Patti, I live in Florida and planted my Poinsettia outside nd up to this year it has grown to 5' and has bloomed the past 3 years. You may share 1 image with a brief description and link back to the original post. Our basement may be to cold, but I do use plant lights on my plants. P.S. When mid-summer rolls around, prune the plants back to one-half to one-third and re-pot them in the same or slightly larger pot. Here are detailed instructions for those eager to try this process. Keep it as a houseplant and you will be rewarded with pretty blooms next year. Poinsettia care is easy throughout the holidays. In spring, you may wish to increase the waterings to allow for new growth, and by summer, your poinsettia will be as thirsty as all your other houseplants. JoAnn, I'm sorry to hear that yours are not reblooming. I bring it in before frost are to cold and have tried to get it to rebloom but have not had any luck. It was introduced to the United States in 1825 by Joel Robert Poinsett, first U. S. ambassador to Mexico who obtained plants from the wilds of southern Mexico. Begin covering your plant every night at the end of September and do … Now it would have been nice to have it bloom at Christmas instead of February. I have planted poinsettias in beds that are under the eaves of the house and they come back every year. However, in the last couple of years I have not done anything but water it regularly and give it decent light and it "blooms" every year. To get poinsettias to re-bloom, limit its exposure to sunlight or this will affect the blooming process. Remove leaves from the soil surface, … Join me to create lots of fun DIY projects including crafts, gardening, home decor and tasty recipes. Usually an indoor plant, the poinsettia is hardy outdoors all year in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. Don't forget, it is the depths of winter and your plant is dying back naturally, too. From September to December, place your poinsettia pot in a completely dark location, or cover it completely and opaquely, from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. every evening, ensuring that it is not disturbed by even the smallest gleam of light during that time. Who doesn’t appreciate a lovely, vibrant poinsettia during the holiday season? You want to keep it at about 60 F. Spring is a time to prune stems back four to six inches, which should promote new growth. I don't have the heart to tell her, but every year I somehow find a way to kill it! Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. Prune off faded and dried parts of the plant.  Outside of that I would suggest treating the plant with some fertilizer and perhaps cutting it back just a little to see if that promotes new growth. Then, bring them back in, in the Fall, when the temps are 59 at night. No pruning should be done after the first of September. Nina, you should water them normally. Red as far as one can see fill the greenhouses at Bob’s Market and Greenhouses, Inc. in Mason, as it is time for the holiday poinsettias. Blooming will have to be encouraged by introducing darkness intervals and by switching from a nitrogen heavy fertilizer to a phosphorous heavy fertilizer at the beginning of autumn. Instead of throwing it out after the holidays, keep it as a houseplant. Thanks Christine. Join the Hearth and Vine community. What a blessing this post is, Patti! I get the poinsettia plant when they're selling amount after the season and I keep them in the house until October and then I just put them in the closet for about 40 days and I'll bring it out and then it blooms and yes the leaves turn red and I spray the leaves as well as the plant. The little flowers have turned brown and fallen off, but the colorful leave are still on the plant, do I cut them off now or do I wait until they fall off? It is now 4ft tall with many blooms and still blooming..It is now 34degrees outside. Place Plants Inside. How many poinsettias do you think are sold in a year? Required fields are marked *. After the "blooming" period of six to eight weeks, poinsettias often lose their foliage as they enter dormancy. See them and many more on my Gardening Page. You may also enjoy learning about the Christmas Cactus or this Poinsettia Centerpiece idea. Do not let dry out and do not keep in the pretty colorful pot cover either (unless you promise to empty the water that drains out the bottom and collects in the plastic every time you water, you don’t need to promise me, promise your poinsettia). If you follow these precise directions, your poinsettias should be getting bright and cheery by the end of November. In spring, cut the plant back to about 6 inches tall to stimulate new growth and encourage future bushiness. With a little time and attention, you can keep a poinsettia alive to flourish again next year. Red as far as one can see fill the greenhouses at Bob’s Market and Greenhouses, Inc. in Mason, as it is time for the holiday poinsettias. Your email address will not be published. Corrina, that sounds like an easy way to get "blooms" for the holidays. If someone gives you a beautiful poinsettia this holiday season do not throw it out after the festivities are over. For it to bloom again, a poinsettia requires 14 hours of complete darkness every night. I can see you incorporating more of that knowledge with your brand in the future. The correct lighting is key to making this whole process work! Wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and a joyous and healthy New Year! The traditional red flower makes up 75 percent of Bob’s total 70,000 poinsettias this year, which also come in colors such as … Did you know that the colorful petals on a poinsettia are not flowers but leaves? Thank you in advance for your help. So I did some research and found that the key to getting them to rebloom is to make sure that they receive long periods of darkness in late fall or early winter. The bracts (colorful leaves just below the true flowers) will be the last to go. Without these lengths of evening darkness, poinsettias will not flower. It should be neither dripping wet nor totally dry, and if it is, … I would really love to save this one! I plant my poinsettia plant outside when weather is warmer and it makes a beautiful green plant. I learned that I could have put it outdoors this summer. I have three poinsettias: a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year … Here’s your straightforward, step-by-step guide on reblooming poinsettias: Come spring, when the temperatures are consistently over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, place your plants outside so that they receive consistent, bright and indirect sunlight.

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