These are great. Planning is so important. When I started my first year as a principal of Gibsonville Elementary School, I felt ready to tackle any challenge. As a newly appointed AP, I have learned a lot by listening. GET TO KNOW DAPHNE. remove any dates to keep it from being printed year-after-year. Checklists are so important. At this orientation, participants will receive a complete set of materials outlining the evaluation process. principal’s professional development recommendations. (Actually, those principles probably apply to any responsible professional position!) There’s a difference in feeling capable at a job and feeling that you thrive in it. Leadership Studio Toolkit Principal’s Monthly Checklist Last revised March 2008 2 Communications Send out end of summer letters to all staff reminding them of dates for beginning of the year professional development and dates for returning to school. 1200 First Street, NE | Washington, DC 20002 | T 202.442.5885| F 202.442.5026 | School Year 2019-2020 . Listening is one I would add to the list. The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence By Baruti K. Kafele (ASCD, 2015 – Learn more) Reviewed by Matt Renwick. Task Responsibility of the Principal Responsibility of After-School Program Director Shared Responsibility (indicate how) 1. Great blog post. I moved to North Carolina and taught 2nd and 3rd grade for six years. If you haven’t started using student data folders, it is a tool I highly suggest. Also, how is it different than you expected it would be? The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Successes with S... Home-Based Learning Resources During COVID-19, Return To School Plan in Response to COVID-19, Planning for Back-to-School Meet-the-Teacher in 2020, Student Data Folders: Making Learning Visible, Back-to-School Teacher Gifts, Templates, and FAQs, Staff Professional Development & Student Learning Model. Asking about a teacher’s family can help us get to know teachers as a whole just like we often ask them to do with their students. It pays dividends in building trust. Review fire and tornado drill procedures and schedule drills. Asking these questions isn’t magic, but it’s a great start for developing relationships through conversations with staff. I was an AP for 10 years, so I appreciate your perspective. Principal Monthly Checklists SCHOOL CALENDARS 2019-2020. (Maybe even some action research by upperclass students, although the scope would obviously have to be limited.) My main takeaway is being available. New Principal Checklist Before school begins ... o Review school bulletins and memos from previous year. It is advisable to review this checklist 2 or 3 times each year. What a great article! Checklists are so important. It's Day 3 of the Back-to-School Resources Week! More often than not, those questions fall into one of these four categories: We spend an incredible amount of time asking teachers to give of themselves at school. Well done! This is my first year as an AP. Thanks for this great post. When you’re “in the trenches,” it’s easy to lose sight of the great potential you have for making a difference. Indeed, one of the more recent books on the subject,New Voices in the Field: The Work Lives of First-Year Assistant Principals (Hartzell, 1995), focuses almost exclusively on interviews with new secondary assistant princi- I think most administrators and schools should be encouraging much more action research by teachers. Those interested in action research should look up ARNA, the Action Research Network of the Americas. Thank you. Teachers can easily feel threatened when an administrator sits behind a computer (supposedly taking notes that pick apart each and every aspect of a lesson), so travel around with as little equipment as possible. Back to School Operations To-Do Checklist. Read & Lead. You never know who it might encourage! Do something to engage in a different way. NEW BOOK: WIN Time. Coming soon! Spencer Campbell says: July 22, 2016 at 8:56 am. Matching our practice with our message builds trust with teachers. Top 10 Tips For Student Blogging (guest post by @mrodz308). What do you think of the new schedule? But learning to delegate responsibility is the mark of mature leadership. Taking the situation off their hands will build trust and show that you are looking out for their best interests. In an effort to support building leaders, AWSA has developed and continues to update Principal Checklists. Secure space for after-school activities. Finally, I was surprised to see that cutting a lunch period out of the schedule would produce only 25 minutes. These folders are in the hands of the students. A virtual workshop designed help new principals craft a personalized onboarding plan so they can effectively navigate the first three months as new school leaders . Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Subscribe to our mailing list. Take a look at the binders that have been recently updated. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Assistant Principal Monthly Task Checklist PPT. An AP needs a foundation of credibility before he can earn the relational capital that creates trust. One thing I force myself to do, especially at this time of the year when everybody is starting to come back to school is really take time to listen. 3. o School communication Become familiar with the building o Review safety and emergency evacuation plans. Every Principal’s End of School Year Checklist. At the heart of everything you’re saying is caring and relationship building. Hearing critical feedback makes us better at providing the same for teachers, and knowing the concerns of those we serve allows us to keep a close watch on that which impacts those activities. I much prefer receiving this nourishment than being starved of it. Social Media Icons. Communicator May 2012, Volume 35, Issue 9 Principal leadership is critical in the transition to Common Core State Standards. As a school administrator, assistant principals typically work year-round. Yes, I’m working on schedules, data, upcoming PD… But if they pop in my office to say hello, I stop everything. However, I have included space for you to add your own information. Morale Magic. aaronhogan says: July 28, 2016 at 9:02 am. It's  day two of the Back-to-School Resources Week! Be sure to ask What is more complicated with the new schedule? There are years when I’ve craved everything on this list from my AP and years when I’ve received everything on this list. It takes planning and intentionality. So before the year begins, I decided to think through those things that I can be about as an assistant principal that will help me help our campus. Good points. Having the respect of the teachers is not the same as having a relationship with them. Invite people to a Twitter chat, help out with an EdCamp, create a Voxer group to highlight great things happening on campus. (don’t forget classified staff, particularly custodians) 3. I’m still looking for my first AP leadership position. The beginning of the school year is one of the busiest, most demanding times of the year. The monthly checklists have been updated! We know our students deserve the attention of their teachers, but we don’t always know how much our teachers are juggling outside of school. I once walked the building with a first-year principal. If we went from 4 to 3 lunches, where could we best use the time in our day? A good read. So you’re son will be a freshman here next year; what’s he excited about? Daphne Wallbridge. 2. Despite the many “pulls,” relationship building must be a top priority. These are basic items to remember each month. THE FIRST-YEAR PRINCIPAL. As I embark on my first year as a vice principal, these are helpful tips! Though that trust must be earned, your work as an AP is far from over when you reach that point. Excellence in this area alone won’t create lasting relationships and trust, but it will steadily increase your credibility you’ve developed with the staff. If your professional development sessions are lifeless and flat, you’re not going to earn yourself any points with teachers. Are there any questions I can answer about our school for you as a parent? Inform classroom teachers that their classrooms will be used. So much uncertainty in the AP’s role. All leaders know the power of buy in, but it’s not always the quickest road to a solution. What problems did it solve? The first year as a new principal at a school is a daunting challenge. During our school closure for COVID 19, I have had to be creative about planning ways to show my appreciation to my staff. I was a TA for 2 years and then taught 4th grade for 3 years. I help first-year and aspiring principals thrive as new educational leaders . the meager research on the assistant principal (Black, 2002; Glanz, 1994; Browne-Ferrigno, 2003; Hausman, et al., 2001). The Problem: A new assistant principal was assigned to our school about six weeks after the school year began. We’ll get better together! So it would be better to use that time to extend the other 3 lunch periods. The monthly checklists have been updated! I think this may be right at perfection. You can’t fake really caring about people and investing in their lives. I certainly could not include every little item on the list. As a newly appointed AP, I have learned a lot by listening. Create An Administrator Binder- Principal, Assistant Principal, Director Friday, February 17, 2017. It can be so busy that certain things can easily slip through the cracks. My new book is coming out in 2021. Personally, I like to record the date whenever I spend more than ten minutes in a classroom, … Kiersten Template designed by Georgia Lou Studios All rights reserved. How’s your daughter’s basketball team playing? I certainly could not include every little item on the list. When you do, share how it’s going (when it’s great and when there’s room for improvement)! The online application is the preferred method of submitting the application and certification materials. The author, Baruti Kafele, was an elementary teacher and school principal for 20 years in New Jersey. This will come in handy when staff is struggling with a student and need support. It's the last day of the Back-to-School Resources Week! Today, I'm sharing back-to-school gift ideas for teachers, a Meet-The-Teach... With many school closures due to COVID-19, e-learning is on the rise and has affected many students, teachers, and school leaders. Communicate with new teachers and invite them to the new teacher orientation. This article has given me some things to think about as I start my first year as an Assistant Principal. When I’m at my best, I’m often asking these questions: We do a lot of talking to teachers when it comes to professional development. We must listen to understand instead of listening to reply. Planning is so important. Where are you doing your best work? They may be assigned a specific grade level or group. Use of the checklist in the treatment group was moderate: 77 percent of principals sur-veyed who received the checklist reported viewing it, and 58 percent said they used it with one or more teachers. Thanks for your article. Much respect for leading like you do and helping others become better. I hope you end up managing each of those pulls well this year. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; TPT; Blog … Worried about? We provide this for teachers routinely, but we rarely ask for it in return. Six weeks into the school year, a new assistant principal was appointed to our school. However, getting buy in on the front end of change can make a profound difference on the success of any attempt at change in a large organization like a school. What would you try if money or time weren’t barriers? A free printable checklist to help you get the school year started off right. Everyone is trying to figure you out, testing your mettle, and attempting to make a good impression. As a principal, you want to find a balance in making changes, building relationships, and figuring out what everyone is already doing well. Stay connected and find those things you really enjoy to put on a checklist every day. New Online Course!! Even veteran principals need to-do lists! Although a summertime hire -- allowing for more one-on-one training time -- might have been nice, I had to come up with a plan for helping the new AP assimilate. This is an encouraging blog to help assistant principals find their voice and strength in their role on campus! A good principal will use the end of school year to search for and make improvements for the upcoming school year. This is definitely a resource to re-read and refer to in the future. Good luck with it! I sure prefer the latter, but that isn’t something you often stumble yourself into. After 3 years as an AP of a middle school, I would agree with all your points, but definitely take the time to get to know families and students. Even veteran principals need to-do lists! You can, of course, download it for fr... A first-year principal position can be an exciting time for you and, it can be a very daunting year. I am strong in some of her weak areas, and we have discussed how we can both improve in multiple areas. If you have any other ideas for ways to thrive in the role of assistant principal, please share! Customized by A Bird in Hand Designs. Buy Assistant Principal Checklist Teacher Appreciation Gift T-Shirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases Lots of research (much of it by Karen Stout) shows that a longer, more-relaxed lunch is better for students and also reduces behavior problems while improving learning. Share: No comments. At the same time, 29 … Thank you. Assistant principals who develop lasting, trusting relationships with their staff build on a foundation created by doing their job and doing it well. Spend a great deal of time in classrooms, being as non-evaluative as you can. What do we need to spend more time looking at? I have shared my principal binder with you many times over the years. There may be things you haven’t thought about, or perhaps simply good reminders about timing and scheduling of required items. Typically, mid-size to large schools employ more than one assistant principal. I completed my Master’s in School Administration at Queens in May 2012, entered the CMS Principal Pool, and was hired as the AP at Olde Providence Elementary in August, 2012. © 2015 Principal Principles. 09.30.11 _____ Step 1: Orientation At the beginning of the school year, the evaluator will conduct a group orientation for participants. I would add too, serving those you lead. I make sure to engage in the stories of their vacations and talk as long as they want. It takes a keen sense of observation and a significant investment of your time. In addition to tapping your PLN, be sure to find other administrators in your district or outside your area to be there when you have a critical question or simply need to vent. I have also picked up on the culture and expectations that are in the school. I hope to have all my other binders updated very soon. What if you could pick your schedule next year; what would it look like ideally? If we’re going to ask teachers to customize and individualize learning in the classroom, we need to be ready to do the same for our staff. What are you tired of learning about in faculty meetings? What do you want to learn about during faculty meetings? To do that, you have to take the time to ask good questions and put your to-do list of important things on hold long enough to really listen to what’s urgent for the teachers you serve. Credibility has a short shelf life. I enjoyed the article! Finally, as an instructional leader, you have to walk the walk. A first-year principal may have only the best intentions when s/he replaces that tattered and creaky sofa in the lounge or when s/he boxes up a wall of dusty trophies to make room for a student exhibit…but faculty and staff may see these seemingly innocent changes as a direct assault on the school culture. Walking your talk is essential. A trusted AP will be looking for new ways to learn on his own and will be actively seeking opportunities to bring others into his learning. They are on the front lines and sometimes small things can be a stress reliever to a teacher. Robert L. Furman( is an assistant professor and Mary Frances Grasinger( is a professor in Duquesne University’s School of Education in Pittsburgh, PA. 1. Review all personnel records. Really liked your post, although I’ve never been an assistant principal. Download School Calendars for Google Drive. By the end of the afternoon, she had said, "I'll take care of it" 17 times. First Year K–12 faculty and administrators have a grace period for the first school year they are hired. Early Education certification with ACSI is not a requirement for accreditation. How’s the year going? I enjoyed the article! Checklist for Principal, Assistant Principal, and Lead Teacher Evaluations Transylvania County Schools Rev. These are basic items to remember each month. As a leader of your school, it is important to reflect on the past year. Even so, I found myself surprised by the realities of the principalship and the hurdles that confronted me.

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