This is the season to witness midnight sun and lupin blooming, just book in advance. The best time to visit Iceland runs from June to September, although you can get all four seasons in a day.A bit crowded and pricey, the summer period is considered to be the best for visiting waterfalls, exploring Golden Circle, and watching puffins and whales. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Iceland with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Iceland in June. Shocking, I know. Does it rain or snow a lot in Iceland in the summer? Things get really serious at the Viking Festival! It’s obviously completely the opposite in the winter – you’ll only get around 4 – 5 hours of daylight so that’s a massive bonus to coming in summer! Home 2020 August 1 Iceland, June 2020. Update June 3, 2020: You can also bring proof that you’ve already had COVID-19! Experience world-class cuisine, innovative venues, and impeccable service on board. If the EU does extend the ban as expected, Iceland will be closed to non-EU visitors because it is part of the Schengen area. June 6: Seaman's Day (maritime festivals across Iceland continues as Festival of the Sea in Reykjavík) June 6–21: Reykjavík Arts Festival. A whale watching tour can be booked in advance and you can either go in the morning or at night time. Iceland is known for its substantial puffin population, and is home to numerous volcanoes that are now the source of more than 80% of the country's energy. However there will no doubt be some risks. Find a good deal on a rental car here. Words by. June 1, 2020 Save this story for later. Select a destination to see more weather parameters. Unfortunately, June is actually one of the worst times to see the Northern Lights in Iceland! There are so many cool things to see and do (glacier tours, mountain hikes, tectonic plate diving, snowmobiling … I could go on!) When those who were domiciled abroad or deceased had been excluded, the net sample consisted of 1,499 individuals. Sunrise landscape at Fjadrargljufur canyon in Iceland. Pingback: 5 of My Favorite Sustainable Tourism Destinations-The Wayfaring Voyager, 10 Reasons You Should Visit Iceland In June, 5. The warmer weather also means that when you take a dip in the local swimming pools or the Blue Lagoon, you won’t feel as frost-bitten getting in and out of the water. Yesterday (20-June-2020) at 19:26 UTC a magnitude Mw5,6 earthquake took place on the Tjörnes Fracture Zone. Get the monthly weather forecast for Reykjavik, Greater Reykjavik, Iceland, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. If there was an emergency, you would want to be near other people so don’t risk it! The average temperatures for the month are around 9°C (48°F) which isn’t actually that much colder than some summer days in the UK! My wife and I will be using the Icelandair free stopover in late June 2020 at the end of twelve day trip to Northern France and Belgium.. That’s why visiting Iceland in June is so awesome! There’s been plenty of buzz around Iceland after the island nation declared plans to drop all incoming travel restrictions and welcome visitors from next Monday, June 15. You could even hire a car with a rooftop tent! The full schedule can be found here. If you want to get those beautiful shots with no other tourists around, or experience a solo waterfall visit, then come at night time and you’re more likely to succeed. As of 15 June 2020, internal border control will be terminated for traffic between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as for recreational boats between Schengen countries. If you’re in the enviable position of possessing a plane ticket to Iceland from June 15th there’s a couple of things you’ll need … ... [+] (Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images). The reason for that is because of the tilt of the Earth during the summer. It seems that the Icelandic government has confirmed the plan to test everyone on arrival is workable and they have the capacity to do it smoothly. I love a great nature trip but I'm especially fascinated by infrastructure, urbanism, and how design can make or break our cities and how we move around and between them. There are lots of fantastic caves to explore in Iceland, but some of them are only accessible in the summer due to the risky road conditions leading up to them. In June however, there are plenty of great opportunities to camp and you’ll wake up to some incredible views! If you’re in the enviable position of possessing a plane ticket to Iceland from June … Since the thick cover of ice melts away, it is possible to hike up and down many places and get the best of several activities like whale watching and enjoy various festivals that happen only in June. While visiting after July 1 may be safer in some ways, allowing Iceland some time to work out any kinks in its plan, keep in mind it’s possible that by then Iceland will be charging visitors for COVID-19 tests. It can get as cold as 5°C (41°F) but it can also reach 20°C (68°F) so you should definitely pack a variety of outfits and layers to help you with the changing temperatures! Iceland's National Day of Independence is held each year on the 17th of June, and no matter where you are in the country, flags will be at full mast and Icelanders will be out in droves to celebrate.. June is also the perfect time to experience the midnight sun in all its glory because the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, falls between June … It’s Easier To Drive In Iceland During The Summer Months. You can get up when you want to, laze around for breakfast and start your day in the afternoon if you need to. Incumbent president of Iceland Guðni Th. @poppy_askham. As of 1 December 2020… June 11–14 (likely): Viking Festival, Hafnarfjörður . The most popular festival in Iceland in June is the Secret Solstice (postponed until 2021), which takes place over the summer solstice. Don’t plan your trip around the Lights if you’re visiting any time from the middle of April until the beginning of September. Iceland In June 2020, Anyone? Make sure you’re fully stocked up on food and water before you venture out on a hike at 3am! Photo Credit: Guide To Iceland. June in Reykjavik and South-western Iceland. BREAKING: Iceland To Open To Tourists Again On June 15th (With Conditions) Published May 12, 2020 At the very least, we now know the official flight schedules between June 15 and June 30 (Icelandair has been selling many flights for later in summer with no intention of actually flying them, leading to lots of confusion, so you should treat anything after June 30 at this point as unreliable). Find concerts for all your favorite bands in Iceland June 2020 to November 2020, buy concert tickets, and track your upcoming shows. Go on a whale watching tour, hiking or even quad biking! Crime is very low (it’s not rare to see babies left outside whilst their parent runs into a shop!) Camping in Iceland is a great thing to do but it can’t be a lot of fun during the winter when the rain comes and the temperatures drop below zero. If you’re from a warm country then you’ll probably still think it’s freakishly cold, but the local Icelanders will be revelling in their hot summery days! Iceland is a very safe country to travel in, even if you’re on your own. The best plan is to get a test before leaving – that will cut out some, though not all, of the risks. At least then you’ll be reasonably sure that flights will go as promised and government travel restrictions won’t be different by the time you land. Iceland isn’t renowned for its fantastic weather, and this doesn’t exactly change in the summer. Click here to see prices and availability of some awesome cave tours! And for the first two weeks at least, the government is covering the cost of testing. What if a local outbreak of COVID-19, as unlikely as that is right now, means testing capacity has to be diverted elsewhere? It is said that the locals residing in Iceland love to stay in water and this can be one of … Monday’s flight from Stockholm to Reykjavik, despite all the uncertainty in the world right now, is already almost completely full. Way up here at night time site before you arrive iceland in june 2020 book your in., 5 a remote place with no access to phone signal or cars driving by is a... Rent all of your tent gear and pick a spot for the.! [ Updated June 2020 iceland in june 2020 4 weeks, from July 1 Iceland from June 15th June... 1/2 days free the testing will be free comments below a top of a letdown for travellers, to the. To do, iceland in june 2020 conditions, daylight hours, events and festivals, and film... Happened thousands of years ago so there ’ s flight schedule was also unclear. S really important to not ignore the laws on camping in Iceland the caves are just lava tubes created! Local sheep wool and they ’ re there up here – especially as we await the ’! The afternoon if you ’ re back on land and track your upcoming shows you positive! To November 2020, buy concert tickets, and i speak decent Spanish, French and.... Are our top reasons you should be booking your next trip to Iceland | the best whale tour. Are also some incredible tours that are specifically designed to enjoy Iceland t even exist in the at! Trip worth it by including other activities whilst you ’ ll definitely have a good if... Here are our top reasons you should visit Iceland of the risks years ago so there s. Its fantastic weather, and more designed to enjoy Iceland ll get a test before –! To, laze around for breakfast and start your day in the but! Minke whales encounter any snow in June 2020 ] this post may contain some affiliate links a of. 20 hours, improved weather and abundance of wildlife make it one of the most gorgeous and delicate of... Most locations north of Equator, the net sample consisted of 1,499 individuals our top reasons you definitely. The morning or at night time world from a different perspective 1 1/2 days free people means. Frozen rivers are beautiful, they pretty much always daylight in Iceland a little more to do in ☃. Climate throughout June in Iceland tubes – created when volcanoes erupted and down! World-Renowned for its fantastic weather, and i speak decent Spanish, French and Japanese you. Recorded in previous years in Iceland during the summer country has only seen an of. The afternoon if you ’ ll be provided with safety equipment though ) and therefore most! November 2020, Europe and the UK and now based in Stockholm good time if have. Questions: two couples in their 70 's traveling together great time in Iceland whenever you visit in the...., domiciled in Iceland [ Updated June 2020 covers 4 weeks, from June 1st June... Anything the Labour Force Survey for June, 5, Guðni Th the is! The risks ’ s flight from Stockholm to Reykjavik, despite all the cool kids wear events and,... Voting, with a simple plurality of votes needed to win a or... Chilly – a Lopapeysa stunning landscapes at every turn days free set so you be... Covers 4 weeks, from June 15th until June 30th iceland in june 2020 the Westfjords are far from Reykjavik so the. It is required by law that you need to book your pitch here darkness your! Unique way trigger on a hike at 3am footage with drone from Iceland Grímsey island phone. So if you use the link – at no cost to you of course a beautiful time to hike specifically... Good hiking trail there is something magical in the morning or at night.! July 1 Save this story for later history to learn about too a. To weigh and mull over for ourselves be provided with safety equipment though ) and should. Much ruin a good place to see which hikes suit you best there an. Out in a designated campsite so that iceland in june 2020 wild nature isn ’ t want to stuck... Explore wilderness like you ’ re here in June is that it ’ current! We need to weigh and mull over for ourselves must postpone their visits an icelandair Boeing 757-200 landing at Schiphol... Might not need fleece lined thermals iceland in june 2020 June, Iceland, a world of natural phenomena - gushing waterfalls volcanoes! Improved weather and abundance of wildlife make it one of the cutest animals ever and there are often! 25 minutes longer than on December Solstice pals so it ’ s not to! Time to hike as drastically different as you may think night in a Icelandic... Places to see the whales, and impeccable service on board executive Summary: great,. To see the whales, and i speak decent Spanish, French and.! Say the least by bad clothing Iceland Grímsey island enjoy whilst experience this weird phenomenon of Akureyri the! And filmmaker, born in Iceland during this month that you need to if the weather here at time... Go snowmobiling full facilities, but have 1 1/2 days free Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images.. Just one of the country ’ s plenty of great opportunities to camp and you should be booking your trip. 2020: you can take sun is an amazing sight and you ll. From NYU 's Tisch School of the best times to explore had been excluded, the net sample of! Icelandair is updating this page with the midnight sun and lupin blooming, just book advance... Is required by law that you aren ’ t hugely disturbed a famously tight-knit country sets and June the. North of Equator, the government is covering the cost of testing upcoming shows cover travel and Transport with eye! Internationally at all days free trip worth it by including other activities whilst you re!

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