After entering the mouth the Bacillus lichenformis releases an enzyme that can help to break down the bacterial biofilm that causes dental plaque that can lead to tartar. The potential issue with using kelp for this purpose is: how much kelp does an animal have to take to enjoy these results? Other causes of hypothyroidism in our canine friends include vaccines that can damage thyroid tissue as part of the immune response caused by the vaccination. It contains both phycocyanin (blue) and chlorophyll (green) pigmentation. If your dog is getting treatment for a specific condition and needs a boost to their immune system, you can double the dosage. However, not all cases of hypothyroidism are caused by a deficiency in iodine. There is a theory going around that spirulina can actually make arthritis worse. Care should be taken to purchase kelp growing in unpolluted waters for otherwise it could contain toxins like arsenic. Alternatively, kelp thrives in colder, nutrient-rich saltwater. (5), Puotinen, CJ, & Straus, M. (August 2012). It also helps in the treatment of chronic sinusitis and gum diseases. Retrieved from:, Carson, A. Yes, consuming too much iodine (either from food or supplements) can cause the thyroid gland to overproduce thyroid hormones resulting in a condition called hyperthyroidism more commonly found in our feline companion animals. Spirulina is something I don’t mind consuming everyday but kelp is not something I would consume everyday. A rough “cracked pepper” grind … They can be eaten raw or dried and added to various recipes. Spirulina For Dogs: Parting Thoughts. You must also determine what encompasses a gram/serving be it 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp etc… Complicating matters is that kelp is commonly included in many pet vitamin supplements, and even pet foods, and the iodine content of these must be determined as well. Does this mean that this kelp is free of heavy metal contaminants? Plus, if you are interested in providing additional protein this is where spirulina shines due to its phycocyanin content (the "blue" in blue/green algae) that makes it a great vegetarian protein source. The reason for this is that they absorb minerals directly from ocean water, especially the high iodine content, into the plant tissue. However, continuous daily supplementing with kelp, or kelp products, is not recommended without first making sure extra iodine is in fact needed. But I have not been able to find any evidence to support this theory. (December 19, 2013). Keep in mind that these figures will be even more concentrated in the dried supplement form. Retrieved from:, How your thyroid works. In addition, more and more pet food companies are relying on kelp to provide minerals for their food, treats and supplements. For dogs, cats, and other mammalian pets spirulina benefits them much in the same way it does people. How Much Iodine is in Kelp for My Dog or Cat? The flavor of kelp … It grows well in fresh, warm, alkaline waters. This means that it is required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms. Kelp is renowned for providing minerals and vitamins, but especially for its iodine content. And after all it is just a theory. The answer is fairly simple - bulk. Know that kelp … Spirulina is also an underwater plant which belongs to the blue-green algae family. Spirulina … Compare this to beef, considered a high protein food which contains only 22% protein. This is because commercial diets already contain sources of iodine such as kelp or iodized salt. Reduce the dosage or stop taking the supplement if you experience severe side effects. Kelp contains a polysaccharide constituent with a thick, sticky consistency called alginate. Always consult a doctor when taking these supplements. The reason for this is that kelp very efficiently absorbs minerals directly from ocean water into its tissue. Probably not, but contaminant levels should be much lower in these kelp products. For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at contact [at], 5 Benefits Of Manuka Honey In Bacterial Infections, Coconut Oil : Why It Benefits in Jock Itch & How to Use It, Shruti (BE Biotech. Can too Much Kelp or Iodine Harm My Pet’s Thyroid Gland. Spirulina and Kelp are often mentioned in the same conversation. Alternatively, another common species of kelp used in supplements, Ascophyllum nodosum, can have 646 mcg/g of iodine and vary 392 mcg/g! This differentiates them from land plants that require root systems to absorb minerals.Let’s also not forget that companies are in business to make money and you can purchase bulk, high-quality kelp for a couple of dollars per pound or less depending on quantity.

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