WORX WG184.9 40V PowerShare 13" Cordless String Trimmer,Wheeled Edger(2x20V) $85.00. BESTSELLER NO. I'm Kevin, your friendly neighborhood gardener. Keep in mind that corded edgers require a compatible extension cord. Free shipping. Powered by 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery - the first & most advanced one in the industry, this cordless edger from EGO Power+ gives you almost professional-class performance & quality in a multi-tool device for homeowners. AFS automatic feed system, 2 adjustable cutting height settings, Power Drive Transmission, adjustable height deck & trimmer and pivoting handle. DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY: Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products, Pivoting head allows for edging and trimming capability with edging wheel, Electric start eliminates gas hassle, less maintenance and zero fumes; Handle type: Wrap around, 12 inch cut path with .065 single line auto feed for easy line advance, Cordless electric trimmer with 12-inch cutting width for fast results, Rechargeable lithium-ion battery; converts to an edger in seconds, Auto feed line system keeps the trimmer at the right length. A good lawn edger is designed with blade disengagement capability, … Here’s a brief yet informative tutorial on how to use a string trimmer. We recommend that you opt for a model with dual wheels. These will give you more stability during edging tasks. 4.8 out of 5 stars (107) Total Ratings 107, $10.92 New. Pivoting head for edging and trimming capability with edging wheel, Battery and Charger included. Power lawn edgers work great when navigating along straight lines or 90-degree angles. Hi. There are cheaper models, but in the “dirt cheap” price bracket, we’d be concerned about quality. Nevertheless, flat, rectangular blades still do an excellent job of cleaning up the edges around rudimentary walkways and other landscaping features. $48.89. Corded lawn edgers are best suited for small yards with minimal obstacles. They are used to cut around fence posts, trees, pushes, and other lawn and garden elements. In addition to its powerful performance, the Black & Decker edger wooed us with its adjustable ergonomic design. If you do intend to invest in more than one tool, it’s important to find a cordless model with an interchangeable battery. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Lawn Edger. Many modern lawn edgers can also function as corded weed whacking devices. Keep a set or two of replacement blades and/or string-trimmer lines on hand. 1m (1000mm) Lawn Edging Knife/Cutter - Half-Moon Blade, Tubular T Handle - Garden Trimming Tool, Lawn, Grass, Gardener, Turf Edger - Loops 4.8 out of 5 stars 9 £22.99 £ 22 . Ryobi ONE+ OED1850 18V Cordless Edger; 3. Automatic feeds release a new section of string from a hidden spool. Dual handles give you better stability, control, and comfort. 20 Best Cordless Lawn Edger. But which is the best cordless lawn edgers that best fit for your requirements? With the right equipment, your lawn will look neat and well-groomed, with crisp lines defining flower borders, shrub beds, and walkways. You can charge one battery while you use the other. Find My Store. The tool is powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. This particular model comes with two identical batteries. The edger even boasts a telescoping shaft and an adjustable D-handle. Outstretch your arms to push it forward. Blades may be flat, scooped, or pointed. It’s important that your edger has a shaft that’s long enough for you to edge without bending your knees or back. The Greenworks String Trimmer/Edger 21342 packs all the desired features of the most powerful unit for cutting and edging a small-sized yard. Visit us today for the widest range of Edgers products. The telescopic shaft welcomes users to adjust the height to better suit their personal standards. Though the Greenworks String Trimmer/Edger 21342 makes short work of even the most challenging manicuring jobs, the only mission you cannot tackle with this unit is overgrown grass cutting. Luckily, I’ve got a compiled list of top 10 best lawn edgers for you in this regard. We love that the D-shaped handle can be slid up and down the edger’s shaft. After careful consideration, we found that the best cordless lawn edger is Black & Decker’s LST400 High-Performance Trimmer and Edger. The length of the extension cord you use determines the range of the edger. No tools are needed to make the switch. 2. Hold your cordless edger at waist height. Item #2279978. Replacement string spools can be purchased when the original one runs out. However, there are a few small maintenance tasks you can do to extend the life of your tool while boosting its overall performance. And the blade and pole’s length can be adjustable according to your lawn’s size and thickness promising the dream-like straight borders any homeowners want. Their cutting capacity typically ranges between 12 and 14 inches. The edger’s premium lithium-ion battery offers up to an hour of runtime during normal usage. If you are edging along a driveway or footpath, use it as your guide. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing these elements. Of course, if you are looking for a less expensive model, the Toro 51484 Cordless 12-Inch, 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Trimmer/Edger is a powerful tool that can outperform landscaping tools that are nearly double its price. Founded in 1993, EGO POWER+ which is built on power, performance, durability, and value, is ranked #1 on the global market of the manufacturing business. Not only is it a badass cordless edger, but it’s also a badass cordless trimmer. Atom 561 Lawn Edger with 33cc Honda Engine; 7. During this quick growth period, trim and mow your lawn more regularly. 18V Lithi-Ion Power Lawn Grass Cutter LN. Ukoke cordless electric power lawn edger is an excellent machine. This trimmer/edger comes with a 90-degree pivoting head and .065 single line auto feed for easy cutting/trimming in difficult-to-reach locations. These small obstacles can cause severe injuries if they come in contact with the blade of an edger. Many cordless lawn edgers double as string trimmers. Telescopic shafts have adjustable heights that can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of users. Edgers that utilize string typically have a wide cutting diameter. Lawn Edger Types; Choosing the Right Cutting Edge The convertible edger comes with a pair of 20-volt lithium-ion batteries. These may be used to make way for buried cables, pipes, irrigation systems, or electric dog fences. Item #1478865. It even has a patented Automatic Feed Spool that enables users to instantly advance the 30-foot trimming line at times when it breaks or crumbles. Baumr-AG 31cc Petrol 4 Stroke Lawn Edger; 4. With just a press of a start button, you can switch from an edger to a trimmer. Most edgers boast a rotating blade that slices through grass and dirt. Cordless lawn edgers are simple and straightforward. What is a cordless lawn edger? or Best Offer. 3. It’s ideal for edging along solid surfaces such as driveways, footpaths or other structures. All tools by EGO POWER+ are equipped with the industry-leading ARC Lithium™ battery technology helping you create and maintain the pristine shape of your lawn. When it comes to handles, you should be able to grip both the top and middle of the shaft. With up to 25 minutes of runtime per charge, most users can safely alternate between the two functions to manicure their lawns in the nick of time. A lawn edger that comes with an adjustable cutting depth, with three blade positions at least will help users to get a sharp, eat line. Though you might find the 5-hour charging time a little bit frustrating, the second battery and a reasonably priced enhanced charger included saves you this kind of hassle. You'll find useful information here whether you're growing vegetables in an apartment, patio, or a raised bed. If you’re torn between getting a corded, cordless, or manual edger, it’s worth noting that the cordless variety is easier to maneuver and less physically taxing. Cordless lawn edgers: Are still electric but come with more or less powerful batteries, depending on the model. Dry your edger and store it in a well-ventilated area. Lawn edgers can be used to give your look a tidy, manicured look. Trenchers cut deep furrows in the earth. It’s not always easy to find a budget-friendly edger that performs up to your standards. So, you will not have to worry about messing up the clean edge when using a mower to ride over it. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Edger (Tool Only) with 3,380 reviews and the RYOBI ONE+ 9 in. Electric Strimmer Cordless Lawn Edger Cutter Telescopic Lightweight Frame Grass Trimmers for Par… It boasts a hassle-free electric starter. Though the BLACK+DECKER LST400 is powerful, it takes a while to wait for these two long-lasting 2.0 Amp lithium batteries to be fully charged. With the 14-inch blade width, you can get twice or three times as much life out of the blade to create the most precise edges around your properties before changing it.

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