Ultimately, we see this as a pretty solid value considering the T262’s power and feature set. 100% Brand New Shindaiwa T242X T242 LE242 String Trimmer Carburetor Visit the KING Store. Regular price $585.95, sale $219.95 plus taxes. From www.shindaiwa.com. We do however, offer high quality suitable replacement parts guaranteed to meet or beat OEM part specifications like our suitable replacement Chainsaw Shindaiwa 300s chain we offer for sale for you to buy and put into their brand of chainsaws. Shindaiwa 500, 451 Chainsaw Idle Adjustment Screw Today Shindaiwa's products are associated with high performance, durability and quality. For me, one of the biggest differences between Husqvarna and STIHL is that STIHL does not sell their products online. Machinery today to get more info call on 1300 454 585. When you take the saw back to the rental store, ask the shop mechanic for an opinion on which saw requires more maintenance and which brand they prefer. included is a complete chainsaw powerhead which has a lot going for it. Latest review: I've been running a garden maintenance business for over 25 years now and used pretty much all of the well known/high end brands when it comes to outdoor power equipment. Brand I read a review online by the US popular mechanics site and although they said all 5 saws were good the Husky was at the bottom of the pile so I thought I should have a good look around and see what is available. Always wear eye and hearing protection WARNING! Pros . Backed by new technologies to increase efficiency and economy, it is no doubt that this brand is currently one of the best in the market. Find SHINDAIWA products on Buya! Maybe 1 might stock any saws. The Shindaiwa brand is well-known for its ability to consistently produce high-quality tools and machines. In this article we give you both sides of the story so you can decide which chainsaw brand is right for you. It's also a good idea to run each saw for a full day to get a good sense of all its features and benefits. In other words the bar length and horsepower are higher for the price of a lower end sthil or husky. Machinery today to get more info call on 1300 454 585. Free shipping for many products! 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . We do not sell OEM chainsaw parts for any brand. Shop by Brand. For many years, Shindaiwa has delivered an excellent service for its line of leaf blowers and gardening equipments. They have done a good job positioning, building and promoting the brand. Shindaiwa is one of the most-trusted companies in Australia that specialise in the design as well as the production of welders and generators. View $2.95 Sold Out! A little overpriced compared to some, but great for felling large trees. I don't think there is an echo equivalent. I will say that like my other Japanese engines, this Shindaiwa has been trouble free. When I checked out the local (and well respected) mower and chainsaw shop they recommended their Shindaiwa brand. The cheapest price isn’t always the best value. I really appreciate any input, I want to get best bang for my $$. Shindaiwa products start, run better and longer than any brand I have owned or been around, including the top names. Since this time numerous design awards have been bestowed upon the legendary Japanese manufacturer, including the ‘Good Design Award’ in 1985. Shindaiwa is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality outdoor power equipment, including grass trimmers and edgers, brushcutters, chain saws, hedge Contact B.W. Good morning,I hear what you say, only thing is carbs adn ignitions are all show stopper for the engine. Contact B.W. Powerful gas chainsaw with good torque and solid name-brand performance. ws 150. loc: 150wsr3s2. In 1955 the ‘Shindaiwa Hurricane’ hit the marketplace, an electric chainsaw that proved to be an instant success with the construction industry. OEM part at the best online prices at eBay! However, Rainbird and Toro, 2 respected names in commercial irrigation, also sell at el Home Cheapo. This blower topped our charts at 203 MPH, which edged out the Echo PB770T . Shop a wide range of domestic and commercial chainsaws from premium brands such as STIHL, Shindaiwa and Victa. includes: please read carefully. Shindaiwa part number is 99909-33000. Marketing for Shindaiwa has always been handled through the Portland headquarters. Don't buy the Echo brand at el Home Cheapo; you are in for a big disappointment. it fired right up on a prime! The Shindaiwa products I have used over the past 20-25 years has exceeded all expectations over the years. And that focus has never changed. As far as I know the 488 is pre-merger. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shindaiwa 345 Flywheel GOOD CONDITION. shindaiwa 680 solo vintage chainsaw runs on a prime good compression! Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws — when it comes to chainsaws, this is a classic debate with plenty of passion on both sides of the fence. Read this manual and familiarize yourself with the contents. when operating this unit. If Echo is cloning Shindaiwa saws, they should be good runners. This particular product line is powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery- a first for the brand, and it’s lightweight and low maintenance. The main reason I will go the Shindaiwa is because of machine to price. A brute of a model in sizes from 18 to 24 inches, the 460 Rancher packs a 60cc powerhouse engine. don't just buy it without reading! Shindaiwa's focus has always been on producing the highest quality, commercial grade products for people who rely on their tools to make a living. Known for durability and high performance, the Japanese technology used to manufacture their products is of the highest standard. Filter (1) Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products. Shindaiwa (8.4 seconds) Top Thick Grass Cutting Speeds (Average 5′ Square) Husqvarna (10.9 seconds) Echo (11.2 seconds) Honda (12.8 seconds) Price and Value. The bottom line here is that the Shindaiwa T262 makes for a solid, well-built string trimmer with a really wide cut swath. For Shindaiwa Chainsaws Part Name: Shindaiwa Chain Guide Part Number: 22150-52470 Fits the Following Models: 575 680 695 Detailed Condition Description: In good used shape. The Shindaiwa … Buya is home to the internet’s best prices and value, the opportunity to negotiate with merchants with “Make Offer”, and a 100% money-back guarantee on all items except for “as-is”. Why switch when you have the best!" As I posted elsewhere my Dealer is having year end sale, a Shindaiwa T235 can be bought new for $199. Do you mean after the initial problem be fixed under warrentee, the unit will out last the others? After using each chainsaw, write a list of the things you liked and disliked about each. Got 2 and one worked perfectly. The difference is "homeowner" vs "to the trade". Is Shindaiwa and Echo just as popular? About. Brand: Shindaiwa Shindaiwa LE254 Stick Lawn Edger With a powerful 2/4 stroke engine, the LE254 has more torque to get the job done faster.24.5cc 2/4 Stroke Engine TechnologyHeight-adjustable.. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. A tool that’s inexpensive but can’t get the job done is worthless. "I have used Shindaiwa for 30+ years. Brand new in box Shindaiwa Power Broom Conversion Kit. Latest review: I've been running a garden maintenance business for over 25 years now and used pretty much all of the well known/high end brands when it comes to outdoor power equipment. I have been thinking Echo or Stihl for new 2 cycle trimmer, but now this is in the running too. Includes gearcase, paddles and shafts. … The good news about the Shindaiwa EB802 blower is that it cranks out some serious airspeed. Page 1 SHINDAIWA OWNER'S/OPERATOR'S MANUAL T350 GRASS TRIMMER INTL Version C350 BRUSHCUTTER INTL, EMC Version T350 C350 Minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others! This is why we have a long history of satisfied customers around the world. Price: $10.97 & FREE Shipping: ... Works pretty good. Marketing the brand outside of the Americas has been transferred back to Japan. I was looking at both the above brands until I was told I could get the shindaiwa for Less because the guy ordered in 6 of them. Echo and Shindaiwa also have to face the same charlenge but they seemed to handle it better. I work my equipment, but don't abuse it. The Bottom Line. I agree about finding a dealer. The shindaiwa locater shows 6 or 7 "dealers" in my area. Shindaiwa is a leading brand in the outdoor power equipment industry. Converts models T270, T272 and T3410 from a trimmer to a power broom. The other worked decent after about a half hour of limited power. Kerry, Badger Lawn Care Shop by Type All Chainsaws. Part was a good price too, cheery staff. I tried another leading brand but the Shindaiwa products start better, out perform, and have far less service issues than the Stihl trimmer he purchased. Shindaiwa saws are good but most people wont buy one without dealer support. Shindaiwa includes a 5-year consumer warranty or a 2-year commercial warranty for this string trimmer. Display: 24 per page. Possibly some debris in … Echo is still a good brand and Chavez is partly right. Know more about Shindaiwa Chainsaws. When it comes to yard cleaning, most households rely on the use of Shindaiwa blower. Shindaiwa. Page 2: Table Of Contents The brand will now be marketed out of Lake Zurich, IL, separately with its own strategy, personality and feel. Good Husqvarna dealers are easy to find, and since the company also makes and sells its own replacement parts, you’ll never have to worry about finding or maintaining a Husqvarna chainsaw. The T262XS has a 25.4cc engine with an output of 1.04kW, it’s easy starting due to Shindaiwa’s patented Soft Start technology, comes equipped with a heavy duty air filter and weighs just 5.6kg. Display. Know more about Shindaiwa brand. The Shindaiwa … Read more about the GDPR by SHINDAIWA gardening machines manufacturer. And after talking to them, I decided I would be just as well off getting one for the best price online. the muffler has loose components or the muffler itsself is loose. Shindaiwa is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd., of Hiroshima, Japan, and was incorporated in Oregon in 1981. please! In perfect weather conditions, Shindaiwa claims that their blower can … ... Good service and great range, the kind of business that makes every customer feel valued ... showed the guy the part, he knew at a glance what brand it was and what I needed and he had it there.

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