Fast Facts Classification Species maximus Genus Limax Family Limacidae Order Pulmonata Class Gastropoda Phylum Mollusca Kingdom Animalia; Size Range 20 cm; This is the largest of the introduced slugs found in Sydney. Various shades of grey, with pale tentacles. Limax maximus (literally, "great slug"), also known by common names such as the great grey slug, or the leopard slug, is one of the largest kinds of keeled air-breathing land slug in the world, (Limax cinereoniger being the largest). Length . Vote HERE are your winners and runners-up! 2 Shoshone. Range. See the full story here. Limax maximus, the spotted, large slug, is one type of slug that you may have come across. Leopard slugs (Limax maximus) are big slugs that live all throughout the globe, including Australia, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Boundary. Apps and Maps; Woods, hedges and gardens. Eric Simons. Bonner. Their native range was in Europe though the exact extent of their original range is unconfirmed. Winners will also be notified shortly. Limax maximus. Conservation Status . These dangling Don Juans hang upside down from a glop of slime, corkscrewing themselves around their partner and fertilizing up to 200 eggs. Spotted leopard slug, invasive With a male sex organ as long as its body, these slugs rely on gravity to unfurl their goods. Idaho. As the mantle, apart from generally protecting the body, now additionally has the task of protecting it against evaporation, it grows to an especially thick tissue fold in terrestrial snails. Limax maximus. Eric Simons is the digital editor at Bay Nature and author of The Secret Lives of … JOURNAL DATA UPDATE If you want a download of your journal data, please send a request to our helpdesk OR place a comment in our Journal Request Forum Thread.Journals are set to be removed by the end of the year so don't delay! Mantle is raised at the head end. The Annual Photo Contest voting is over. The banana slug’s relative Limax maximus, the leopard slug, mates in midair while hanging suspended by its mucus strand. Limax maximus is found commonly in West Coast gardens. It has spots on the mantle and spots or tiger stripes on the upper surface of its foot. Wild 2-4 years . Limax maximus is the type species of the genus Limax. Identification. It is in the family Limacidae, the keeled slugs. View Observations. It has a smooth, furrowless body with the pneumostome placement located near the rear edge of the mantle. About the Author. Least Concern. It can grow up to 6 inches long and is native to North America. Facts About Spotted Leopard Slugs By Naomi Millburn. Limax maximus, Giant Gardenslug. Data and Apps Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System Bringing information to bear on the management and conservation of fish, wildlife, and plants in Idaho. 20cm (7.9in) Lifespan. Leopard slugs (Limax maximus) can grow up to 20cm in length and are recognisable by their distinctive, leopard-like spots and colouring.Their mating rituals most often occur after dark. Very large, up to 20cm. TTT . The name Leopard Slug is derived from the slug's dark spots on its light brown body. ID: 31960. Omnivorous . Leopard slugs have been introduced to every continent except Antarctica. Observed in County(s) Ada. Kootenai. The loss of water by exhaling to snails presents a major danger which has to be dealt with by several adaptations. Benewah. It's length is about 4 inches (10 cm). Great grey or leopard slug Limax maximus. Diet . Ryan McVay/Stockbyte/Getty Images.

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