We are timberland investors from Pennsylvania -- the heart of the best hardwoods in the world. Last week we bought a tract for less than 1/3 of asking price. Timber Price Information and Contacts. Filters. Based on data for median land prices throughout the state, land for sale in Shelby County is currently valued cheaper than in other counties. $2.530 ** base fuel & lube price used. Small Apartment Inside Big Barn 53,000 SQ FT SET UP For Hunters. Priced at $2,677 per acre Conclusion. To convert the reported price to a price per thousand board feet or price per cord, use the following conversion factors: Pine – to convert price per ton to: Price per cord > multiply reported price by 2.68. Browse our Paris, MO timberland properties for sale, view photos and contact an agent today! The city of Center in Shelby County featured the most land listings for sale. To convert the reported price to a price per thousand board feet or price per cord, use the following conversion factors: Pine – to convert price per ton to: Price per cord > multiply reported price by 2.68. All prices in the report are shown per ton. Reading Thaler’s research raises issues relevant to investing in timberland. InitialStand Conditions (per acre) Site Index (age 25 yrs.) Property Lines: Trump and Biden’s Tax Policies that Shape the Land Market, Five Reasons to Choose a Real, Clark Griswold-Approved Christmas Tree, The Future of Farming? Timberland price-to-value metrics depend critically on the local wood basin and forest stocking level of the given property. The multiple between values and total returns moved from about 7 to 13 to over fifty. 2014 cropland value in Indiana is more than double ($6,950/acre) of that in Kentucky ($3,150/acre). $140,000.00 Certified Timber appraisal Approximately 20 Acres + - Crop Fields Adjacent TO West Creek. Whether you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, a hunter, a... 1,200 Acres : $5,040,000 Contact Seller. Price Reduced. Excluding debt outstanding and manufacturing assets, Potlatch is selling for the equity equivalent of $1,114 per acre (multiply 29 by $38.43 per share). Contact TMS directly for 3Q2020 reports or news Last updated: 9 Oct 2020, Next update: 18 Jan 2021 Very private and secluded behind a locked steel gate with excellent access. Big Barns For HAY Storage 45,000 SQ FT And Farm Shop. The United States pasture value averaged $1,400 per acre, up $30 (2.2 percent) from 2018. Rural tract ready for your home building ideas. It could be 5, 12, 18, or any other number of years. As of mid-2017, timberland values average $1,823 per acre, with 1 … U.S. 30-year government bonds, a “riskless” alternative, yield 2.9%. Price Reduced. 2. The survey was initiated in 1941 and is sponsored annually by Iowa State University. 164.34 Acres, Sullivan County IN. NOW $4200/Acre or $5,040,000 Was $5,880,000 or $4,900/Acre Will Divide in large sections. The average stumpage price is $300/MBF or $1,800 per acre in total. 9.94 acres. Annual management costs and property taxes will be $1.50 per acre. It provides land investing knowledge and advice for land professionals, buyers and enthusiasts to create a stronger land marketplace. Arkansas severance tax laws use a conversion of 8 tons per thousand board feet (Doyle) and 2.5 tons per cord for pine pulpwood and 3.0 tons per cord for hardwood. Clearcuts, on the other hand, typically carry a higher price per acre due to the average size of the trees and the volumes of material removed. 246 acres - Madisonville, Kentucky (Hopkins County) S o l i d h u n t i n g t r a c t w i t h a d i v e r s e b l e n d o f h a b i t a t t y p e s! 360 Acre Cattle & Horse Farm. This … The price to clear light to medium underbrush is between $3,790 and $4,360 per acre, which is around 350 to 420 cubic yards of debris to be removed. Mendell has published over sixty articles and two books on topics related to timber and timberland REITs and markets, forest business management and operations, and communication skills. According to the IRS, the land value would be worth the value of the timber less the purchase price of the land (assuming no buildings on the property). Standing Timber Prices: How Much Does It Sell For? The current stumpage value is $1,800/acre. While this snapshot provides an incomplete story, it affirms that we pay significantly higher prices today for each unit of expected returns in the future. 191 acres located just off Highway 176 between Pacolet and Whitestone. The standard thinking is that you can get a cord of wood per acre per year. SECLUDED HUNTING TIMBERLAND 2500 ACRES RANCH NE OREGON A quality one of a kind 2,500 acre "Pride of Ownership" property with Cabin, Barn, Sheds, etc. Listing Ar-474 Price: $1,500,000 360 acres m/l. The average price per acre of cropland in Texas and Oklahoma is $1,590– a far cry from the national average of $4,100. the per-acre price of timberland properties should be a function of changes in per-acre operating . For a heavily forested area with lots of trees and stumps, expect to pay between $4,820 and $6,710 . The tract is located approximately three miles northeast of French Camp, Mississippi in Choctaw County. Of this, about 7.1% from appreciation and 7.1% from income. 10 minutes from Spartanburg. Timberland & Acreage Land in South Carolina. Signature Partner. Tract consists of mostly 25+ year old planted loblolly pine that has been thinned twice, large stands of mature hardwoods in the creek bottoms and drains, good internal road system, established... Read more » Timberland Time Travel and Managing Risk Across Markets, Finding Land: Where to Start and What to Look For, Risk and Uncertainty Top Forest Industry Concerns in Q3 2020. Recent Lands of Texas data included 8,188 acres of land for sale in Polk County valued at a combined $37 million, with a median sale price of $133,066. This is a great opportunity to own a wooded property that opens up to a homesite on the Catawba Rive... Nestled in a very accessible but private area only 5 min.

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