Yu-Gi-Oh! Upgraded versions of monsters are usually worth a look, and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is no exception! Now, in case you don’t want to Synchro Summon Clear Wing, there’s a new option for Level 7 WIND Synchro Monsters that also happens to be a Windwitch. Deciding to get serious, during his turn, Yūri Fusion Summoned his ace monster, " Starve Venom Fusion Dragon ", and with all of the four dragons present on the field, he ended up awakened and synchronized again with the rest of his counterparts. synchro eldlich deck list, According to Konami, this Deck is designed to work with Yusei's "Mark of the Dragon - Head" Skill. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon OP13-EN008 Super Rare NM Yugioh Card at the … Crystal Wing Manifestation Capabilities The user has or can form wings out of crystal/crystalline materials and use them from transportation to offensive and defensive purposes such as using them as a shield to block oncoming attacks or slicing the user's target with a hard stone sting. We started off the week with Blue-Eyes White Dragons and we’ll be ending off the week with a Dragon that’s both blue and white. Since the Kaiju monster's effect does not activate, there is no activation for you to negate with this effect. Other than Azure-Eyes, Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon can tag into Ancient Fairy Dragon to Special Summon another Level 1 Tuner to Synchro for Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. - Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon - DUPO-EN068 - Ultra Rare - 1st Edition. franchise, produced by Nihon Ad … Yūgo summoned "Speedroid - Red-Eyed Dice" and revived "Clear Wing" to Synchro Summon, summoning "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon". Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon Meklord Emperor Wisel - Synchro Absorption Synchro Fusionist Synchro Magnet Synchro Soldier White Wing Magician De-Synchro King's Synchro Miracle Synchro Using its effects, "Crystal Bell" was destroyed, reducing Rin's LP to 1000. Dragon Synchro de l'Aile Claire 1 Syntoniseur + 1+ monstre non-Syntoniseur Une fois par tour, lorsqu'un autre monstre de min. Yūgo summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" in hope it able to return Rin's memories, but Rin didn't even react and activated "Bewildering Wind" to negate its effect and decreased its ATK to 1250. Arc-V Season 3 Country of origin Japan No. Yugo and Yuya respond by Synchro Summoning a new monster, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Those awesome plays kick off the Speedroid early game, but today we’ll look even deeper into… Zarc Takuma is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: A King's Legacy. Panzer Dragon x2 Millennium-Eyes Restrict x3 Thousand-Eyes Restrict x2 Black Rose Dragon x1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon x1 Tornado Dragon x1 Sylvan Princessprite x1 Borreload Dragon x1 Borrelsword Dragon x1 x1 x1 Id [14] the game is heavily focused around spells so a Yūgo rushed She then drew " Parasite Fusioner " and fused it with "Winter Bell", Fusion Summoning " Wind Witch - Crystal Bell ", shocking Yūgo. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is an overall great monster. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Seems good. is no exception! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon summoned by Windwitch is a kickass monster. It’s a Level 8 Wind Dragon-type Synchro Monster with 3000 Atk and 2500 Def. Hyper Librarian to draw 1 card. Niveau 5 active son effet sur le Terrain (Effet Rapide) : vous pouvez annuler l'activation, et si vous le faites, détruisez-le. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Since Guitaar is a Level 3 monster and the Performapal is Level 2, that means you can make any of your powerful Level 5 Synchro monsters: Junk Speeder , T.G. Arawarero! Also, tributing a monster does Synchro Summon! Condition is New. Come forth! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Single Card Discussions let's be clear wing here, lulz what synchro need is a generic shi-en or beast, or easier access to both. Yūgo began by Synchro Summoning "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" before ending his turn. Crystal Wing is an insanely good card. So if I open with a Monarch I go for the Zaborg play. 1 Pride of the Weak 1 Junk Barrage 1 Harmonic Waves. ” —Clear Wing's Summoning chant “ Sono utsukushiku mo ooshiki tsubasa hirugaeshi, hikari no hayasa de teki o ute! As a monster, this Pendulum Tuner offers an amazing effect – target a Pendulum monster in your Pendulum Zone to Special Summon that target, then immediately Synchro Summon using both monsters. He is a newcomer Pro-Duelist, wishing to become the new King of Games, much like his previous predecessors have accomplished only by participating in every National Duel Circuit. Seems good. 5 CRYSTAL WING SYNCHRO DRAGON It’s somewhat sad how quickly everyone forgot about Clear Wing Synchro Dragon in favor of its big brother, Crystal Wing, but it’s understandable. Hyper Librarian , or Accel Synchron. Shinkuro Shōkan! Target circle Offer of the Week Save $10 when you spend $50 on Christmas trees, holiday decor, wrap & more. Yu-Gi-Oh! When Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is special summoned, trigger the effect of T.G. Learn more Shop early & avoid the rush Enjoy contactless shopping this … 1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Clear Wing Wing Synchron 1 Mist Valley Thundr Lord 1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Blackwing – Nothung the Starlight 1 Star 2 Dragon’s Bind 2 Follow Wing 2 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 1 Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer 1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon 3 Clear Wing Fast Dragon 2 Hi-Speedroid Kendama 1 Superheavy Samurai 1 Hi 1 Hi Im a person that really likes to double sleeve so when I heard that double sleeving is allowed, I was excited. Arc-V is the fourth spin-off anime in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon - BLLR-EN062 - Secret Rare 1st Edition at Amazon.com. Synchro Materials: 1 DARK Tuner + 1 "Clear Wing" non-Tuner monster Pendulum Effect: Once per turn , if a monster you control battles an opponent's monster, before damage calculation : You can make that monster you control gain ATK equal to the current ATK of the opponent's monster it is battling until the end of the Damage Step (even if this card leaves the field ). If you have a Dragunity Phalanx or Dragunity Couse in your graveyard already you can simply Summon Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana and jump right to Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon or the Level 10 … Hyper Librarian on the field, and D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok in the Pendulum Zone, while drawing 4 cards. Yesterday we showed you the blazing acceleration of Speedroid Terrortop, an amazing monster that searches the rest of the Speedroids to Synchro Summon monsters like Goyo Guardian, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, and Black Rose Dragon for just one card. If I don't I go for the Crystal Wing play. My friend and I duel a lot and his deck is essentially a blue-Eyes synchro deck that spams blue-Eyes spirit dragon, azure eyes, black rose moonlight dragon and most importantly crystal wing synchro dragon. This 4-card combo is an optimal opening with Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon , D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried , T.G. During either player's turn: You can Tribute this Synchro Summoned card; Special Summon 1 LIGHT Dragon-Type Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck in Defense Position, except "Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon", but destroy of this 1 Graceful Revival 1 Shapesister 1 Synchro Strike {Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon}'s Quick Effect only negates the activation of monster effects. The Mist Valley Baby Roc will Special Summon itself from the graveyard, and you can then Synchro Summon Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon with Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg and Mist Valley Baby Roc. If I attack a facedown Shaddoll Dragon with Crystal Wing, can it target/destroy CW before CW can destroy it? Level 7! Apparently the duel that comes with the DLC doesn't unlock his challenge duel, so I've just been farming his story mode duel with no luck and the game continues to give me cards that I've already received 3 of from that duel so I'm beginning to doubt it. Yugo wins the duel. Even if Azure-Eyes is run over, you can Synchro Summon Cloudcastle to revive it, … of episodes 50 Release Original network TV Tokyo Original release April 3, 2016 () – March 27, 2017 () Season chronology Yu-Gi-Oh! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon Can anyone confirm that Yugo (story duel) drops this card? To recap: starting with only Windwitch – Ice Bell, we’ve Summoned a Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon that can’t be destroyed by the opponent’s card effects.

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