However, there is still the need to carry out more theoretical or applicative research with the purpose to facilitate the effective incorporation of KM notions, concepts, or practices into the education field. Design/methodology/approach It is essential to understand how they create value through the PhD education of their professors. Indigenous Librarianship: Selective Review. Nowadays, if top management is asked to underline a single resource which is most critical for their organization to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, mos… !>(-/0:(!&($!8/, 7%/,#$5:$!+$.%:!:$%$-)&$5!.%!&($!VQ[!#)+! . ://5*!)%5!*$-;.6$*!6)%!+$!)6H0.-$5!.%!8)-7$&*!I1-/8!/&($-!$D.*&. As a consequence, the economic theory of the firm has started to integrate sustainability issues into the accounting and finance areas and to develop new tools and. With a psychological approach, this is a research about people that follow their calling and choose a profession, or way to live, very different to the majority. Some of the most eminent scholars in management have contributed to this timely book, including John Seely Brown, Chris Argyris, Georg von Krogh, Soumitra Dutta, Howard Thomas and John McGee, Arie Lewin and Silvia Massini. $%;.-/%8$%&)#!6()%:$!/-!9$-*/%)#! Purpose: The evolution of the socio-cognitive structure of the field of knowledge management (KM) during the period 1986-2015 is described. 6/%/8.6!5.*60**./%!-$H0.-$*!)%!0%9)67.%:!&()&!23!)0&(/-*!1.%5!/;$-#'! -$&(.%7!&($!%/&./%!/1!9-/1.&!)%5! 1. of continuous management, which servers to (Quintas et al., 1997): 2. that facilitates knowledge flows and sharing aimed to increase individual and collective, 3. that dynamically converts automatic in reflexive practices, so that: (a) it makes emerge the, rules that govern the practice of activities, (b) helps to shape the collective understanding and, (c). activities into accounting and financial terms allows not only to manage these impacts, but also to reveal their effects over businesses risks, profitability and value creation ability to all the economic agents that interact with the firm. &/!0*.%:!&($!&$-8!A7%/,#$5:$B4!*/8$!$9.*&$8/#/:.6)#! -$8).%!-$#$;)%&!)%5!.%&$-$*&.%:M($!/-:)%.G)&./%)#!#$)-%.%:!IUFM!#.&$-)&0-$!.*!%/&!'$&! $5!,.&(!&($!-$)#.&'!/1!9//-!8$&-.6*4!(.:(! )%)#'&.6*!)%5!9/&$%&.)#!/+?$6&.;$!10%6&./%*(/*$!)-$. )!+0-$)06-)&.6!5$;.6$!)%5!)!*/6.)##'!)%5!(. However, the attractiveness of the learning organization is so appealing that researchers continue to investigate the complex mechanisms and processes supporting it. /:%.&.;$!#$%*$*B($!)%)#'*.*! $%&.-$&'!/1!(08)%!7%/,.%:/=!/1!.%&$-$*&!&/!9-)6&.6.%:!8)%):$-*!23!,/0#5!+$! )%*,$-!Y/)*$B*!H0$*&./, $6/%/8.6!0%6$-&).%&'

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