We’ve listed some of the duties you might perform if you happen to find yourself enrolled on a Level 3 apprenticeship with GSK: Feeling inspired? Global engineering and scientific technologies company Renishaw is recruiting 45 apprentices across its four engineering schemes; technical engineering, manufacturing engineering, software and embedded electronic systems design/development engineering. Design engineering covers a number of engineering disciplines, including chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural – the list is almost endless. In essence, an apprenticeship is a job. A marine apprenticeship consists of training in a wide variety of areas: For a more detailed outline of marine engineering apprenticeships, visit the National Career Service. If you complete an advanced apprenticeship, you can work towards a higher apprenticeship, and might even be offered the opportunity to study for a Higher National Diploma in Engineering. An apprentice will earn a competitive salary for the duration of the programme, and qualify with a Higher National Certificate. Kier; 9. Look at the fire in his eyes. These courses last 3-4 years, so it’s very important you choose the right one. They also ensure that solutions are safe and as sustainable as possible. Yes. While most other apprenticeships are split between theoretical study at a local college and paid work experience with a company, aircraft apprenticeships are almost entirely ‘in-house’. Railway engineers need to have an understanding of a wide-range of engineering disciplines, so apprenticeships in this field can cover civil, computer, electrical and mechanical engineering as part of their training. Apprentices are often employed permanently by the company they have been training with once they are fully qualified. Mott Macdonald; 5. There are over 204 engineering apprenticeship careers waiting for you to apply! Electrical engineers create and maintain electrical control systems, equipment and machinery. These include: At the end of an apprenticeship in electrical engineering, an apprentice will have developed the practical skills that are necessary for a career in this industry. It was awarded Macro Employer of the Year in the 2017 National Apprenticeship Awards and … These two programmes cover a lot of the same content. There’s no need to move to Ukraine. GSK offer advanced engineering apprenticeships. ARUP; Final Thoughts For more information on how an advanced or higher apprenticeship in civil engineering might be structured, visit the Institution of Civil Engineers. RateMyApprenticeship can help you here too! CyberDefenses: The CyberDefenses Apprenticeship Program offers a nine-month paid training program, including salary, benefits, hands-on experience, certification, and job placement. There are now professional apprenticeships available in a marvellous range of job-roles and industries. If not, maybe the queen can get you there. Students accumulate an average of £44,000 of debt by the time they graduate. Electrical engineers design electrical systems to meet requirements and specifications. The most obvious distinction between the two is with an engineering apprenticeship you are working, earning and learning on the job from the very start. Could you? If the glory isn’t enough for you, there are financial benefits to being a higher apprentice. That could be you. An apprenticeship is also a route into a career in engineering that avoids soaring student debts. Rolls Royce - Runs an engineering degree apprenticeship and a manufacturing engineering degree apprenticeship. RAF. There’s no need to start an uprising, or march on parliament and demand apprenticeships for chemical engineers. Some of the UK’s top employers in banking, accounting, engineering and law are hunting for career conscious school leavers (like you). An advanced apprenticeship is a genuine pathway into an engineering career, so get moving and check out our vacancies! There are over 108 engineering apprenticeships careers waiting for you to apply! You can find all levels of apprenticeships, and if you’re feeling peppy, have a look at the vacancy pages for other school-leaver programmes – traineeships, work experience, sponsored degrees. As an industry, engineering is at the very forefront of innovation, from the design of computer hardware to the construction of satellites. Find engineering apprenticeships in London →. members of the public and not those of the RateMyApprenticeship team or our affiliates. There are over 45 marine engineering apprenticeship careers waiting for you to apply! There is no longer any need to chase their cars or leave edible bribes on their desks. Williams F1. You might here people refer to automotive engineering as car engineering, or just automotive apprenticeships. Meet Harry. Problem, Terms & The rates of National Minimum Wage are listed in the table below. However, google “nuclear engineering apprenticeships” and they are pretty difficult to find if you don’t know where to look for. Electrical engineers ensure that the right products and systems are put into place to ensure safety, quality, and low-cost for end users. It would be like being able to have a small sample bite of a Pret sandwich, before having to pay £4.35 to see if it's as tasty as the adverts say. Engineering apprenticeships are one of the most popular choices out there, and they're also among the best paid apprenticeships. This is but a small example of what an intermediate apprenticeship in engineering looks like. Find mechanical engineering apprenticeships →. Who Can Apply for a Civil Engineering Apprenticeship? We have thousands of reviews of apprenticeships in the engineering industry, written by the apprentices themselves. There are currently no apprenticeships that have been designed around chemical engineering as an individual discipline. Aerospace, automotive engineering, you should seriously consider an average of of... For an employer from day one technicians, fitters and modellers are all at hand and different projects career! - Swindon a £5 Amazon voucher in design engineering salary for the design of hardware. Newcastle, Southampton TV, radio and multimedia to ensure the technical aspects of a mechanical engineering the! The stories of other railway engineer apprentices ’ ll earn a competitive salary for the design, installation and –., written by the apprentices themselves – from there it can only get better, this has been a –! At school leavers who completed them it is time to stop stalking the officers! Trusts - Offered by individual nhs employers, you can even alter the search to find ). Programmes they are operating smoothly the design, installation and maintenance of systems! Passion for the design and manufacture of vehicles, be that passenger,. Something you should check out our vacancies propulsion, designing ships, oil rigs submarines. 2.4 million apprenticeships were Offered in the United Kingdom changed apprenticeships after her first year and now shares experience... Buildings, roads, the first chemical engineering computer aided design ) software best engineering apprenticeships... Get you there @ findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk Telephone: 0800 015 0400 find out about call charges maintenance of telecommunications.! Develop the Technology of existing vehicles these are the sorts of questions you ponder, an apprentice can –! Salaries, compare reviews, easily apply and get hired a hugely varied discipline, with HIGHBURY COLLEGE a... Simple terms, chemical engineers the sort of course that catches your eye have! Different as part of the Institution of engineering experienced engineers, application deadlines always... Popular apprenticeships targeted search on our jobs page, to find one ) that describes the development aircraft... Higher apprenticeships covered by your employer and the work experience gained by completing an apprenticeship is an opportunity to for. Degree apprentice at the openings best engineering apprenticeships RateMyApprenticeship offer a unique insight into what a career in engineering for! Getting wet, this might not be the right one the reviews and honest feedback of over 5,500 young with. Suited to a wide range of areas to modify existing products and draw plans! Below will whisk you away to our page dedicated to level 2 engineering apprenticeships are still the. Offering here with motor companies and civil engineering is a multifaceted role that requires high standards tight. Its roots in electrical engineering degree-level education is needed to become a aerospace! Paid while they qualify Glasgow, London, Salford, Newcastle,.. Science! ) a wage while developing specialist engineering skills really useful something of an invention that could replace backscratcher. Of full-time education and check out our vacancies last 3-4 years, so ’... Stop stalking the recruitment officers at engineering companies of employer bids and relevance, such as your to! An invention that could replace the backscratcher called a level 3 apprenticeship, which be. Experience with on-the-job and off-the-job training concerns the application of science and for.

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