Shop Inboard M1™ Electric Skateboard Black at Best Buy. Even though you're not kicking and pushing on this board; unless you want to, you do apply a lot of static tension on your lead leg while flying on this thing so expect your legs and fee to to be a little sore. I am writing this review as a seemingly general overview of the electric skateboard industry because I know many people will not be buying a product of this kind given that it is new, and extremely expensive. The board only offers you so much. I've tried 2 E-boards before this particular, reason why I tried others first is due to price difference. The M1 was originally priced at $1,399 when released, but is now available for $999. Also, explore tools to convert milliliter or drop to other … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A downside is that they'll cost you a cool $250.00. i'm enjoying the board. Now I have tried other electric skateboards and I am glad I started with the best - no question best balance of tech and real carving skateboard. I like mine. Whether it is an Inboard, or a Boosted Board, or an Enertion Raptor, or even a YUNEEC E-GO, just try one and you will hopefully get hooked. PCPartPicker Price Trends are daily generated graphs showing historical price information for several product types. Is performance on the inboard really as lackluster as people are claiming? Login for Price. The battery is incredibly easy to take out and charge. This weekend I collided with a bicyclist because I couldn't stop in time, foot braking wouldn't have helped, and I was going too fast to bail. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Then, you plug the charger into the wall and put its magnetic end on the top corner of the battery (will take you another 7 seconds or so), and that is it. Visit the post for more. I had heard great reviews about the M1 but like a lot of things tech thought it would take away from the experience. Probably the most disappointed I've been with a purchase while also being the thing I was most excited to get. I hope they release the update before they shut down -- if that's what's happening. The Inboard is great for riders of all experience levels. However, there is something to be said about the thrill you experience when you ride one that I am unable to convey through words. This board should be called the Shred 1. The reason, why I decided to go for this board, is mainly the swappable battery and being to kick push when it's out of battery is a major selling point for me. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard 28 MPH … I bought this without having ANY skate boarding knowledge. Just thought about that survey that got sent out to M1 owners a couple of weeks ago. So basically I wasted $1500 and bestbuy doesn't care either. I think you may need to take a larger hit on the price if you’re going to want to get rid of it. Terrible company, one of the worst in esk8 and that is saying a lot. Subscribe. The Boosted board runs $1,199. In-store pricing may vary. Boosted boards can tell you how many miles have been ridden. You can't contact their support or find the replacement parts anywhere on internet. It took me a handful of attempts to get this to work, but it finally did. It's not going to happen. The board is powered by dual In-Hub motors, a technology that requires no gears and no belts. That is another 1,399$ you would have to spend. HA. I did a boat load of research, tried the boosted board, tried this one, and I'll tell you what I like about this one. Never stepped foot in one, and was seldom in the presence of a skateboard. Inboard can't get stock in as it sells out frequently on and even on amazon. Also easier to handle. Not only would it be poor upon starting, it would be a poor finisher. Most troubling is stopping quickly. If the batteries were like 149$, I would probably buy two of them so I could go on really long cruises. If you take the word "custom" at its value they should be able to allow users to tweak the acceleration curve as well as the top speed. Of course, if … 'Fun' is an understatement. They came on strong when they wanted your money and somehow got touted as one of the best new boards before they even finished building them. It is pretty practical, too, and could replace a bike on some commutes, or could be used in place of walking to work, for example, to get there quicker. The most important reason people chose Inboard M1 is: The RFLX remote has a unique design that doesn’t rely on a lanyard or wristband. Skip to main content. For those that are considering it, I highly recommend it. Eventually the remote stopped working and the company had me ship it back. Once you get over the fact that it is a dangerous undertaking, and can result in things like injury and death, you might want to start considering this board. In addition to the powered 80mm Wheels and a 7 to 10 mile range! Login for Price. Its lackluster range and hill climbing are hard to reconcile with its price. I wish I could get 7-10 miles but that's not realistic so I would say this probably wouldn't be be a great commuter. To clarify, the braking on the E-GO was super weak, and if you were going down even a slight decline, you had to be super cautious, and super *slow*. The M1 even has the fun ability to go backward. This top-tier electric skateboard features a sleek and stable, custom-designed … I am sure there will be sales, and the costs to make these will drop as the industry matures. The motor is what really makes the M1 Inboard special. So bummed! Being able to order it from this site means you can get it quickly, and can also return it quickly and [hopefully] without hassle in-store. If I were to buy two now, it would be about 500$, nearing half the price of the board itself. Not sure if that is because of user (my) error, or if it would require some serious, unheard-of torque to pull off, considering the payload (I weigh about 195lbs, and am 6'4" in height). Well, the good news is Amazon will refund you the difference—if you ask within the right timeframe. Review of Inboard M1 powered by the Slant community. Thus, I decided to cancel my 2,400$ pre-order of that board in July, and have waited ever since for something new to show up. In that case, you would have more batteries than dollars in your bank account, considering even the batteries are over 200$.

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