I don’t try to pet her she will meow agitated at me after rubbing up against me. Try copying the way your girlfriend pets her, maybe even sprinkling some catnip on your pants to make her stop associating your feet as a place she should be doing anything but nuzzling into. Is there ANYTHING I can do? The point is, it really can be done, just needs to be gone about the right way, and don’t worry because it’s never too late to change behaviour. My cat hates me. I have worn masks and the cat will let me pet it not knowing it’s me. For the past 8 weeks, she has been peeing on my bed. Enter your email address and hit "Go" to be notified each time a new post is published on KittyClysm. Best Product Reviews For The Solution You Need, It may seem like your cat hates you, but it might just be her natural…, Mar 20, 2018 - My kitten is affectionate right after I got him from the…, Please remind me that my cat will forgive me for getting her spayed14. Treats don’t work because he won’t accept anything from me, and isn’t very food-driven in the first place. I really love her , She honestly sounds like she really loves you, but just isn’t comfortable being petted or picked up as of yet. Scratching and potentially destroying furniture. I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and my boyfriend and kitten have always gotten along.

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