using a neck plate to get the spacing correct - from the existing holes, or, just be real careful to drill the new (smaller) holes right on center of the dowels you used. This all results in a normal string to fretboard edge margin over the full length of the neck. I'm currently building my 1st electric guitar, and I guess I eff-up a perfectly nice piece of wood. 4. Dissimilar materials will transfer only some of the vibrations, the high end or low end depending on the densities. If you alter the one that was within specs you will have a body that no other neck will work on and a neck that won't fit another body. An acoustic guitar is considered a wide neck guitar when its neck dimensions are more than 45mm or 1 and 7/8”. Check on Amazon. You can then sand a little to get a good tight fit. View fullsize. The neck is about 1/16 inch too wide for the neck pocket. Joined: Dec 28, 2011 Location: Haderslev. ). The regular width is exactly 1 11/16″so that’s really what many people are mostly used to. If you plan to use a pickguard on such a body you must be certain you match the neck pocket shapes correctly. My Neck pocket on my strat is about a millimeter too wide and i'd like to close that gap. This makes it easier to play chords and practice finger positioning. (Yeah, I’m a fan of the “sleeper”, too. Current Neck Profiles The Regular neck is a comfortable neck that is 1/32 narrower and not quite as thick front to back as our Wide Fat neck. Home Forums > Other Discussion Forums > Tech-Talk > My neck pocket is too wide Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by Daniel9191, Dec 29, 2011. The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat. How can I build up the guitar body neck pocket.. Whats the best way. IMHO that's the most important point of contact. This causes a tone difference and some reduction in sustain. But for basement and garage builders, modifying the neck pocket is your best and easiest option. The correct neck alignment on any guitar is extremely important: the outer strings have to run parallel to the fingerboard edges from the nut to the bridge and the neck center line should line up correctly with the body center line. The term wide neck acoustic guitar usually refers to a guitar with a neck wider than 1 3/4″ (44mm). Or, if you are accustomed to classical guitar string spacing, but regular guitars are too narrow. This was more of a repair than a modification per se. With the neck on and the strings tuned up again the saddles are able to sit in the middle of their travel and get us the right height action at the 12th fret! On a bolt-neck guitar the main area of contact is along the back of the neck, where the screws that go through the body pull the neck tight against the base of the neck pocket. Looks like a regular Strat but has this monster tone.) If you cut it too wide you end up with a floppy neck, and will have to shim it back. Each neck is a standard neck size. The neck is a '95 MIJ '62 rosewood slab board Tele neck. IMO, it's just as easy to widen the neck pocket as it is to shave down a neck heel The Wide Fat neck has the same nut width as the Wide Thin neck, but it has a deeper profile. If you got some wider that neck allows for your fretting fingers to have more space to maneuver. Note the snug fit in a standard neck pocket. The neck heel is too wide for the pocket. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I got a thinline copy for $120!! Wide guitar necks are defined as those whose diameter at the nut is around 1 and 7/8” / 47.6 mm. Classical guitar neck widths can also vary but the most common nut width for classical guitars is 51mm (2”) – this is to make it easier for playing fingerstyle and also because nylon treble strings are wider than steel treble strings – so the neck needs to be wider to house the wider strings. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. Wide neck guitars are a good option if you have BIG hands and struggle with pressing (or muting) strings because regular guitars are too narrow or small. The action was incredible, the neck was perfectly adjusted, and it was perfectly intonated. Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Perhaps another angle we could look at, is that wide neck guitars are also perfect for beginners and less experienced players, as it … The main manufacturer of wide-neck guitars is Seagull; they really own the market in this category. Also the overhanging fretboard. The guitar arrived with a neck pocket too wide for the neck,there were three cracks in the body (through the finish, into the wood), and a crack in the wood on the neck pocket. 1) Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Acoustic. . However, the guitar was only $120!!! This problem also occurs due to changes in relative humidity, mainly as a result of the moisture content of the wood being reduced resulting in the wood cells contracting and causing the neck pocket to contract. This neck is available on many of our 22 and 24 fret models. When I received it today I tried all 3 of my replacement necks and they are literally swimming in the neck pocket. This means that you won’t have to trouble yourself with holding the entire neck – beginners … I measured the neck and neck pocket widths just for reference, and the USACG neck is also too wide for this body. As Tim said, though, with the body and neck well bolted together, I don't think it should be much of a problem. JaeSwift Of Blood and Sawdust. The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat. The saddles won’t go any lower. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. ). Routed my neck pocket too wide Discussion in 'Luthiery, Modifications & Customizations' started by JaeSwift, Oct 31, 2010. If it bothers you, get some veneer and cut shims to slip between the neck and body until it's tight. Daniel9191 Strat-Talker. Bodies routed with odd pockets are NOT returnable. is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It is currently only available on the Custom and Standard 24. So say that I buy a neck and the heel is too big to fit the neck pocket. I'm quite scared that this will mess up my guitar that I've worked on so hard for the past 3 months. Filling the gap or gaps so [the] neck fits tightly in the neck pocket is the only fix.” It's one of those things that sounds like a good idea until you think about it a little more deeply.

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