Also Fujifilm also left out the little plastic clip to attach the strap and the hinge of the LCD screen feels like it can break anytime. It really is that nice to use. Ample speed for portraits. These capable cameras should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality. They decided to skip the FF market completely and they are very successful taking the APS-C + mMF route. CaNikon, that is a good point. You also can't set bitrate on the Z while you can choose on the X-T4 between 50 to 400mbps. So it make no sense to buy camera bodies within a year of their introduction. The files are rather large though. Plus I shoot my gear more than he drives his car. Different brand actually can use same EVF part. A new product, Wristcam, aims to change this by incorporating a pair of cameras in an Apple Watch band. "Repeating fairy tales over and over again does not make them true, dear testers. @Greg In American English it is not uncommon to deliberately downplay your enthusiasm as a way of signaling your immense respect and admiration for someone’s talent. Even with the option engaged, you can still hit a button to jump back from this punched-in view whenever you wish. If the kit was $1400 - then maybe. Yes, technically speaking. Speaking as a photographer of birds and other wildlife, I love the top dials. Image and video quality both shine, AF works a treat, and the continuous shooting mode positively purrs. Matt, from YouTube channel DIY Perks, has shared how he managed to get more from the camera, first through watercooling his R5, then through more conventional means. Why then go for a smaller sensor? I'm confident we'll see the same here... Definitely not a filmer! It has a fast AF motor, excellent sharpness and you have the versatility of the zoom. This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. Ok but again, why? No doubt it has some good capabilities, it is 2.5 times more expensive than my Canon M6 Mk2 which is much smaller to carry around. Read our full review to find out how it performs. I own and I use FF and APS-C both.I'd like someone explain to me why does a FF 24 Mpx sensor offer "better image quality" than an APS-C 24 Mpx ? The video mode doesn't need a tab dedicated to flash control which means the Audio and Time Code settings have been broken out and given their own tabs in the video menu. Our scoring system is based on the time when the camera was recorded. But in photographic features it still falls short. That just means, everyone is trying to make money. @mared, Just for you: a6000, a6300, a6400, a7R2, a7R3, a7R4, a9 1st time no grip, a9 2nd time with a grip! For instance, if I were talking about soccer legend Pelé I might say, “Yeah, he can shoot a little bit” as a way of telling you that I believe his artistry on the field will never be matched, ever.So when I say Benjamin does nice work, that means I think his talent is outrageous and I am especially in awe of the way he creates such a relaxed, effortless look on what I assume are heavily produced shoots. I would love to have this camera. Nikon might have acted to protect higher end bodies like the D850 or the D5 or the D780 (yes - I know, MILC and DSLR - but still - overlapping markets). Really Gold worthy ... , am tossing between this and EM-1 III for a second body to accompany lumix S1. It remains strange, but the results are consistent for the different ISOs. Aiming to save photographers carrying a cable and a charger for every battery they use, this device handles up to four batteries at the same time and can charge at home, in the car and via a USB power bank. On the back of the Fujifilm X-T4 is a vari-angle 3-inch 1.6 million dot touch screen LCD. Sometimes a section, say the video page, will be written by someone else, to allow the lead reviewer to concentrate on other aspects of the camera.,,,,, Canon EOS R6 Review: not the hybrid king, but a great photographers' camera, Sony a6600 review: Amazing autofocus, acceptable ergonomics, DPReview TV: The best and worst cameras and lenses of 2020, Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2020, Fujifilm X-T4 sample gallery (DPReview TV), Fujifilm X-T4 full-production sample gallery, Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN Sample Gallery (DPReview TV), Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN Sample Gallery (DPReview TV), Review: Monogram Creative Console - a refinement of our favorite modular editing hardware. weird. You can set the camera up to shoot movies to one card and stills to the other, but if either card fills up, it'll start recording everything to the card that still has space remaining. 'What's the best mirrorless camera?' That's why I have an X-H1 for lenses like the 16-55mm f/2.8. As a camera/gear maker, should target produce more better gear than previous even for use by normal user. Noone is talking about the fuji worms. Did you just call me a Troll and I use my real name for 9 years on DPR? Fuji tech has no answer or is not knowledgeable as she said I’ll be back with you but 6minutes on music means dum. System; Input/output terminals; Power supply/other ; Wireless transmitter ; NP-W235 rechargeable battery; AC-5VJ AC power adapter; System. And at the same price as A7iii, Fuji will remain a tiny niche. The Leica Q2 Monochrom is a version of the Gold Award-winning Q2 that only shoots images in black and white. We're hearing that "Fuji is doomed" comments over and over again for years, but what's happening instead? With more than 4,000 shots taken with C-AF, 15fps and 20fps burst using the EVF, and a few video clips in 4K/50p and Full HD/200fps, the battery icon on the X-T4 showed two bars left out of five. M4/3 has tons of excellent lenses and capable bodies. Professional video productions can be done at a fraction of what one would spend even 3 years ago. The review points out how FF cameras are Fuji's bigger competitors. Find out if it'll make your life easier in our detailed review. Still point remains Fuji are dreaming on their prices, that dream has to end and it's time to wake up lol. Fujifilm has officially announced the X-T4 and to me it looks like a brilliant camera. I noticed that you only do that with the Sony cameras. Fuji is cutting edge on some features, just like all companies. The flip screen is not an issue for me, a stills shooter, no video. The X-T4 uses the same basic focus system as the X-T3, with some tweaks that Fujifilm promises will improve performance. Specifications; Enter a search term and click . Why do you spell out Sony camera models only? But in practice, on a screen or a hard copy, what's the difference we can actually see? All development and support will go to all new camera's that then will offer this new sensor and processor and X-T4 users (like me) will be left in the cold. I personally don't care if a full frame camera with its modest 2/3-1 stop advantage is priced similarly. View by Slideshow Begin by drawing a small oval, like an egg. The fairy tale would be to claim that one system offers advantages without any trade-offs. But that’s a problem with Fuji lens lineup, many of there fast glass doesn’t focus as well.Fuji needs to throw out more affordable glass like the new 35mm f2 version imho.The Fuji x-t4 is probably the best apsc camera for most people and the best offer for Fuji users. Is it the x-trans sensor ? Contrast Detect (sensor) Phase Detect Multi-area Center Selective single-point Tracking Single Continuous Touch Face Detection Live View Adjust the price maybeFF ain't no mecca, but there is a lot of FF glass around using adapters can be fun/super cheap way to get some lenses.IMO Fuji should have done FF and crop run both side by side, Ignore @maxxun fan... he's either a troll, or just someone who doesn't get it... there are other posts where he claims he bought and used the Fuji 16-80mm, but refused to say what body he used it with. How can they sell the 3 for only 200 less? Then A5. The X-T4 launched at $300 less than the Fujifilm X-H1, yet is a better camera in every way except for the lack of a top LCD display. But for me the big plus is IBIS. But I'm a big follower and fan of Sony. I don't see any FF as a real threat to Fuji X. @forpete - It's obvious you don't actually understand why the X-H1 wasn't successful, and therefore discounted like it was. If find the DPR test scene quite hard to interpret at the pixel level because it's not flat, so the depth of the focus point (and hitting it exactly) matters, and so do aperture and lens characteristics like field curvature. Very impressive and professional review by the best in the business. The biggest difference between the X-T3 and X-T4 is that the new camera offers built-in stabilization. Review: The DJI Pocket 2 is a vlogging machine you can take anywhere (even in your pocket), Video: How to safely make a 35mm daguerreotype at home, The Sony RX100 VII and a7C are the best cameras for travel, Video: Blind smartphone camera test highlights what qualities people value in smartphone photos, Viltrox unveils 33mm F1.4, 56mm F1.4 APS-C prime AF lenses for Sony APS-C camera systems, China’s Chang’e-5 probe beams high-res color panoramic of the Moon's surface, Film Fridays: The humble, plastic Soviet-era cameras that summited Mount Everest, Wristcam adds a pair of cameras to your Apple Watch, Video: One man's quest to watercool a Canon R5 into an 8K video powerhouse, Nikon adds CFexpress Type B card support to its D500, D850 and D5 DSLR camera systems, Tamron announces 17-70mm F2.8 for Sony APS-C cameras, CIPA's October report shows camera market has mostly recovered from its COVID-19 downturn, Apple releases Pro Display XDR Calibrator for its $5,000-plus monitor, Slideshow: People's Choice Award finalists for Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN sample gallery (DPReview TV), Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon 888 SoC with 3 ISPs capable of 8K video, 120fps still shooting, 960fps slo-mo and more, The Bronine Volkit can charge four different battery models at the same time, (Select) Android smartphones now work with Profoto's professional lights via Profoto Camera app beta, Sony's new Visual Story iOS app is designed for wedding and event photographers, Yongnuo has patented a modular camera system aiming to best smartphone cameras, Hands-on with new Sigma 35mm and 65mm F2 DG DN lenses, DPReview TV: Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN and 65mm F2 DG DN review, Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN sample gallery (DPReview TV), Sigma introduces 24mm F3.5, 35mm F2 and 65mm F2 lenses for E and L mounts, Vazen announces the 65mm T2 1.8x anamorphic lens for MFT camera systems, rounding out the 3 lens lineup, Meyer Optik Görlitz releases redesigned Primoplan 75mm F1.9 II lens for a handful of mounts, Splitting the movie and stills menus makes both easier to navigate, Note the little dial icon at the top of the screen: you can now change settings with the camera's command dials when using Movie Optimized Control, Excellent video quality, now with stabilization, IS system seems well implemented, letting you tell the camera when you want a completely locked-off shot, 4K capture for around 30 minutes (20 minutes for frame rates above 30p), Small interface improvements make it easier to shoot with, Audio monitoring via a dongle means always having to remember a small, fiddly accessory, Still no AF Tracking option in video - it's all area, specified area or face-detection. People who buy Sony cameras are able to add their own color science to the images in post. You always find parity of the top end of one system with the bottom end of the next system. We've updated our 'best cameras for travel' buying guide for those looking for a camera to bring on their next adventure, once it's safe to do so. All in all the X-T4 feels less durable compared to X-T1 / X-T2 and X-T3. Drives me nuts to look at them. Monogram's Creative Console allows you to build out a customized set of physical controls to speed up your editing workflow. If you are looking to consider staying with M4/3 I can probably help more than with Fuji at this point. This maintains the magnified 'Focus Check' view when you start recording, so that it doesn't immediately jump back out to the whole-image view. The need to use a different RAW converter. Fuji need to refresh their fast primes, no-one wants F3 equivalent for a portrait lens. they get now a better AF and IBIS (until now they had to choose between X-H1 and X-T3). The competition from under 2000 dollar FF is good for Fuji. Sony's new Visual Story app for iOS promises event and wedding photographers a variety of useful tools, designed to simplify their workflow and enhance their business. Specifications. Not many of you would make it in the film days. Co-author credits usually come about where the initial review/preview wasn't written by the person that then intensively used the camera, conducted the tests and wrote the main body of the review. Now that I don't get at all. So manufacturer of camera will introduce their camera in a very high price range then within a year this camera will get their intended price. The X-T4 features an all-new fixed-axis 6.5-stop* in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism and a new large-capacity battery that enables extended hours of shooting. < pun intended. Yongnuo, makers of lenses, cameras and other photo accessories, has filed a patent for a modular mirrorless camera system. If this is the case, I believe the X-H1 provides an excellent value for the budget-conscious. Eye AF works great for portraits, I wouldn't use it for sports. *** This Week Through Your Eyes 2020.12.05 ***. IMO Fuji designer know X-T100 screen design is good, may be just market decision which can't make X-T4 best all times, so that next X-T5 able to sell. i am not concerned with video either. Interesting, that mark has been on all of my Fujis and I always wondered if it had a practical purpose. It buffers too much. As a former X-T1 user, I'm not here to comment on the IQ of this camera. No wormy artefacts ever. Fuji is promoting video as differentiator, but whether this pays off we will have to wait and see. I know I would hit limitations of the gear hard if I was to purchase a Canon RP. Their video specs is "perfected" which made other brands look like their in beta gen, beautiful images, but with the 12-50 2.8 it we are into DSLR territory in weight and that s a spoiler for me and the reason i downsized to m4/3 and a couple of fast primes that are available. I enjoy both cameras. For now, the app is in beta and limited to a handful of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but as development continues, it's safe to assume support for other Android devices is on the way. H264 compression gives lower quality at the same bitrate.How many hybrid super 35 cameras at this price point do high frame rate slo-mo at full sensor readout?What's wrong with the mic jack?Seems like someone went in with with a preconceived opinion.Incidentally, forest above asking to convert xtrans raw to bayer raw - it makes you look like someone who hasn't understood what raw means. It has the sensor of the XT-2, which might not be that fast focusing on action but it is a great travel and scenic camera. Thenolif. The X-T3 has more advanced video specifications, weather sealing and two card slots, but the X-S10 has IBIS. You either like a HUGE Canon 5D camera, or a smaller MICL camera. Lot of reasons price/bugs being two most obvious. Astia or Provia the most. Actually, if you are talking the super tele lenses, they balance better on the Canon/Nikon pro bodies and they will primarily be used with those bodies. Most people do photography for the fun of it; why use equipment that makes it less fun and more laborious? There are lots of excellent professional commercial work, creative work, and great artwork made with mobile phones and small sensor compact cameras. I see no contradiction, it depends what people find more important. Great job on the review Richard! Enhance details function fixes this, but it takes an extra step, and creates a pretty huge DNG file. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. Is "Enhance detail" a post processing or another conversion? The main areas of benefit are in bright light, where it's often possible to set the full frame camera to go beyond equivalent settings by using a lower ISO. Fuji would be the best if money was no object, but those lenses are expensive and EF-M and EF mounts are full of inexpensive glass. My personal answer is in the middle of APS-C, where I can find package deals that value the camera body at $500 or less without sacrificing to much in functionality and IQ versus flagships. yes i felt the same, probably its not take any points down from the camera though. Chris and Jordan answer that question and explain why the X-T3 may still be a good option for some. In Switzerland you can get the X-T4 + 16-80mm + 8-16mm or 100-400mm for roughly 3000€. *Switching to H.264 mode reduces all video to 8-bit 4:2:0 (output is still 10-bit 4:2:2). Meanwhile, in the real world, a few posts down, Benjamin Kanarek, one of the best fashion photographers in the world, who often shoots covers of Vogue Magazine, among others...comments: "Probably one of the most compelling cameras on the market in the last few years. It’s one of the very few Sony lenses that doesn’t have fast and noiseless AF. X-T4 Michael The Maven. This is definitely the most expensive APS-C camera in the market and they don't even give you an external charger. While at a casual glance the Fujifilm X-T4 looks exactly the same as the X-T3, there are some subtle and very important differences between the two.. The air is getting thin where the XT4 is heading and getting thinner all the time with Canon and Nikon going for inexpensive FF bodies besides Sony.Time will tell whether the XT4 will be a success or not. But as others have noted, we all have different opinions. Great job guys! @vegataleb The XT4 is a top of the range aps-c. Don’t want to feed the trolls here, but to make some things clear...Sony has 2 excellent 70-200mm lenses. Really, I mean it. IQ imho are in the same region (even if not a 100% match). If you look at various mid-range smartphone in market now, are the speed/feature not good enough? Fuji X-T4 and 100-400mm for BIF. Are you talking about the alphaseventhree or alphasevenarefour? Fuji used to be behind in video but has caught up and surpassed Sony by a wide margin. It doesn't appear to apply a gamut/saturation adjustment, though, so the image with View Assist turned on looks like a slightly more desaturated version of Eterna. Gift Guide. What a fine camera from Fuji! Beside some minor issues (formatting the card is under "user settings") the menu system is well organized. I can purchase Nikon's equivalent 55-200 ED-VR (which is a pretty sharp and good quality optic) for only $100 at the camera swapmeet. Also these video options on the X-T4 go way beyond what the Nikon Z6 offers, Z6 offers no choice in All-Intra or Long Gop, no choice between h.264 and h.265. It sounds like the X-T4 is a beta gen in that regard. You also have 18mp in apsc crop mode if you need extra flexibility. Exactly APS-C at FF Prices ain't exactly "appealing". It shows that some will complain no matter what. Based on Sony, I was actually surprised by how little IBIS caused the X-T4's price to rise. $1900 at release was totally not going to fly for an APS-C camera. I agree, if I didn't own the Fuji lens, I'd say go for the Sony. And wide open at 1.2 mine is as sharp as the Canon 85mm f1.4 I used to own with my 5DIII. This has been discussed for a very long time, and there are people who will not use anything but C1 and other people don't have a problem with LR (and an adjusted import profile). Justin, you bring up a good point: there is size/weight and there is balance. My point though is that the response to too many products is to criticize them as if they are somehow deficient or unworthy, when they are not. Full specifications for the rumoured Fujifilm X-T4 have been published online, along with what appears to be a full set of press photos of the new camera. I picked up a Sony A6500 + 18-135mm for 800€. Literally for years people have complained when cameras didn't have that articulating screen...and now that Fuji adds that feature, you have a whole new set of complaints. But I think the point is a good one and is something Richard will likely say on every Fuji review. Sensor size is to photography as engine displacement is to car racing. Well the X-T4 is selling well regardless. It depends on each taste, I tested a lot of time the Sony, and I was alwas disapointed.. Buy FUJIFILM X-T4 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Silver) featuring 26.1MP APS-C X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor, X-Processor 4 Image Processor, 5-Axis In-Body Image Stabilization, DCI/UHD 4K at 60 fps, Full HD at 240 fps, 425-Point Hybrid AF System, 3.69m-Dot 0.75x OLED EVF, 3.0" 1.62m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen, ISO 160-12800, up to 15 fps Shooting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi … Got a basketful of the non-IS small FujiFilm f/2 and 2.8 primes which I adore. That sounds extravagant, but I have a friend who just spent 130 on a car. We'd generally recommend using Movie Optimized Control because it takes the exposure settings away from the dedicated dials, meaning that you can maintain separate settings for movie and stills shooting. In the meantime, angled connectors will keep your cables out of the way. For that matter, I find the Canon 1DX and the Nikon D(n) series feel very balanced as well. Other X-T4 specs. If the Z6 had F mount I would have definitely gone with it instead of the XT4. What do you mean with: “ full Raw data for all three shots appears to be retained.” My xt4 in only raw shows 1 raw file, are you suggesting that this raw file is a combined stack with alignment and fully ready to be manipulated. What's the best camera for travel? The flagship and top lenses are big and expensive. Image Sensor; Sensor Type: CMOS: Sensor Manufacturer: Effective Megapixels: 26.1 @danart .. totally 100% agree!xt-4 is that one APSC that's still too good to ignore :)). The X-T4 is one the best APS-C cameras you can find on the market. Weight has been a major drive for Sony in FF, but even for Canon with their 6d and now mirrorless. Ah, now I almost forgot: An A7III coupled with the Tamron 2875/2.8 combines a full stop more brightness & lower DOF with great IQ for less money than the Fuji, at 550g the FF combo is even 100g lighter than the Fuji. The Z6 is not a top of the range Fullframe. In comparing the two platforms it is like comparing two totally different cameras even though they are literally the same. Hell, you can find Sony A7r II under 1000€ used. All these people writing that Olympus went out of business are obviously of low IQ. IBIS makes them more useful. According to latest rumors, the Fujifilm X-T4 will replace currently X-T3 in late 2020. Probably one of the most compelling cameras on the market in the last few years. I don't post on the Sony Board because I don't shoot the equipment. MEIKE XT3G Quick Release L Plate Hand Grip Bracket Metal Base Compatible with Fujifilm X-T3. But hey.… I have spent 35 thousand dollars of my own money on Fuji gear. Today, at its Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm revealed the details of its new Snapdragon 888 system on a chip (SoC) that, amongst performance and battery improvements, offers an array of impressive photographer features, should Android smartphone manufacturers choose to make the most of them. Fujifilm X-T4 Review: Hands-on with Fujifilm's newest flagship camera, Fujifilm X-T4 sample video highlights the process of bespoke suit making. There are similar good deals like a X-T30 + 15-45mm at 400€-ish (one store only in Switzerland, don't know how they do it...). Nolif,You know I'm a Fuji guy - not sponsored or anything - just a big fan and I buy all of their X and GFX equipment at retail on my own. Users have lamented the absence of a camera in the Apple Watch. Sony is never going to be cutting edge as they have no clue how colours are being perceived. I would also Like to say the X-H1 is a part of this illustrious group.The GH5 and A7III are still relevant even now! The Primoplan 75mm F1.9 II is a redesign of the original Primoplan 75mm F1.9 designed in 1936. No all smartphone maker has deep pockets. LR doesn't resolve XT sensors well. The statement doesn't say the Fujifilm has smaller, lighter lenses that allow the same amount of light. We'll be looking in more depth at the differences in a forthcoming article, but the X-T4 is a better camera in a number of respects. FUJI... your cam is way too overpriced for the APS-C market... but your REAL downfall and death sentance... the ridiculously overpriced and limited lens selection... with NO aftermarket lens options. Itt was not listed on Idealo for example for whatever reasons. If Sony sell expensive, can find China OLED oem. If you stopped reading after that, it only illustrates your brand-mindedness.To spell it out for you: With the XT4&1655 being as HEAVY and LARGE and EXPENSIVE as a FF with a longer range zoom, why go for the APSC camera? By bringing IBIS to the X-T4, it seems more likely that a successor to the X-H1 might never emerge. Get a £10 good quality screen protector, I had Expert shield on many cameras and never had an issue with scratches. But in my tests, I think the output is better than XTransformer and even capture 1- although I’m sure someone proficient with C1 could yield equal results. While I do like the look of Fuji's filters, I mean "film simulations", lets not pretend that they should be commended for them. The 16-55's lens barrel is a little fatter, but otherwise those combinations are the same basic size and weight, with the Sony being slightly lighter. My gripe with the Fuji Menu interface is it's a touchscreen system when you use the Q Menu screens but not when you use the Main Menu system. I've looked at Pentax APS-C vs Fuji, so maybe this helps you.Pentax pros: mature IBIS with pixel shift, astro tracer, vibrational AA filter; small prime lens options; mature weather sealing across rangePentax cons: DSLR with lens microadjustment hassles, no live view EVF, large bodies, uncompetitive AF, aging and seldom-updated lens system, long wait between body updates, firmware feature updates very rareIf you're a one body-many prime lenses person, Pentax might be a more portable option with the tiny star primes. The sample-collecting probe filmed the Moon from close up and then captured its own landing, but the best bit is the color stitched panorama that's 15,000 pixels wide. bigger. The pro photographers may have better shots anyway:), I dunno some of their lenses are good, some are over rated. If you haven't already check out his work. Are you not that into video? i think a Panasonic 26 mp is around the corner. Same for my A7R3 (it never cut me either and I've never come away with raw knuckles. IBIS costs an arm and leg also so m43 still has its uses. bigger. A very old FF camera might not be better than the latest APS-C camera, but generally the difference in performance between sensors is much less than the 1.3 stop difference in total light capture that the sensor size difference can bring.

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